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What Is the Maps API? The Nokia Maps API for JavaScript (the Maps API) is a set of programming interfaces that enable developers to build Web applications with feature rich, interactive Nokia Maps at their center. The API consists of libraries of classes and methods with which to implement the functionality of an interactive application. The associated API Playground offers ready-made working examples, whose code the developer can modify and view the effect immediately. Feature List The main features offered by the Maps API are summarized in the table below: The API provides full access to world-leading map data in three different modes: satellite, terrain and hybrid. The map data to which the API offers access, include millions of different places, landmarks, places and addresses located on maps. Their visibility on the map can be controlled via the API. The API allows you to build search functionality into you application. Users can searches for places, using keywords, addresses, or geographic coordinates. The API provides full access to geocoding and reverse geocoding services. The API allows you to define and render routes between a start and a destination point. It supports many navigation options such as toll road preference and transport type. The API includes built-in functionality that takes advantage of the W3C Geolocation API supported by many browsers. The API allows you to modify existing markers or create custom ones, using SVG or bitmap images. You can also add geo shapes based on coordinates to the map: polygons, polylines, circles or rectangles, and make these custom map object interactive by assigning UI events to them.
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  • Once visited, you can see nice OVI map of place based on ISP of yours with clickable foursquare places to explore. Plus current weather and forecast displayed. Just below the map you can see...
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Geo Location Atlas
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Geo Location Atlas
Once visited, you can see nice OVI map of place based on ISP of yours with clickable foursquare places to explore. Plus current weather and forecast displayed. Just below the map you can see latest tweets from location (refresh tweets works too as well as located news feed). Little magic thing happens when a place name (or address/city) entered instead of detected IP. For example Sherlock Holmes Museum - to see what's up at Baker Street -> OK. Know the place and want to refresh memories? Or wanna check views of where never was before? Look, geo photos from flickr and instagram are on the right... Click for the picture full details or browse for next. Previous tweets from specified location (as far as available) are reachable. These tweets location radius is adjustable as well (to investigate the exact place or wider range). One more cool feature is you can refine tweets within that radius for specific search words. For instance, to locate tweets with photos from these geotagged scope just enter word (at bottom left) photo -> click search within! Well, links on these photos (usually from fb, instagram, twitter, tumblr and others) are clickable... Hm... looking for ... what if to enter instagram cats -> search within? What are (they tweeting about) recent news in newspapers ... ok, let's check nytimes -> search within! More results? Just click Radius+ to increase search area... Still using google search? Better use (twitter geo powered) search within! BTW, how about twitter videos from the place? Sure, click THE VINES to watch it playlisted... API for vines: (unofficial yet). Under tweets feel free to check what's top on Amazon by random category (at the moment from 10 available global locations)! And below that are random space cats pics (for your pleasure)..