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From their site: UWA (Universal Widget API) is the next generation of the Netvibes wigdet API, the successor of the Netvibes Mini Module API. With this new release, our API becomes a powerful framework for Web widgets development - not only for Netvibes widgets, but also for many other environments, among which are Apple�s Dashboard and the Google Homepage. With the UWA, you only need one API to build widgets for a host of environments.
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What's Public What's Public
A place to find out what's public about yourself and others.
UWA-Gadget for search at iGoogle or Netvibes UWA-Gadget for search at iGoogle or Netvibes
UWA-Gadget for search at iGoogle or Netvibes.
Unofficial Tupalo Widget Unofficial Tupalo Widget
A Netvibes UWA widget that enables you to search for tags on and view the matching locations on a map.
Moviestarlover Moviestarlover
A simple website for reviewing and buying movies, music, and mp3s from Amazon.
Netvibes Slideshow Netvibes Slideshow
Slideshow for your Netvibes site. Built using the imageLoop API.
AOL Mail on Netvibes AOL Mail on Netvibes
AOL Mail Widget for Netvibes lets you check your mail on Netvibes.
Directory that provides a wide variety of do-it-yourself tips and tutorials.
My Pet Profile Widget My Pet Profile Widget
My Pet Profile widget, MatchMyPet, lets you create and display your pets profile through your Netvibes personal page.
CyberAndorra Widget CyberAndorra Widget
See hotel availabilities and reserve a room in the principality of Andorra, which is on the border of France and Spain.
Netvibes Slideshow Netvibes Slideshow
Create your own slideshow and let it run on your Netvibes homepage. Numerous styles and effects available. Go to, upload your photos, and fetch your Slideshow-URL.
Amazon widgets Amazon widgets
Web widgets that display Amazon items and earn referral revenue through Amazon Associates. Browser is an Amazon mini browser. List displays wish lists, baby and wedding registries, List Mania lists. Latest and Greatest shows bestsellers and new releases.
preciseTechnology preciseTechnology
Site aggregating breaking science, technology news and colorful commentary every few minutes.
preciseHeadlines for Netvibes preciseHeadlines for Netvibes
Breaking news in pictures every few minutes. Featured stories are ripped from the headlines, using Netvibes UWA.
preciseNews preciseNews
Breaking news and colorful commentary every few minutes, 24-7.
Netvibes Orb Quick Finder Netvibes Orb Quick Finder
This Netvibes module searches for audio, video, photo or document files from your Orb account matching a search string. Clicking on results can play corresponding video or audio stream, open picture in a new window or download the document.
My KoffeePhoto Frame for Netvibes My KoffeePhoto Frame for Netvibes
Displays a slide show of your photos and photos shared by your friends on KoffeePhoto your Netvibes page.
Netvibes Digg Widget Netvibes Digg Widget
This widget will display the latest items from the Digg website. You can change its preferences to point to change the minimum number of diggs and count of displayed items. More than just RSS, it displays both the item content and images.