Orange Mobeasy Platform API

Orange Mobeasy Platform
The Orange Instant Mobeasy Platform API optimizes user experience by allowing you to deliver custom mobile-friendly web pages to any mobile device. The Mobeasy Platform transforms web pages, making them suitable for the destination device. Using the platform, developers can publish mobile-friendly web pages and adapt them to the intended mobile device, dynamically adapt the content of the pages, including pictures, and re-direct non-mobile users to the equivalent desktop version of the web page. Useful given the wide range of devices which are presently available on the mobile handset market.
To interact with the Mobeasy platform, you need to host your mobile-friendly pages in a HTTP (web) server that can be accessed, via port 80, by the Mobeasy platform.
NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Python PHP, Java, Perl, etc
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