Shaw Tracking Hours of Service API

Shaw Tracking Hours of Service
Shaw Tracking provides integrated on-board computing and wireless data services designed to benefit the Canadian transportation, mobile workforce, and logistics industries. One of their fleet management services is the Hours of Service (HOS) web service. It works with an electronic on-board recording system to retrieve driver logs, violations, odometer readings, etc. This information is accessible through a web interface or programmatically using the SOAP-based HOS API.
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This posting is invalid. I called Shaw Tracking and asked for price and availability of this supposed API and they said they knew nothing of it, and did not post this. Perhaps the moderator can delete this one.

From Shaw Tracking:

Hi David,

"Sorry, it’s something we only offer on our hardware."

"Yes, I’ve already submitted it to our Marketing team, it’s not something we wrote. It will be looked into."



Sorry, no mashups for this API.