API API provides programmatic access to an organization�s information and allows developers to implement custom functionality. The worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. More companies trust their vital customer and sales data to than any other on-demand CRM company in the world. The Apex platform and API extends Salesforce and the AppExchange is a directory of on-demand applications. The web services API allows users to create, retrieve, update or delete records, such as accounts, leads, and custom objects. With more than 20 different calls, the API also allows users to maintain passwords, perform searches, and much more. The REST-based Bulk API is optimized for loading or deleting large sets of data. It allows users to query, insert, update, upsert, or delete a large number of records asynchronously by submitting a number of batches which are processed in the background by The SOAP-based API, is optimized for real-time client applications that update small numbers of records at a time. Although the SOAP-based API can also be used for processing large numbers of records, when the data sets contain hundreds of thousands of records it becomes less practical. The Bulk API is designed to make it simple to process data from a few thousand to millions of records. The Metadata API can be used to retrieve, deploy, create, update or delete customization information, such as custom object definitions and page layouts, for an organization using The Metadata API is intended for managing customizations and for building tools that can manage the metadata model, not the data itself.
PHP, Java, .NET, Perl, Python, Ruby
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  • Skyvia is an ETL solution data integration service allowing subscribers to integrate data crom cloud CRMs into relational databases. The mashups enables users to connect various platforms and...
  • StartHQ provides users a place to quickly search for and access their information across different applications such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Docs. Users are able to access the StartHQ platform...
  • Xendo is a web application that allows users to access their information from other application all at once. With Xendo, customers are able to sync documentations from different applications and...
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Salesforce Tutorials by Salesforce
An updated list of over 100 Salesforce tutorials has been released as May 2015. It contains information of,, Salesforce1, and Heroku. Most guides contain documentation, the association with a specific service, and identifiable keywords. PDFs available for download. All tutorials in English, but some of them offered in both English and Japanese languages.
Javascript Wrapper for Salesforce API
from the site: The AJAX Toolkit is a JavaScript wrapper around the API.
Perl Wrapper for Salesforce API
A perl wrapper around the api.
PHP Wrapper for Salesforce API
From the site: This new version of the PHP toolkit provides you an easy way to make Web service API method calls. As an existing user of the toolkit, you will be delighted to know that it’s been updated for the latest API.
ActiveSalesforce for Ruby
ActiveSalesforce is a Ruby on Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to hosted data and metadata via the ActiveRecord model layer. Objects, fields, and relationships are all auto surfaced as active record attributes and rels. PHP SDK's PHP SDK is a toolkit that helps developers make API method... Perl Library WWW-Salesforce WWW-Salesforce is a PERL library that provides an abstraction layer between SOAP::Lite and...
Salesforce Moblie iOS SDK The Salesforce Mobile iOS SDK allows developers control over mobile device features, offline...
Salesforce Mobile Android SDK The Salesforce Android SDK for Moblie development allows developers to control mobile device... Java SDK The Java SDK allows developers to store and manage application data through the...
Restforce Restforce is a lightweight Ruby gem that wraps the REST API. The gem comes well...
Smartsheet Apex Toolkit for Salesforce SDK Smartsheet is an online project management company that provides an SDK for, a cloud...
PHP Library for's PHP5 library including source code, samples, and toolkits.
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Cirrus Insight


RingDNA softphone

David Moss Sales Executive Dashboard

pwtempuser pwtempuser Phone2Lead

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ChannelAdvisor CRM Connector


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ZenKraft Shipmate - FedEx for Salesforce

Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce

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Salesforce Single Sign On

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eCommSource by Cloud Conversion

pwtempuser pwtempuser Salesforce Campaign Effectiveness Dashboard

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sharemethods + EchoSign

Jeremy Glassenberg SalesForce and

Spam Check: Salesforce plus Akismet

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Solid Commerce

Postal Letters From Salesforce

In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for

Drawloop Technologies Drawloop LOOPlus

pwtempuser pwtempuser Salesforce International Mapping

All-in-one Dashboard Widget for

Pipeline vs. Quota for

Abed Farhan SalesForce De-duplication

Abed Farhan Salesforce Discount Approval

Abed Farhan Salesforce Customer Reference

Sam Johnston TrustSaaS

Abed Farhan Sales Credit Approval Mashup

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Arrowpointe Maps

pwtempuser pwtempuser ShareOffice

pwtempuser pwtempuser Events Calendar

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pwtempuser pwtempuser and AdWords

pwtempuser pwtempuser Kieden

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pwtempuser pwtempuser Skype for AppExchange

pwtempuser pwtempuser Salesforce and Google Maps
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thanks,i'll return asap!/+?


