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OCR Web Service
The service provides optical scanning of uploaded document images, photos, and digital images with text recognition and extraction. Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning distinguishes between image and text content in uploaded originals then generates digital text from the original content. Output format options include .txt as well as PDF, Word, Excel .rtf, and .html. API methods support submission of a file containing a scanned or photographed page image along with parameters for desired output, including text language, output data format, color or black and white, etc. Methods return the text recognized from characters in the input image and a file name for the output document.
Text, Scanning, PDF
HTTP Basic Authentication
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OCR Web Service REST API Sample Code
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows to integrate recognition services into web services, software, and applications. The REST API offers code samples in .NET, Java, and PHP languages with the purpose to facilitate project implementation.
OCR Web Service SOAP API Sample Code
OCR Web Service integrates Optical Character Recognition to web services. It works with Android and iPhone in C#, Java, and PHP languages. The code samples for the SOAP API facilitate interactions with input and output parameters, methods, and values.

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