Maventa e-invoicing API

Maventa e-invoicing
The Maventa API allows access to Maventa's various e-invoicing services. Maventa is a provider of electronic invoice services based on a software-as-a-service product. The company has over 4,000 customers in 27 countries. The API consists of a set of callable SOAP methods defined in their respective API versions and API end-points. Responses are formatted in XML. To use the API, users need to open a TEST account which acts as a sandbox for developing applications to be used with the Maventa API. Potential application ideas include: * Integrating financial packages (SAP, MS Dynamics / Axapta, QuickBooks, Peachtree) to the Maventa Service. * Custom import tools (SalesForce, QuickBooks, CSV, etc.) * Automatic time-based invoice creation. * Accounting, Revenue analysis, Budgeting, Factoring and Claiming Services. * External integration with online payment gateways
Invoicing, Enterprise, Billing, Accounting
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