At the time of this writing (July 2006) the API ( is available only to Enterprise and Unlimited customers but not to Professional and Team customers (with the exception of certified partner add-ins.) In my opinion, their decision to limit their APIs to only their 'premium' customers is supremely stupid and is the type of shortsightedness that can only come from a company with a "Sales" culture where they are always looking to close bigger deals as opposed to a "Marketing" culture where they are always looking to grow the value of their platform and meet the needs of their customers. I plan to blog about this at my Salesforce blog, and any help making my point that it would be in Salesforce's best interest to offer their API to all customers would be greatly appreciated.


Good point Mike, but that doesn't help those who are trying to learn the Salesforce API.

I'm fairly new to API's and the Salesforce API looks like a good ice breaker, so any help, suggestions, or insider tips regarding their API would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry for my editorializing, but somebody had to do it. :)

Anyway, if you want an easy way to work with (or many of these APIs) check out RSSBus at

Full disclosure: I'm currently working with /n software to help them get partners for their future partner directory at

However, I've had other business relationships both buying from and selling to /n software over the past decade and I know them really well. Further, I'm very technical and RSSBus is a phenominal product as a recent editorial that spoke very highly of it confirmed.

(P.S. I would have emailed this to you but you did not provide any way to contact you.)


thanks,i'll return asap!/+?


