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Using Panoramio API users can display the photos from Panoramio on their own web site. Geolocated photos from Panoramio can enrich maps or illustrate information where location is a important factor (real estate sites, hotels and vacation sites, routes & trails). Panoramio is a website that enables digital photographers to geolocate, store and organize their photographs�and to view those photographs in Google Earth and Google Maps. Panoramio is a community-powered site for exploring places through photography: cities, natural wonders, or anywhere you might go. Panoramio is different from other photo sharing sites because the photos illustrate places. As you browse Panoramio, notice that there aren't many photos of friends and family posing in front of places, or photos of interesting surfaces--Panoramio's all about seeing the world. The Panoramio API uses a RESTful interface and responses are formatted in JSON.
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  • ArgenCities is a web app that delivers a Google Maps powered search of Argentinian cities. The tool displays useful city info such as weather using Forecast. It also features restaurants,...
  • Arab World Weather provides up to date weather forecasts of over all the major cities in the Arab World using Google maps, Google Chart, Panoramio, Open Weather Map, and World Weather Online APIs.
  • Egypt Forecast provides weather conditions of over 70 Egyptian cities using Google maps and different weather APIs.
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Pablo Bonesi ArgenCities

pwtempuser pwtempuser Arab World Weather

Arab World Weather

pwtempuser pwtempuser Egypt Forecast

Egypt Forecast


Caribbean Resorts Mashup

Towns Of The World

Real Indoor

Parto Subito


Hellen Waters Distances Calculator

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sightsmap



pwtempuser pwtempuser Loomji

Ethan Van den Berg Maps Shown To Me

pwtempuser pwtempuser Take Kerala (India)

Joerg Koepp MeetSomewhere


pwtempuser pwtempuser Cahella


PicTell: Self Describing Photos

Nick Milon geognos

Travel Mixed

Panoramio Holiday Countdown

Lindsay Wright Tidespy: Tide Charts with Best Fishing Times



tigermelle Travel Search


TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures,

Plan Your Road Trips


Fun Tourist Attractions

Mike Darnell Headup

pwtempuser pwtempuser Travel at

Cameron Turner, CTO ConnectorLocal
View Satellite Imagery at Full Browser Window



Ana Belén Ramón Wolpy
FlexiJourney Travel

Natalia Arias Real Estate Tools

rozsypal Tourist Guide

Spot a Hotel

See Bournemouth

Arnd Wippermann ClickPoint


GeoPix Fractal View




pwtempuser pwtempuser

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Shame there is no XML interface...

