RescueGroups API provides technology solutions for animal rescue and shelter organizations. is different because we are community focused, and do not have any advertising or logo requirements associated with our data sharing. We provide completely free (no cost and no advertisements or requirements) access to our database of adoptable pets (dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and dozens of additional species) to anyone that wants to promote pet adoption. provides three adoptable pet data APIs: REST - full download of hundreds of thousands of adoptable pets, descriptions and pictures SOAP - live queries with a SOAP API (replaced with the json API below) HTTP/json - live queries with json. The HTTP/json API provides programmatic access to both public and private data objects including animals, contacts, web pages, events, etc. Also, the HTTP/json API is the only UPDATEABLE rescue/shelter API available. Our clients and ASPs can build their management systems on top of the platform using the updateable API. Please visit our website for detailed information on our APIs and how to get started.
Adoptable Pet Data API
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Not all adoptable pet data APIs are made equal! Choosing the right API service is more than just numbers... you also need to consider reliability, functionality, restrictions, terms of service and support.

Our APIs (both a REST and SOAP API), which have been in use since 2006, are very different than any other adoptable pet API. Here are just a few reasons why:

Completely free of logos or advertisements (like pet health insurance)

No requirement to say "powered by" (we're truly doing this ONLY for the pets)

No limitations on total requests, records per request, or the number of results, etc.

No overly complex and unnecessary tokens, signing, or 3rd party protocols

Supported and managed by in-house staff, not contractors -- skip the Tier 1 support and talk directly to the developers!

Updated and expanded on a regular basis


Please see our API Comparison page for additional reasons the API is your best choice for a community-focused partnership.

Our API includes dozens of data fields not found anywhere else -- fields like color, pattern, and animal specific location are just a few. The organization data includes fields like adoption process, the areas they serve, website URL, and facebook URL to name just a few.

Please contact us for more information concerning either of our APIs.

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