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Thinglink is an image interaction service. Thinglink provides functionality to transform photos and images into links that lead to other things on the web. The Thinglink API allows developers to embed Thinglink's functionality into other sites. Developers can specify image attributes, share links, and mass embed in other sites.
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Receive Video Messages from your Website Receive Video Messages from your Website
This tutorial is based on code created at the [App Developer Conference Conference and Hackathon]( in Santa Clara, CA as a result of about 4 hours of hack time. Thus, it is extremely rough, though it should serve as a good starting point for working with both [AppMobi]( and the [SendGrid API]( This code has been tested on a MacBook Air running Lion. The iOS portion was tested using an iPhone 4s using the AppMobi labs iPhone app. This program will allow you to send an email within your iPhone or Android app, view rudimentary account statistics and receive a SMS message when a link is clicked in your email.

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