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OpenEd was created to foster usage of educational resources by K-12 teachers. Particularly, our goal is to provide resources to help teach to standards. A great way to foster such usage and magnify the value that OpenEd is delivering is to make our API available to other ed tech developers and companies. To that end OpenEd offers an API for resource search, contribution and standard information.
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Since the beginning of education, there have been tests. But, tests have always missed the "so what." A parent finds out their student got a 70%, but what does that mean? They might find out what the kid missed, but they didn't know why, what skills she missed, or what she needs to fix the issues. Said differently, many kids take remedial classes or summer school because they didn't pass their classes, but for almost all of them, they take a class over, instead of learning just what they missed.

There are two ways to use the OpenEd API

1. Content Creators can upload quality K-12 resources to OpenEd via the OpenEd API. OpenEd classifies and aligns to educational standards.

2. Educational technology providers can query the OpenEd API to get resource recommendations.

Most common are assessment providers, such as Renaissance Learning, and Learning Management System providers, such as Promethean, Otus and Atlas.
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OpenEd JavaScript Library by OpenEd This JavaScript library allows developers to access and integrate the OpenEd resource library with...
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