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The LivePerson platform enables businesses to identify and engage customers using the right communication channel, at the right time. This hosted solution delivers tools that support and manage online customer interactions chat, email, voice, and knowledgebase from a single agent application. The service provides users an opportunity to immediately chat with a representative via an instant messaging system embedded in their site. With the API, users can create, update and retrieve resources. Responses are formatted in XML. By using the LivePerson Platform APIs, users can customize their applications to add features that extend the reach of their LivePerson solution. The RESTful Chat API lets developers offer live chat from any software connected to the Internet. The JavaScript Chat API offers interfaces to enable customized chat window designs and access to LivePerson chat from a web browser. Responses are formatted in JSON. Use the Chat API (JavaScript) to create innovative chat window designs for any browser-based environment.
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BlackBerry Chat Application BlackBerry Chat Application
A BlackBerry chat application that is based on the LivePerson Visitor Chat Rest API.
XMPP(Jabber) Gateway XMPP(Jabber) Gateway
The XMPP Gateway allows visitors to communicate with site agents from their favorite IM application. For example, a visitor using Google Talk may chat with an agent. Each account is represented as a contact in the IM client, and the agent availability is reflected as well. The Gateway is implemented as an Application Plug-Ins to openfire, so in order to work with it, you need to download the code from their site.
SMS Gateway SMS Gateway
The SMS Gateway project enables you to implement chat over SMS. The application communicates with a GSM modem connected to the computer using AT commands.
LivePerson Android Chat Client LivePerson Android Chat Client
An Android activity which enables the user to request a chat from a given account. It provides the ability to start a chat, send and receive chat messages, and stop a chat. You can modify the server or site ID by accessing the menu or clicking the "Change..." button.
Sample chat button and chat window Sample chat button and chat window
A sample chat button and chat window written in JavaScript using the Chat API (JavaScript).
Embedded Chat Window Embedded Chat Window
Contains a sample page developed using the Chat API (JavaScript). Two scenarios are demonstrated. An embedded chat window that is opened by clicking a button. The button click initiates the chat, and opens an embedded chat window. In the other sample, the chat window appears, but the chat only starts when the visitor sends the first line.
Chat API GUI for the Visually Impaired Chat API GUI for the Visually Impaired
Contains a sample page developed using the Chat API (JavaScript). The functionality creates an embedded chat window through a JavaScript event. In this sample the event is triggered through the click of a button, which then allows a visitor to chat with a LivePerson agent.
Rest Chat API Reference Rest Chat API Reference
Provides information on the base resource and the available methods in the REST Chat API.
Chat API (JavaScript) Reference Chat API (JavaScript) Reference
Describes the Methods and Callback Methods that are available in the Chat API (JavaScript).
iPhone Chat Application iPhone Chat Application
An objective-C model that wraps the Chat API Rest calls, and implements that chat session's life time An objective-C application that enables chat over an iPhone/iPod The model can be used in different iPhone applications for utilizing the chat. The application can be used as a demo or a proof of concept "" - The source code of the chat application. It also contains the model's source code.

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