API provides web analytics focused on user segmentation. The API provides a RESTful interface for two simple methods: identifying users and tracking user events. Results are returned in JSON format.
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How to maximize analytics with and Google Tag Manager
Arun Sivashankaran at FunnelEnvy distinguishes between major site analytics providers Google Tag Manager & Brief code examples with implementation instructions are displayed. Google Tag Manager does not require actual code changes on a site, rather it can export information into a marketer-friendly user interface. FunnelEnvy chooses Google Tag Manager for it's speed, flexibility, data access consistency, and version control & debugging abilities. With, open calls are made with an analytics.js wrapper to send information to providers. has an Intuitive interface for selecting providers, & has a helpful Live Debugger solution. requires code insertion, and doesn't have macros / data layer that Google Tag Manager has to offer. This is older, archived content that may not contain a detailed description of the how-to. Please refer to the URL below for the complete how-to.

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