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Temboo helps developers by providing tools that simplify app development. These tools include code shortcuts that can be dragged and dropped into a developers own code via a visual interface. The code shortcuts, called Choreos allow for API integration by handling authentication, credential management, updates, and more. Currently Temboo has a library of Choreos for over 70 APIs. The Temboo REST API lets users perform CRUD operations with methods that allow users to: * Retrieve a list of Choreos that can be run * Retrieve detailed information, such as inputs, status, and description data for a specific Choreo * Run a Choreo, optionally providing input values to use in that execution * Retrieve the list of currently running Choreo executions * Retrieve the status of a Choreo that has been executed via the API * Terminate a currently running Choreo execution The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.
https://<user subscription name>.temboolive.com/temboo-api/1.0/
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