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RuBets allows users to trade not only via the web site but also via Bet API - a set of functions to work with events and to place bets. RuBets is a Russian-speaking market providing a forum to make bets on rare sports, politics and other events. Using Bet API lets users handle line changes in real time, and place/cancel multiple bets efficiently. The API uses RESTful protocol and responses are formatted in JSON. The following methods are available * login - used to start betApi session by providing login/pwd; result contains wallet information for user; other function calls allowed after login * eventList - events available on RuBets in nearest hours; you can limit events by market kind (e.g. soccer); * arenaList - arenas of event * arena - detailed information about arena; result contains outcomes, current bets (coefficients-prices and amount for BACK and LAY); * placeBet - to place bet on outcome of specified arena; coefficient, amount, currency and back/lay kind should be specified; * placeMultipleBets - to place multiple bets at once; * cancelBet - cancels previously placed but not matched bet; * myBets - request for bets placed in specified event. Full documentation and access to the API is available by contacting the Support Services team. The site is in Russian.
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