Skyvia is an ETL solution data integration service allowing subscribers to integrate data crom cloud CRMs into relational databases. The mashups enables users to connect various platforms and applications with Skyvia for integrated data purposes. The mashup has many functions, a wide array of source support, an intuitive interface, and a detailed documentation for integration. Being a Saas solution, Skyvia does not require any local software to be installed. All functions can be implemented through a web browser from any device. Skyvia supports data integration with the following CRM and data platforms: Salesforce, Dynamics, Sugar, Zoho, NetSuite, SQL, Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Azure, Amazon RDS, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, FTP, and SFTP.
StartHQ provides users a place to quickly search for and access their information across different applications such as Gmail, Dropbox, and Google Docs. Users are able to access the StartHQ platform from different devices and formats, tablets and mobile included. StartHQ features multiple screens that also allow users to group their applications together.
Xendo is a web application that allows users to access their information from other application all at once. With Xendo, customers are able to sync documentations from different applications and accounts with just one simple search. Xendo application features such as unified search, intuitive filters, content alerts, bank-grade security, and multiple accounts, and also provides a Chrome extension. The mashup consumes the Box and APIs in order to function.
Cloud Elements
Cloud Elements is a cloud to cloud API integration service. A SaaS for developers, it supplies easy connectivity with 3rd party apps via uniform APIs, allowing developers to write to a single API to construct "Cooperative Apps” that access multiple cloud services. Cloud Elements connects with entire categories of cloud storage apps, CRM services, messaging, document/ file sharing, and more, maintaining API consistency so that developers don't have to. Cloud Elements offers a Platform API which allows developers to perform account maintenance.
AirSpeed AirSpeed
AirSpeed is a browser plug-in that makes it easy to copy Emails, Contacts and Appointments from Google (Gmail, Google Apps) to Salesforce.
Crisply Crisply
Crisply is a revolutionary time tracking software that connects with the systems you use to automatically track how you are spending your time, making it easier than ever to complete your timesheet. Features a complete timesheet, project and billing system that also works as a platform to existing accounting systems.
Cirrus Insight Cirrus Insight
Cirrus Insight puts the power of CRM inside Gmail. Cirrus Insight is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that enables Gmail users to log emails and tasks, create leads and contacts, schedule events, and manage cases and opportunities in from a sidebar within the Gmail interface. View screenshots and install the app at
eCommazon eCommazon
eCommazon is a complete platform-independent customer relationship management (CRM) mashup. Available to multi-channel online retailers for Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Web Store integration; companies can manage all customer service and support operations from a single source and entirely within's Service Cloud 2.
RingDNA softphone RingDNA softphone
Powered by Twilio
Sales Executive Dashboard Sales Executive Dashboard
Dashboard showing how a sales executive can quickly assess performance at all levels within the organization. An initial summary view provides a visual alert of under-performing regions and allows the executive to drill down to regional performance. Sales data is further broken down to look at metrics for sales teams as well as individual representatives allowing managers to spot and address potential issues.
Phone2Lead Phone2Lead
Auto create and assign leads to proper campaign in simple from the inbound phone call. Call tracking native in Assign a unique phone number, local or 800, to a campaign and anytime that phone number is called it will create a new lead and associate lead to respective campaign. Upon creation of the lead caller name, if available, phone number, city, state, country are all pre-populated on the lead.
Phone2Lead Call Tracking with Salesforce Phone2Lead Call Tracking with Salesforce
Call tracking, (native within by connecting leads and contacts to their respective campaigns when a prospects calls into a promotional phone number on a marketing campaign. Also enables the representative to hear which campaign the caller called in about, before the call is connected, with no computer required.
ChannelAdvisor CRM Connector ChannelAdvisor CRM Connector
The ChannelAdvisor CRM connector for, the leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and cloud computing, now allows ChannelAdvisor customers the ability to leverage the power of CRM in their online customer service and marketing operations. Also, in partnership with Cloud Conversion, online retailers are able to leverage the multi-channel specific customer service module provided by eCommSource.
CloudGento CloudGento
CloudGento� is the first and only complete, channel platform independent, customer relationship management (CRM) solution available to multi-channel online retailers. Companies can now manage all customer service and support operations from a single source and entirely within
Surveilio Force Surveilio Force
Surveilio Force takes the standard Salesforce approach to surveys and incorporates Twilio to provide phone-based and online surveys.
ZenKraft Shipmate - FedEx for Salesforce ZenKraft Shipmate - FedEx for Salesforce
Shipmate enables FedEx customers to process shipments, print labels and track shipments using Chatter without ever leaving Salesforce CRM. Shipmate is 100% native and free. By using Shipmate with Salesforce users qualify for up to 26% discount on FedEx costs.
Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce Eventbrite Connector for Salesforce
Import your attendees as leads or contacts into Eventbrite
Salesforce International Mapping Salesforce International Mapping
Display a Bing map on Account, Contact or any other custom object. Supports language localisation, custom icons, built using Visualforce components so easier to reuse, and can run in Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.
Salesforce Single Sign On Salesforce Single Sign On
