Tiket API

Tiket.com is an Indonesian based company delivering ticket shopping and comparison services for a variety of industries. Tiket.com offers a one-stop shop for all your ticket booking needs: flights, hotels, concerts, and more. The suite of APIs offered by Tiket.com allow you to book all these events for you or your business. Payments can be made three ways through: direct contact with Tiket.com (for larger businesses), Tiket.com payment channels (user pays through the API with credit card), or depositing money at Tiket.com (can't utilize the API if you haven't deposited any money) APIs are included for: Movies, Train, Events, Hotel, Flight as well as User Management and General. You must register as a Tiket.com affiliate and pass a User Acceptance Test (UAT)--to determine that you are a legitimate developer--before you can utilize the API. Supported formats include: XML, JSON and PHP serialized.