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30 Apr 2008

Sanjeev says:

HI friends, how can i devloped my application on linkedIn site.

08 Jun 2008

Brandon Corbin says:

Here is a temp LinkedIn API for accessing data from a users profile.

To get raw XML (it does have an XSL attached) of a public linkedin profile - like http://www.linkedin.com/brandoncorbin

Use http://jobfu.org/brandoncorbin-asxml
for the plain html version you use http://jobfu.org/brandoncorbin

I am going to open source the PHP Class, doesn't really matter as It will be irrelevant in a few months.

18 Sep 2008

Elliot Geno says:

I contacted them about this last year. It's great to see they actually did it!

08 Nov 2008

Matt says:

The LinkedIn guys are control freaks and they are doing all this just for the money. I'd never waste my time doing something with their crappy apis, sorry.

08 Nov 2008

junal says:

uff, why the hell they dont make the API more available/flexible!!! im sure it can involve a lot of users and developers like Facebook!

10 Nov 2008

Elliot Geno says:

I retract my previous statement. THEY aren't really doing ANYTHING. It's NOT open. You CANT develop anything for them unless they let you. Even with YOUR OWN DATA! LAME!

26 Jun 2009

matharuajay says:

Hi guys,
Wanted to integrated Linkedin API in one of my applications. I want to fetch userís public profile details using his linkedIn username. But I am not able to find any documentation or sample to get this thing done. Can you please help me with this.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Ajay Matharu

27 Jun 2009

jmusser jmusser says:

Hi Ajay, the LinkedIn API is available to developers by approval only and you will need to request access from their team.

Hope this helps.

29 Jul 2009

monkeyvu says:

Hi all,

Please let me know how I contact with their team to get the permission?


30 Jul 2009

jmusser jmusser says:

Hi monkeyvu: you can try their developers@linked.com email address to request permission.


09 Sep 2009

dhugal says:

hi, can anyone help me here. this is where i am at...

i was trying to develop a business networking site which allowed content submission like news & articles which sites like linkedin currently dont offer.

i then came against the thought... what if i used linkedins already popular social base rather than create my own one and maybe create an app / widget or some kind of mashup instead.

can anyone share any ideas or help in creating this. how could this work, what methods could i use, is this a good idea?

email me dhugal2@yahoo.co.uk to discuss or leave a post here.

thanks all!

26 Nov 2009

wpeer says:

As you all may know the linkedIn Api is finally open to everyone. For code example in php please look at http://www.linkedphp.com

27 Nov 2009

roelandp roelandp says:

on http://bit.ly/LinS you can see an implementation of the new LinkedIn Api : Stats about your social graph on linkedin.

Furthermore you can checkout the great http://developer.linkedin.com site for documentation on this nice new API.

01 Aug 2011

compu22222 says:

Hi Developers, I am looking to develop a LinkedIn plugin.
If anyone who has LinkedIn API experiences is interested, please contact me at compu22222@hotmail.com

24 Mar 2012

digging says:

how i can develop an application in flex by retriving linkedin profile information
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