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Note: As of November 2007 this API is in limited beta in a sandbox mode only. From their site: An Orkut application is comprised of several parts, all of which combine to form a structured user experience: Application Directory, Directory Listing, My Applications, Left Navbar Link, Canvas View, Showcase View, Friend Updates.
XML, JSON, REST, Atom, GData
Google AuthSub
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  • Find your friends in a map, inside your social network. Post events, photos and videos in map.
  • Plocky.com provides a one-stop-shop to see all of your social network profiles in one place. Plocky.com notifies you of the major events: Whose birthday is coming up, who added or removed you, and...
  • Display your latest Twitter updates on your Orkut profile page. Your Orkut friends can read your tweets right from within Orkut.
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