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Sift Science is a company focused on monitoring your website's traffic to protect it from users intent on malicious activities such as: fraud, credit card chargebacks, money laundering, abuse of referral programs, and general spamming of your site. Currently in private beta, the company offeres both a Java and a REST API that track events on your website. Both integrate into your website much like Google Analytics with the Java API tracking more casual interactions (logins, screen resolutions, IP address) with the REST API documenting more backend operations (user signups, transactions made). The company also offers a Score API which allows you to dynamically call up a JSON document with the current risk assessment of your site.
Ruby, Python and Java coming soon
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Integrate Sift Science to detect fraud
Shift Science uses artificial intelligence, predictions, and algorithms to prevent fraud. This tutorial shows how to identify fraudsters in 3 parts. Part one covers page views and device information with the Javsacript snippet. Part 2 mentions orders and payments. Part 3 displays examples of users' actions. According to the site, fraud has patterns. Learning how detection works, could help developers to identify payment frauds, transactions with fake accounts, and spam content sites. Shift Science invites users to visit redirected links to Shopify or Magento e-commerce sites to install the app.

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