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NationBuilder is an open platform for users to create online communities centered around issues relevant to them. Users can create community organization websites, access a people database, and use communication tools such as email, text messaging and social media.The NationBuilder API helps developers to create community organizing-driven applications by integrating various service endpoints within third-party applications. These endpoints can be information on people, campaign data, donation data, calendar information, event data, and other calls. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.
Community, Organization, Government, Management
Ruby, PHP, Python
HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL, Access Tokens
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  • Bill Track 50 is a free online service that helps individuals to discover, track, and share legislation and regulations. With Bill Track 50, individuals will be able to know what the government is...
  • SmartCommunicator is a service that organizes data, distributes messages, and turns messages into actions. With SmartCommunicator, businesses are able to connect to their customers via various means...
  • Spot-on is an online political ads and analytics tool that helps political campaign professionals to navigate the online social media world. Some of Spot-on's services include ad placement, capturing...
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Bill Track 50
Bill Track 50 is a free online service that helps individuals to discover, track, and share legislation and regulations. With Bill Track 50, individuals will be able to know what the government is doing about the issues that matter to them.
SmartCommunicator is a service that organizes data, distributes messages, and turns messages into actions. With SmartCommunicator, businesses are able to connect to their customers via various means (messages, phone calls, research, surveys, etc.) in order to get a better understanding of the customers/audience. SmartCommunicator works across multiple platforms.
Spot-on is an online political ads and analytics tool that helps political campaign professionals to navigate the online social media world. Some of Spot-on's services include ad placement, capturing voters' response through an online application (trendspotter). With Spot-on, political campaign professionals will have a better understanding of their audience, with the goal to launch a better campaign.
Care2 is an online community that aims to make a positive social and earth-friendly impact on the world. Care2 helps by connecting individuals with nonprofits and businesses that are making the world a better place. With Care2, individuals and businesses will be able to participate in, and support causes that matter most to them.
Audience Partners
Audience Partners is an enterprise advertising management company that focuses on on healthcare, politics and public affairs. With the Audience Partners platform, customers will be able to micro-target different messages to different audience segments in order to increase engagement and return on their advertisement.
Targeted Engagement
Targeted Engagement is a self-service programmatic advertising platform in politics. Compatible with multiple screen types, Targeted Engagement lets organizations to customize, launch, and manage their campaigns at the level that works best for them.
Moball is a mobile marketing platform that delivers custom native, and location-aware smartphone apps. With Moball, businesses will be able to promote their brands by connecting to existing content on the web such as social media sites, booking systems, and shopping carts.
Magellan Strategies
Magellan Strategies is an online company that provides survey research, predictive data modeling and political voter data analysis services to political campaigns, campaign organizations, government and public affairs. Magellan Strategies' goal is to help political campaigns and other organizations to have a better understanding of their audience, in order to improve and strengthen their campaign strategies.
Discourse Analytics
Discourse Analytics is an online social marketing platform that utilizes surveys, content consumption, social media, and conversations to communicate with and listen to their clients' audience. With Discourse Analytics, companies have the tools to potentially further engage with their customers and their conversations.
Veracity Media
Veracity Media is a social marketing company that specializes in web design and development, social organization, and audience engagement and analytics. Veracity Media helps political campaigns, organizations, and individuals to inform, inspire, and engage their community with their campaigns/causes.
Landslide Analytics
Landslide Analytics is an online tool that has a number of algorithms that focus on voter information. With Landslide Analytics, organizations and political campaigns will be able to understand, and will be able to reach out to their audience/voters better.
American Directions Group
American Directions Group is an online company that provides outreach services to the private and public sectors; specializing in survey market research. Some of the research methods used include phone interviewing, political polling, advertising-message testing, studies of public policies, and more.
Caller101 is an online interactive messaging system that helps individuals and organizations contact others simultaneously through email, texts, and/or phone calls. Additionally, Caller101 also helps with tracking the recipients of messages, and allows its customers to send interactive surveys to people on their list.
RallyBound is a social fundraising platform that lets individuals from around the web to create custom campaigns for their causes. Some of the features available on RallyBound include custom campaign designs, direct donation from supporters, multiple campaign management (one site for multiple campaigns), and more.
