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Technorati Mashups

Note: The Technorati API is no longer available.
This profile is retained for historical purposes only.
Ace BadmintonBuy brand name badminton equipment at discount prices.  
Amplified DocumentsThis example uses Drupal and QueryPath along with several web services to transform a short piece of content into a portal's worth of media.  
Are You an A List Bloglebrity?A Technorati-powered widget that determines the celebrity list status of a blogger.  
AttendrMashing up the unconference. Jeff Marshall created this very slick Google Maps mashup for unconferences, gatherings, parties, etc that shows the locations of attendees and draws relationship connections between people.  
authrService for PCs which can search the favorite writers Books. And you can see results by Timeline showing a list and a publication day.  
BaeboBrowse, search and purchase products from Amazon's entire product catalog, compare them against eBay listings and Yahoo! shopping. Get via RSS feed or WML on Blackberry.  
Blog RankingA ranking system for blogs. View the top 100 Indonesian blogs.  
Blog Value CalculatorThis applet uses the Technorati API to compute and display what your blog is worth using the same link to dollar ratio as done in the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal.  
BloshBlosh finds blogs mentioning locations and displays them on a map.  
blueorganizerThe blueorganizer is the smart browser extension for Firefox. With this organizer the web turns into everyday objects like books, cars, restaurants and movies. Collect things with 1 click, find new information and share what you find with your friends.  
BounceBaseAn aggregation of web content and virtual marketplaces using RSS and multiple APIs. We just passed 800,000,000 listings.  
BricaBoxThe BricaBox Platform is a hosted community CMS, collaboration, wiki designed for social content applications.  
BulletinBu.llet.in is a data sharing application and a mashup engine to organize information under country, city and organization, known as geo. Check out what is going in your geo.  
Bumble SearchBumble Search is a Firefox extension that mashes up the Web by integrating content from Amazon, BBC, del.icio.us, eBay and other sources.  
BuzzVideoThe latest videos and related details from YouTube, Technorati and Yahoo Search.  
Celebrity CryoSitesImages, videos, and news about your favorite celebrities from Yahoo, YouTube and Technorati.  
ChromomulatorNews, videos, and pics about each of the top 100 Google searches (given via Google Hot Trends). Updated several times daily.  
Congress SpaceBookA mashup developed to emulate a social networking platform for Congress. It uses over 10 APIs and links to: news, blogs, comments, bio information, voting records, campaign finance and more. PHP source code available.  
ElicitDesktop Blog Client that integrates many RSS and Web Services for creating blog content.  
FeedMeme Feed DiscoveryAn experimental feed discovery tool.  
Full Feeds AllianceWe determine your RSS feed whether full or partial automatically. You can add special banners of full or partial feed to your site.  
GoMojoGoMojo is a music community and search tool. Web site artist search: SNOCAP stores, eBay auctions, YouTube videos, syndicated news. Links to shops, blogs, Flickr, Live365 radio. Desktop app: photo tagger/uploader for Flickr, compact Amazon browser.  
Google Hot KeysA Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 extension that adds split-screen previews, deadlink checking and hotkeys to Google, Technorati, Ask and Live searches.  
HeadupHeadup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.  
Hot Keywords TrendsFind out which keywords are hot lately. This mashup combines Google Hot Trends, Yahoo BOSS Search and Yahoo BOSS Images Search API, and Technorati API.  
iPod RadariPod Radar helps people iPods and accessories as well as iPod news, blogs, links, software and more.  
keotagA meta-search engine using tagging services such as RawSugar, delicious, and Technorati  
KwiClickKwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more.  
Lowlands MashupMashing all kinds of data sources together to create a new site with all user generated content of, in this case, A campingflight to Lowlands Festival, which is a big multiple day music festival in The Netherlands. Built together with VPRO/3voor12  
MappingtonA social community for travelers. Create travel blogs, post your photos & videos, review destinations, befriend other travelers, share with your friends.  
musiclovrMusic mashup that allows searching of data from Amazon, news from Yahoo, and blogs via Technorati.  
MusicPortlMusicPortl is a place where you can gather information about music artists, took from several interesting places all over the web. MusicPortl tells you about almost every known artists biography by featuring wikipedia articles, links to recent blog posts.  
MusicPortl.comMusicPortl is a music information portal, displaying much info on the artist you are searching for, including bio, similar artists, photos, releases and more while still keeping good page loading times by loading most of the info after display via ajax.  
Musiic.netSearch tool for music fans where you can find MP3s, YouTube videos, Flickr images, news, songs, events, blog posts, podcasts, websites, and articles about artists.  
My Bikram YogaMyBikramYoga.com is dedicated in bringing you the latest in the Bikram yoga community, news, blogs, images and videos.  
NooblastProject picks the real-time data for two given keywords from public APIs and visualizes around the globe as "noo"-cloud, the size of which reflects event streams and shaped by geo data, building light abstract visual structures in space for each  
NooblastNooblast is a visualization of real-time data from several APIs. It calculates the "network buzz" of two keywords and maps them on globes, creating noosphere clouds.  