TribeHR supports Single-Sign-On from Saleforce through Salesforce�s Web Tab feature. This feature is helpful if you are a sales-driven organization and would like to make it easier for your team to log into your HR website from within Salesforce.
Social Salesforce Social Salesforce
Display LinkedIn connections for a given account directly within salesforce using LinkedIn's Company Insider widget.
Geopointe Geopointe
Geopointe integrates with Google Maps and MapQuest. Geopointe is the premier geo/mapping solution providing numerous ways for end-users, administrators and developers to take advantage of geo data and maps.
eCommSource by Cloud Conversion eCommSource by Cloud Conversion
Offers online retailers the ability to manage and streamline their customer service and support operations with the Service Cloud. A fully native integration with eBay and Amazon.
Salesforce Campaign Effectiveness Dashboard Salesforce Campaign Effectiveness Dashboard
A Flash mashup which shows campaign and lead data with a Google Map to provide analysis of a campaign's effectiveness. Built using BusinessObjects Xcelsius and contains add-ons from Centigon Solutions and Moss Solution.
Sharemethods + EchoSign Sharemethods + EchoSign
This Create-Send-Sign service from Sharemethods is an online wizard which guides a user through the process of creating, sending, and signing a document.
SalesForce and SalesForce and
Allows users to add a Box widget with their content into their SalesForce accounts.
Spam Check: Salesforce plus Akismet Spam Check: Salesforce plus Akismet
Allows users evaluate incoming data for spam. It contains built-in support for incoming Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case data and also contains global Apex methods that allow developers to incorporate Spam checks in their applications.
Social Salesforce Twitter Search Widget Social Salesforce Twitter Search Widget
A free Salesforce Appexchange package that displays Twitter Search Widget inline within Salesforce using VisualForce. Be able to view latest tweets about your customers. See it running in the Test Drive.
Solid Commerce Solid Commerce
Solid Commerce helps online retailers maximize their profits across multiple channels by mashing-up eBay, Amazon, Overstock, FedEx, USPS, Froogle and others.
Postal Letters From Salesforce Postal Letters From Salesforce
PostalMethods snail-mail app allows a Salesforce user to send postal letters directly from Salesforce using pre-designed templates merging Salesforce data. Add letter sending as part of your sales and support flow.
In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for In2Clouds Predictive Analytics for
Predictive Analytics service that analyzes data and creates scores based on the likelihood of opportunities closing.
Drawloop LOOPlus Drawloop LOOPlus
Drawloop lets you merge and automate document creation. Drawloop�s service can increase efficiency, improve close rates and increase revenue by allowing sales reps to electronically create dynamic document packages or DDPs. Uses DocuSign, Saleforce APIs.
Salesforce International Mapping Salesforce International Mapping
A free Salesforce Appexchange package that displays inline Google Maps within Salesforce using VisualForce.
All-in-one Dashboard Widget for All-in-one Dashboard Widget for
Visualizes opportunities, leads, cases and accounts in a single interactive chart report. Allows drill-down and grouping by type, source, stage, status, industry, country, etc. Generates list reports with click-through to your account.
Pipeline vs. Quota for Pipeline vs. Quota for
Visualize pipeline and won sales against quota in a single chart. View the chart for the entire sales organization or for an individual user.
SalesForce De-duplication SalesForce De-duplication
This Serena Business Mashup provides a means of controlling duplicate account records in by coordinating the de-duplication process.
Salesforce Discount Approval Salesforce Discount Approval
Serena Business Mashup lets salespeople remain in while being kept up-to-date regarding the status of their requests for discount approvals.
Salesforce Customer Reference Salesforce Customer Reference
Within, this Serena Business Mashup manages the process of approving customer reference stories, as well as requests to use customers as a reference for sales opportunities and speaking engagements.
TrustSaaS TrustSaaS
Uptime monitoring service, aka the SaaS Weather Report, for Software as a Service including Google Apps, Salesforce, and Wordpress, run by an independent third party. Sales Credit Approval Mashup Sales Credit Approval Mashup
Serena Business Mashup for lets sales request approval to extend credit to a prospect to close a deal. Automates the interaction with D&B credit information via a StrikeIron Web service and delivers a credit decision into SFDC.
SalesView SalesView
Enterprise mashup of SugarCRM,, Google Maps and other sources for business search intelligence and sales prospecting.
Faceforce Faceforce
Faceforce integrates Facebook profile information with Salesforce data in real time, providing you with an instant 360 degree view of customers, prospects, and business associates. View and manage all your contacts in one place.
Arrowpointe Maps Arrowpointe Maps
Arrowpointe Maps is an on-demand application that facilitates a conversation between and MapQuest. This application has been superseded by Geopointe. Look for Geopointe here on Programmable Web.
ShareOffice ShareOffice
An online office mashup consisting of five on-demand services. ShareMethods, for documents, iNetOffice, for word processing, EditGrid for spreadsheets, Preezo for presentations, with integration for CRM. Events Calendar Events Calendar
Keep abreast of upcoming events with this integrated Google Calendar.
Infopia Infopia
Commercial auction management and e-Commerce tools that integrate with multiple third-party services including eBay and Inventory management, multi-channel marketing, order fulfillment and CRM. * Online Performance Analytics and AdWords and AdWords
Based on Kieden, this combination allows customers to manage the entire Google AdWords process from creating ads, placing bids, through to tracking ROI.
Kieden Kieden
Search marketing service for for for
A proof-of-concept mashup between and Allows Enterprise Edition users to quickly associate a URL with an account, contact, or lead.
Skype for AppExchange Skype for AppExchange
Create conference calls for Skype directly within
Salesforce and Google Maps Salesforce and Google Maps
PHP source code for combining and Google Maps. Note: suitable only if you are a Salesforce customer.