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PlayPhone provides personalization and entertainment content to mobile consumers in the form of ringtones, and mobile games. The PlayPhone API, updated weekly, gives you access to mobile download databases. Using the API, you can display mobile content from PlayPhone's content catalog on your website with dynamic search and RSS feed capabilities. PlayPhone is a leading global media company present in over 20 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America that provides cutting edge personalization and entertainment content to mobile consumers in the form of ringtones, mobile games and much more. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., PlayPhone founded the direct-to-consumer mobile media distribution standard in 2003 and continues to innovate new means for interacting with mobile users and delivering wireless entertainment. PlayPhone gives consumers access to a unique and often exclusive media catalog spanning audio, video and gaming content from leading music labels and artists, game publishers and media companies the likes of Sony BMG, EMI, Disney, SEGA, Konami and many others. The company currently operates its own leading mobile entertainment destination at in both English and Spanish as well as powers subscription-based mobile destinations for the world's top entertainment and retail brands including Wal-Mart, ABC Television, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Real Networks, iPlay and many more.
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