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The MindMeld API is the world's first developer platform and cloud-based service designed to power a new generation of intelligent applications. Our platform makes it easy for developers to build powerful search and content discovery capabilities into the emerging class of mobile, wearable, and intelligent apps. In just three simple steps, developers can begin infusing contextually driven search results into any website, app, or device in minutes. For more advanced use cases, the MindMeld API provides powerful features for incorporating contextual intelligence and content discovery into a wide variety of applications. Get started building apps today at http://developer.expectlabs.com/
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How to build a sample voice-driven application with MindMeld Javascript SDK
MindMeld invites users to build a voice-driven application in 15 minutes. In this guide, developers can find requirements that include an account with ExpectLabs, a Chrome browser, and a connection to an HTTP server. This tutorial contains 4 steps that encompass to create an HTML file, to configure MindMeld Javascript SDK, to set up the mic, and to render documents.
How to Voice-Enable Your Apps With the MindMeld API
Watch how you can use the MindMeld API to add voice-driven intelligence to your websites, apps, and devices in minutes. Link directs to a an instructional YouTube video.

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