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OpenStreetMap is the free wiki world map, an open volunteer-driven initiative to collaboratively create a map of the world, and release the map data under a free and open license. There are actually many different APIs in and around the OpenStreetMap ecosystem. Many developers searching for an API, may actually be looking for an JavaScript web mapping library. There are a few of these to choose from including free and open source options such as These work by fetching map "tiles" from a tile server, and there are several of these to choose from too (the main OpenStreetMap server is not the only option) Some developers may be looking for data downloads. You can download the entire planet's worth of map data from and keep in syc with community map updates, using the "diff" downloads. Or you can download smaller more manageable country-sized, or city-size "extracts" of OpenStreetMap data. We do have a thing called the "OpenStreetMap API". This provides read and write operations on the raw map data of the OpenStreetMap database. It is actually primarily for OpenStreetMap editing software, and although any developers can create a new editor tool, this is not a small undertaking, and should be carried out with careful consultation with the OpenStreetMap community. In other words... this thing called the "OpenStreetMap API" is probably not what you're looking for! You can use the OpenStreetMap API to download small chunks of map data, but for this purpose it's also worth checking out some other options. In particular the OverpassAPI offers some flexible querying by tags etc, which may be useful for your app. Whether you're wrangling raw geo-data or presenting a web-map mashup, the possibilities provided by OpenStreetMap, and by third parties within the OpenStreetMap ecosystem, offer endless potential for geo map hacking fun! If you need help with development, join the osm-dev mailing list, or other OpenStreetMap contact channels:
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  • Place My Past is a family history mapping application.
  • This mashup displays a map of playgrounds in japan.
  • This quiz challenges users to guess what city you are looking at, while only seeing the location of starbucks branches in that city. Yes, it is as hard as it seems.
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Thanks for the update Harry!


Thanks for the update Harry!

Place My Past Place My Past
Place My Past is a family history mapping application.
This mashup displays a map of playgrounds in japan.
The Slate Starbucks Map Quiz The Slate Starbucks Map Quiz
This quiz challenges users to guess what city you are looking at, while only seeing the location of starbucks branches in that city. Yes, it is as hard as it seems.
CoinMap CoinMap
OpenStreetMap mashup that shows places where Bitcoin is accepted. Venues are added automatically (database is updated every 15 minutes). The map also tries to determine the type of the venue from OSM tags and assign the correct icon.
Tipperary Food Producers Map Tipperary Food Producers Map
This is a food trail Interactive Map with filters. It displays the location of food sources in County Tipperary, Ireland.
CityStrides CityStrides
CityStrides gives you a street-level view of your running. ... Track your runs across the streets in your city to see how much you've completed and what's left to run. Can you run every street in your city? ... Track your shoes to see you how many miles they've got and what they're costing you per mile. ... Create & share routes to find new places to run, share your favorite runs, and compete against yourself and others in your city. ... Get detailed weather information for ALL of your runs - all the way back to the first run you ever tracked with RunKeeper. ... See how many steps you take during each run.
Vaguely Rude Place Names Of The World Vaguely Rude Place Names Of The World
Mashup of places names which, in English, sound either vaguely or explicitly rude. Source data was originally from the Yahoo! WOEID data set, but has since been added to by user contributions. Uses the Leaflet maps API and Stamen's Toner map tiles, derived from OpenStreetMap data.
Maps of All Maps of All
MapsOfAll is Google Maps mashup, where you can see map tiles from different providers like Bing or Openstreetmap
Sinsai Japan Earthquake Resources Sinsai Japan Earthquake Resources
Using Ushahidi crowdsourced crisis response platform and OpenStreetMap, this mashup communicates the location a services and resources useful to those on the scene in Japan.
Maps Shown To Me Maps Shown To Me
Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.
G4ng G4ng
From the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.
Mappyfriends Mappyfriends
Mappyfriends is a location based recommendations network that shows your friends where you have been and recommends you places to go. Mappyfriends enables you to search your friends experiences in order to create your own.
RunningFree RunningFree
A training log using Google Maps, Garmin MotionBased, OpenStreetMap, and lots of sports APIs. Formerly called RunSaturday.
WeGooo WeGooo
WeGooo wants to help you live better in the city you’re in or the city you want to be in. It can put your finger on the pulse in each city to help you understand the spirit of the people who inhabit it. enjoy! Formerly called enjoyeverywhere.
Lobbyist Activity Tracker Lobbyist Activity Tracker
See Every Federal Lobbyist in the US since 1999, all their clients, what they charged, and who they lobbied for each client.
Antenna Antenna
World radio explorer. Adobe AIR app uses a vast list of stations combined with a map interface so you can discover, listen to, and switch between thousands of stations effortlessly. Search by country or genre, or just by clicking on a location on the map.
Suburbified Suburbified
Suburbified takes ten years of the 'Living In' articles about towns around New York City and plots them on an interactive map for easy reference.
Tweetmapper Tweetmapper
Tweetmapper lets anyone map their twitter updates through the use of a simple hashtag, #at or #loc. You get your own map tracking your travels and can embed your map in any blog or website.
Maps For Smartphone Maps For Smartphone
Get your favorite maps on the small display screen of your smartphones.
Where Can I Live? Where Can I Live?
Find a new place to live with a travel time search. It works on commuting time between stations (Underground and DLR only) and average house prices. You can also view property listings around your chosen station and fun stuff like house price statistics.
UMapper UMapper
UMapper is a universal map authoring application that allows you to create interactive mapping mashups. Supports multiple map apis including Google Maps, VE, and OpenStreetMaps.
Pageflakes Pageflakes
Custom homepage builder that uses Ajax to let a user layout and customize a page with relevant information. Includes pre-built modules for Flickr, YouTube, Amazon and hundreds of other popular sites.