OamosOamos pings search engines for up-to-date news, images, synonyms, music, and videos in relation to your topics. Meta-inspiratios engine.  
Ontok HighlighterFree ad-supported web service for publishers that highlights words on a site using Ontok UrlInfo API backend. When users mouseover the inserted links, they see ads and search results from other APIs like Amazon, ebay, Shopping.com, Adsense, and Yahoo.  
opsdoopsdo has two goals - to allow people to search many information sources which mainstream search engines do not cover well and to allow people to search groups of such sources -- e.g. RottenTomatoes, IMDb and Amazon.  
Optevi News TrackerLoads news feeds, extracts meaningful terms and searches for related news, blog and discussion pages. Allows the user to browse the news by articles or by entities.  
Overheard inA meta site bringing in the latest funny things people have overheard from a range of sites into one place, along with relevant images and blog links.  
PipeliciousA mashup of del.iciou.us tags with a Yahoo Pipe containing aggregated results from Blogger, Technorati Google Blog Search and several others. Click on a tag to see what people in the blogosphere are saying about that topic today.  
Pleo HQPleo HQ features content about Pleo, the robotic dinosaur, including links from del.icio.us, news, blog posts from a custom feed, images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, and auctions from eBay.  
popuri.usA tool to check at-a-glance the link popularity of any site based on its ranking from Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati etc., social bookmarks like del.icio.us, subscribers on Bloglines, etc.  
preciseNewsBreaking news and colorful commentary every few minutes, 24-7.  
preciseTechnologySite aggregating breaking science, technology news and colorful commentary every few minutes.  
Ratified.orgUses Technorati and Feedburner APIs to rank Philippine blogs.  
ResultRMeta search engine mashup built as a high-school project. It allows you to create your own search engine where you can choose from 30+ sources you want to include in your results.  
SampaA do-it-yourself website creation and hosting service designed to enable users to easily create sites using web services such as Blogger, Flickr, YouTube, Del.icio.us and BlueDot.  
SixDegreesFind the connection or six-degrees of separation between topics. Mashes RSS feeds with the ClearForest API. Offers REST and SOAP interfaces so you can build on top of it. All connections exposed through RDF so you can to build the Semantic Web.  
SocialOysterCreate an Oysterpass. Your Oysterpass will show your social activities at the internet. Search on different applications. Follow your friends live at your Oysterline  
SocialPeekTake a glance into the community. SocialPeek looks at various popular social media services and user-generated media sites to generate real-time peeks into what people are really talking about right now.  
SomPediaSomething more about music bands, lyrics, and songs. Portuguese version online. English version in progress.  
Soup SoupSoup Soup displays news articles from news sources such as CNN, BBC, FOX News, etc. with related articles from Wikipedia and other sites and photos from Flickr. The system uses Yahoo Pipes.  
Stock CloudStock Cloud tracks press releases to programmatically identify business partnerships.  
Supreme Court ZeitgeistTracks current news and opinions about the U.S. Supreme Court.  
Tag Mashup for StumbleuponA mashup that picks up the tags of a stumbleupon user and links them to the latest blog, bookmark and photo entries by Technorati, del.icio.us and Flickr. If you have a SU account try it out, and if not, you can always try with other SU user names.  
TagalyzerContent discovery using the Yahoo content analysis API to figure out what a given page is about and then APIs from Yahoo! News, Technorati, Delicious, and Flickr to find related content.  
TagbulbTagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like Flickr, YouTube and many more. Users can browse by content type like images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc.  
TamtamiSoftware and goods reviews. Bookmarking and search engine.  
Technorati and NotifixiousBe the first to know when somebody mentions your company, your name or your favorite product in a blog.  
Technorati Blog Search via Yahoo PipesTechnorati Search sucks in a Technorati search feed for the query of your choice and hands back a JSON object via Yahoo Pipes, ready to insert inline via the usual methods. With implementation details and source code.  
The Social Music Mashup SiteMusic information and community member communication spaces are offered this social music mashup site.  
The Web 2.0 ToolbarSave time and keep up on the latest Web 2.0 news right from one browser toolbar. The Free Web 2.0 Toolbar aggregates the best of Social Search, Social Bookmarking, Social Pics, Social Video and Social News websites.  
TrackBackrCut and paste TrackBack service for blogs and web-pages. TrackBacks are cool, TrackBack spam isn not. TrackBackr finds trackback entries, filters out blog spam and can be added to your blog or web page in less then five minutes.  
TubaratiTubarati allows you to get the latest YouTube videos based on the most popular posts by bloggers around the world, using Technorati tags.  
WebjamWebjam is a platform designed to enable creating an unlimited number of modular websites with a community attached to each. Privacy settings for each module. With an AJAX-y drag and drop interface.  
Xbox RadarXbox Radar helps people find Xbox 360 products and information.  
YimmiyYimmiy searches the web simultaneously for various kinds of content (web, video, photos, new and blogs) from various providers (Yahoo, Live, LiveVideo, YouTube, Picasa, Google, Flickr etc), showing all in one list and using colors for the contenttypes.  
ZabboWabboZabboWabbo gleans from more than 10 sources for your search to potentially provide broader and more useful results.  
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