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PNI Photo Services API - Developers

The PNI Photo Services API allows developers to monetize their photo-centric applications by providing an integrated "Print To Retail" experience. The API allows applications to create digital print orders at a variety of major retailer's online photo services and deliver them to the chosen location for pick-up and payment in-store once the order has been printed. The API is an easy to use Rest API allowing developers to not only place orders from their applications but also provides access to a user's existing photo services account with the selected retailer allowing for direct interaction with their existing image collections. No credit cards or online payment is required, the payment is made in-store at the time of picking up the print order. The API allows the developer to programatically access the participating retailer's product catalogs, retail pick-up location information and place orders with the selected retailer quickly and easily. The PNI Developer Program is free to join and pays a standard commission of 12% on all orders that are claimed by the customer at the retailer's location. The PNI Developer Portal allows developers to create any number of applications in the developer dashboard and get started right away building in our sandbox environment. The Developer Portal provides a wealth of support information including online documentation, support Q&A tools with a suite of SDKs, sample apps and language specific tutorials coming soon.