LifePics API

The LifePics service provides photo finishing and printing, including online storage and sharing of images. Printing services generate standard print sizes, from wallet-size through wall-size posters. Also available are photo greeting cards and gifts such as calendars, mugs, etc. A revenue sharing model pays developers for orders to the service generated by applications. API methods support account management, including creation of accounts and specification of partner locations, along with image management. Methods enable control of individual images or collections defined as albums, including file upload, retrieval, updating, and deletion. Add-to-cart methods support e-commerce applications of service functions. Developers can request access to view API documentation. LifePics offers iOS and Android SDKs for easy mobile app integrations.
eCommerce, Images, Photos
The LifePics Mobile Photo SDK for iOS and Android
Flexible integration options with API and iOS and Android SDK. Developer revenue share. One hour print to retail locations. Ship to home products.
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