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Ost.io ("open-source talks") is a forum where people can discuss open-source projects with other users. It is designed to replace mailing lists, which are currently used by many open-source projects for discussions. Ost.io is closely integrated with GitHub, and users can sign in through GitHub and sync their repositories to the service. Users may choose to receive email notifications regarding new posts in their repositories or in any threads they've commented on (regardless of which repository those threads are in).
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FMEngine FMEngine is an Objective-C framework created for the Last.fm API. The framework doesn't parse...
JavaScript last.fm API JavaScript last.fm API is a wrapper that allows users to call the Last.fm API using JavaScript. The...
lastfm-sharp lastfm-sharp is an open-source .NET interface to the Last.fm API. It comes with proxy support and...
scrobbler2 Scrobbler2 is a Ruby library for version 2.0 of the Last.fm API. The library requires HTTParty and...
lastfm-java lastfm-java is a wrapper designed to make it easier for developers to access Last.fm's...
Last.fm Lib .Net Last.fm Lib .Net is a code library for the Last.fm API written in VB.Net 2008, but it can also be...
PHP last.fm API The PHP last.fm API enables developers to call Last.fm's API methods from their PHP...
LPFM Last.fm Scrobbler The LPFM Last.fm Scrobbler is a .NET library for accessing the Last.fm API from desktop, web, or...
pyLast pyLast is a wrapper that provides a simple public interface to the Last.fm API, including support...
Perl Library for Last.fm WebService::Audioscrobbler is a simple Perl library for using the Audioscrobbler REST Web Service.... Perl Library for Last.fm
Perl Last.fm Library An object-oriented wrapper for the Audioscrobbler WebService API. This module aims is a full... Perl Last.fm Library
LastFmLib.Net: Last.fm API .NET Library A .NET library for Last.fm's web services and their Audioscrobbler platform. LastFmLib.Net: Last.fm API .NET Library
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