Bridge is an agency that provides full service for NationBuilder customers. Services include handling strategy, marketing, branding, and execution of brands. Bridge's services cover website management, communications, and finances.
Siteimprove is a web governance software that manages and maintains websites through quality assurance, accessibility, web analytics, SEO, and response. Siteimproves provides businesses of various industries with tools and goals to optimize their websites.
e-TXT Solutions
e-TXT Solutions is a web-based system that uses a process which combines text, mobile payments, gift, and loyalty cards into one integrated system. This system allows non-profits and political organizations to advertise/promote their campaigns/causes to raise money on a global scale.
One Click Politics
One Click Politics is an advocacy platform that allows campaign supporters to send messages to certain individuals. With One Click Politics, supporters are able to reach out to influential figures in the political arena that surround the candidates.
Do Gooder
Do Gooder is a platform that allows individuals and organizations to build and promote their campaigns. With Do Gooder, customers will be able to launch their idea/cause and to promote it globally via the internet. By building a website through Do Gooder, organizations will be able to start finding supporters, raising money for their cause, and getting in touch with other influential people in the fields via phones or emails.
Progressive Contacts
Progressive Contacts is a fundraising company that specializes in making phone calls (live, automated phone surveys, and automated phone calls) to reach supporters for different political campaigns. Some of the services that Progressive Contacts provide include text messaging, field consulting, financial consulting, data analysis, script drafting, and more.
CandidateVerification is an online service that provides candidates (running for US office) with free background checks. Other individuals can have access to the database that has been researched and collected by CandidateVerification. It helps political candidates to promote themselves, and also help people to have a better idea of who their potential politicians are.
Phone2Action is a digital grassroots platform that attracts and engages supporters from around the web. It provides political campaigns with tools such as social media, calling, and email advocacy to help connect political candidates with their supporters.
Raise the Money
Raise the Money is an online company that provides an application that allows political candidates and committees to accept donations/contributions on their websites. Raise the Money is a platform that connects political candidates with their supporters from around the web.
Zoomph is a social platform that enables people and businesses to create searches that gather information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google +. From the data collected, Zoomph helps customers analyze and create visualizations that would help promote their businesses/brands.
Vote USA
Vote USA is an online project that allows voters to compare political candidate bios, pictures, and, most importantly, their positions and views on issues. With the goal to inform voters with information and issues relevant to their political platforms, Vote USA aims to provide people with up-to-date and reliable information about the political candidates.
L2 Votermapping
L2 Votermapping is a voter analysis and data selection tool that provides candidates, consultants, pollsters, political organizations and professionals with data visualization and analysis across multiple platforms.
Snapcious is a social marketing company that provides customers with a mobile platform which they can use to upload and their photos via various social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and more. Snapcious helps to engage and connect like-minded people together through images.
Tele-Town Hall
Tele-Town Hall is a web company that provides elected officials, political candidates, non-profit organizations, associations, and businesses with mass personal communications. Tele-Town Hall helps its clients to reach and connect with their customers/supporters through telecommunication.
CallHub is a voice broadcasting software and SMS marketing software that is used by many financial companies, marketing firms, small businesses, as well as political campaigns companies. Some of the services Callhub includes is scheduleding calling campaigns, setting up SMS outreach campaigns, and voice broadcasting.
Adtegrity is a digital advertising solutions provider that delivers cross-screen advertising solutions for mobile video ads. Adtegrity's services include content strategizing, customers targeting, data optimizing and analysis.
Cardinal Maps
Cardinal Maps is an online mapping company that focuses on creating maps for commercial distribution and marketing purposes. Some of the maps that Cardinal Maps create include tourism maps, events maps, bike maps, and business maps.
ActionSprout is a web application that can be integrated into Facebook. ActionSprout enables Facebook users to share events and/or sign petitions right on their Facebook page. ActionSprout enables its customers to connect with and find support from others through Facebook directly.
CareFinancial is a credit card processing company that also supports social initiatives. With CareFinancial, consumers will be able to 'spend money with purpose.' CareFinancial processes the transactions, and donates a portion of the processing fees to one of their charity/non-profit partners.