ArgenCities is a web app that delivers a Google Maps powered search of Argentinian cities. The tool displays useful city info such as weather using Forecast. It also features restaurants, accommodations, destinations and more, using accompanying pictures powered by Panoramio for additional description. The web app is a good tool for planning a trip, or as a day-to-day reference for tourism within Argentina.
Arab World Weather
Arab World Weather provides up to date weather forecasts of over all the major cities in the Arab World using Google maps, Google Chart, Panoramio, Open Weather Map, and World Weather Online APIs.
Egypt Forecast
Egypt Forecast provides weather conditions of over 70 Egyptian cities using Google maps and different weather APIs.
This mashup displays a map of playgrounds in japan.
Caribbean Resorts Mashup Caribbean Resorts Mashup
WordPress meets google maps and panoramio photos to create a new way of discovering all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. Caribbean Resorts Mashup - a free informational resource of all inclusive resorts from Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. It brings in one place, the resorts details, quick access to reviews, aerial views maps, Panoramio photos and YouTube videos.
Towns Of The World Towns Of The World
All the news, tweets, Books, videos, images, maps and information for every town, country and region in the world.
Real Indoor Real Indoor
Real Indoor creates realistic biking experiences while working out on your spin bike or similar devices. Streetview panoramas and the sophisticated physics engine implement real track simulation. Tracks from bicycle directions, GPS recordings or following Streetview panoramas allow for exciting workout experiences. Real Indoor supports control via webcam gestures as well as contrast enhanced streetview images.
Parto Subito Parto Subito
Parto Subito is a travel site that aggregates search results and sorts primarily by destination. - is a new convenient way to explore over 400,000 travel destinations around the globe. Get instant information, millions of photos, videos, webcams, maps, news, buzz, local current weather and time, events and more.
Distances Calculator Distances Calculator
Distances Calculator is a free web based tool that allows users to easily calculate the distance between any two cities in the USA. It shows the driving route on a map together with the estimated driving time and the linear distance in miles. It also displays pictures from Panoramio service for both the origin and destination of your trip, together with weather information for both cities.
Sightsmap Sightsmap
Sightseeing popularity heatmaps for the whole world, based on Panoramio photos and FourSquare places.
CrimeLit CrimeLit
Crimelit guides you into the world of Stieg Larsson and others crimelit writers.
Create large PDF posters, photo books and contact sheets. Download images to your computer or share them via Facebook, email, or the gallery.
Loomji Loomji
With Loomji, (re) discovering France, its municipalities and its heritage. Access local information (actual, photos, forums, blogs, opinion) and find your neighbors.
Maps Shown To Me Maps Shown To Me
Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.
Take Kerala (India) Take Kerala (India)
A website about holidays and ayurveda treatments in Kerala. With maps, flickr images and easy booking of your vacation.
MeetSomewhere MeetSomewhere
It´s time to meet again! Try MeetSomewhere to find a nice place for the next small or big family gathering. Meetsomewhere gives you several option for a meeting point. E.g. a blue or fair point, where all participance have almost the same distance to. Just try it. It's free
Localliser Localliser
Localliser is becoming the number one choice for virtually exploring new cities and areas. Browse various live data sources to see what is around you and where you are going next.
Cahella Cahella
Californian Places Search Engine.
G4ng G4ng
From the site: The G4 is a powerful tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geo-spatial data organized, analyzed and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends.
PicTell: Self Describing Photos PicTell: Self Describing Photos
PicTell is a Geolenz + Panoramio mashup. Geotagged photos are requested from Panoramio and are annotated dynamically and on-the-fly with rich, contextual descriptions from the Geolenz contextual geocoding services.
geognos geognos
Shows textual and visual information for all world countries. For each country, a live map and photos are included, plus a map translated to your language. Uses Google Charts for data visualization.
Travel Mixed Travel Mixed
Travel information from a variety of sources. Search for anywhere in the world and see maps, local sights and more.
Panoramio Holiday Countdown Panoramio Holiday Countdown
Display a slideshow of the place you are going on vacation. Countdown shows days until the trip. Photos are loaded via AJAX and animated as a slideshow.
Tidespy: Tide Charts with Best Fishing Times Tidespy: Tide Charts with Best Fishing Times
Google map showing current tides for over 3000 places in the US, Pacific, Caribbean, New Zealand. Individual place details include sun and moon times, moon phase, best fishing and solunar times, and a photo of the place.
MAPyou MAPyou
MAPyou is a mashup for location-based services. With Sony-Ericsson phones you can use the MAPyou app.
Tripmondo Tripmondo
Tripmondo is a travel information browser for trip destinations across the globe. It features videos, photos, guides and attractions, weather information and events for nearly all countries and many cities world wide. Tripmondo is based on CMSmadesimple. Travel Search Travel Search
Travel search engine, with last minute offers, and travel destination information in Danish.
Local information and maps for the 7000 main cities and places in Denmark.
TripSailor -  Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures, TripSailor - Sailing Blogs, Yacht Charter Reviews, Sailing Adventures,
TripSailor is a community site for sailors and boaters. The site offers sailing blogs, yacht charter reviews and a marina directory
Plan Your Road Trips Plan Your Road Trips
Mashup of Google maps, traffic incidents, local search API, Wikipedia, Panoramio and YouTube videos to help you plan your road trips.
Locago Locago
Locago is a mobile framework with an open API for third party content. GPS enable, turn-by-turn navigation, global map coverage and supported by 105+ different phone models. 45+ different content layers available in Locago.
Fun Tourist Attractions Fun Tourist Attractions
A showcase of the best travel attractions around the world with videos, maps, descriptions, recent blog posts and pictures for almost every attraction.
Headup Headup
Headup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.
Travel at Travel at
Photos, videos and destinations on the map. Submit your own travelogues and travel tips, upload your own photos.
ConnectorLocal ConnectorLocal
By finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.
View Satellite Imagery at Full Browser Window View Satellite Imagery at Full Browser Window
View satellite imagery at full screen, dynamic update to the URL for every move of the view. Bookmark current view and come back later, or shows your friends for a particular location. Lets you populate articles and photos to current view.
ChaMap ChaMap
Chat on Google Maps and Language API. And talk with people all over the world by a real-time translation. In addition, the message is read out in English.
MapMyPage MapMyPage
Copy a line of JavaScript and MapMyPage will add Google Maps to all the locations in the page. Designed to be a easy way for bloggers and website owners to add Google Maps to any website. Uses 5 different APIs.
Wolpy Wolpy
Track your own and your friends travels
FlexiJourney Travel FlexiJourney Travel
Travel information with interactive map, photos, travel videos and custom search engine. Create a virtual journey of exploring the world.
Real Estate Tools Real Estate Tools
This is a set of real estate tools for buyers, sellers and real estate agents. All tools integrate maps with relevant information: schools nearby, city information, street views, and other details. Tourist Guide Tourist Guide
Global multilingual tourist guide. On-line photos, maps, videos, information. Open project for travel using APIs from YouTube, Weather Channel, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and others. With OpenID support.
Spot a Hotel Spot a Hotel
Search and booking of about 100,000 hotels worldwide. Hotels are retrieved and combined through 7 independent hotel providers. XML services provided by Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube, WeatherBug, Google and more. A fast and modern hotel booking application.
See Bournemouth See Bournemouth
Explore Bournemouth UK on a Virtual Earth Map with birds eye views and panoramic photos.
ClickPoint ClickPoint
ClickPoint is a little game with OpenLayers and Google Maps. The goal of the game is to find random places on the map.
Earthplacemarks Earthplacemarks
A large collection of placemarks from all around the world. See multiple satellite views, birds eye view, Google Earth and photo galleries. Get directions to popular locations.
GeoPix Fractal View GeoPix Fractal View
The fractal view of GeoPix shows a fractal tiled structure over an interactive map. The user controls the point of view and the scale using the map, and the system fills the tiles in the fractal view with the appropriate images.
GeoPix GeoPix
Explore the world and see pictures placed directly on the map. You can filter the pictures using the tags and click on pictures to save your favorites in an itinerary.
GoolzOOm GoolzOOm
GoolzOOm, Google Maps and Spanish Cadastre and Sigpac.
ongmap ongmap
Mashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth with many other APIs. Ext.js is used to make user interface intuitive. It lets you search for hotels, photos, restaurants, wifi spots, local news/blogs, events, weather, and many other spatial data.
At, you can view and download tracks that have been recorded by a GPS device. Search for running, hiking, and biking routes. You can download all of the tracks.
ImmoPlaza ImmoPlaza
ImmoPlaza is a new French real estate website, providing a nice geolocalized interface based on Google Maps API. ImmoPlaza is the French equivalent of Trulia or Zillow.