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LivePerson Visit
The LivePerson platform enables businesses to identify and engage customers using the right communication channel, at the right time. This hosted solution delivers tools that support and manage online customer interactions � chat, email, voice, and knowledgebase � from a single agent application. The service provides users an opportunity to immediately chat with a representative via an instant messaging system embedded in their site. With the API, users can create, update and retrieve resources. Responses are formatted in XML and JSON. By using the LivePerson Platform APIs, users can customize their applications to add features that extend the reach of their LivePerson solution. Use the LivePerson Visit API (REST) to monitor the activities of your visitors beyond your website -- on a wide range of devices, applications and websites using HTTP requests. These can include mobile devices, social media websites and desktop applications. In addition, you can use the Visit API to add custom variables to existing, monitored website visits.
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