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Shutterfly is an online photo printing service. Using the Shutterfly API, developers can create new and innovative applications using the Shutterfly service. The API can upload and organize images, authenticate Shutterfly users and even place orders.
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Stay away. Stay far away.

I just got off the phone with customer service regarding some issues with the documentation and/or code behind this api. Shutterfly customer service doesn't know what it is. After three phone calls, being bounced between India and California, and a lot of discussion, I have come to understand there is nobody at Shutterfly who can support this api.

I never was able to completely get it to work, and the documentation is wrong in a number of areas, some of which you can figure out from trial and error, some of which you can't.


I have a Java link working - it is pretty basic in the features. For example you cannot name a photo or provide a description.

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