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Marvel Comics
The Marvel Comics API provides developer access to metadata describing Marvel's 70+ years of comics. The RESTful API delivers JSON formatted information about creators, characters, series, storylines, individual issues, and crossover events.
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Marvel Comics API Code Samples
Blogger Raymond Camden offers examples of the Marvel Comics API in JavaScript. The samples are displayed in graphic form and code sample. One characteristic of Marvel Comics' developer portal is the interactive API tester. In this blog, users can see more detail about how to use the API in client-side and server-side applications with the aim to access data related to Marvel's comics, stories, and characters.
Marvel Comics PHP Helper Library Marvel Comics PHP Helper Library
This is a helper library for interacting with the Marvel Comics API. All characters, etc are owned by Marvel.
Marvel Comics Android Library by Trey Robinson This Marvel Comics Android library by Trey Robinson offers access to the API features which allow...
Marvel-API by fiveisprime marvel-api is a Node.js wrapper for helping developers work with the Marvel Comics API. The wrapper...
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