Leiki SmartProfiles API

Leiki SmartProfiles provides text analysis services that can identify the meaning and context of pieces of text, even very short ones. This analysis is based on an ontology that includes over 100,000 concepts. Advertisers, publishers, and marketers can use SmartProfiles to define their content for ad targeting, content recommendation, and content discovery purposes. The Leiki SmartProfiles API allows users to submit their content as full text or a URL.
Leiki Ltd
Natural Language Processing
Classification, Semantics, Text, Tools
Unlike competing solutions, Leiki SmartProfiles is not based on simple entity extraction or rough and inaccurate neural network modeling. It analyzes text with a handcrafted ontology of more than 100k concepts, developed specifically for content analysis by Leiki’s team of semantic analysis experts over more than 10 years. This enables Leiki SmartProfiles to generate a detailed context with multiple categories for almost any human understandable words or sentences in addition to proper nouns. SmartProfiles gives content owners and advertising providers the ability to tag content with unprecedented accuracy, link similar content across content types and languages and understand product and purchase preferences from browsing of content that doesn’t mention specific products.
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