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Twilio SMS
Twilio provides a simple hosted API and markup language for businesses to quickly build scalable, reliable and advanced voice and SMS communications applications. Twilio provides a telephony infrastructure web service "in the cloud", enabling web programmers to integrate real-time phone calls into their applications. Twilio's simple Pay-As-You-Go pricing model means customers pay for capacity only when they need it, not before. Voice applications written on Twilio's cloud solution scale transparently, eliminating programming, operational and contractual headaches frequently associated with rapid growth or traffic spikes. The SMS API allows users to send and receive SMS messages from their applications. The API can implement short code technology to allow both faster and higher volume sms messaging. Example uses of the API include sending customers automatic SMS messages, multi-factor authentication and interactive polling. The API uses a RESTful interface and responses are formatted in XML.
Telephony, USA
PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#
HTTP Basic Authentication
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  • Cloud Elements is a cloud to cloud API integration service. A SaaS for developers, it supplies easy connectivity with 3rd party apps via uniform APIs, allowing developers to write to a single API to...
  • eSignature Gateway leverages Amazon S3, Clockwork SMS, DocuSign, Google Storage and Twillio APIs to give users document sign functionality regardless of the email client used. In addition, eSignature...
  • AlertTheBoss is your vehicle to build a broadcast-ready cell phone list. Enabling communication with your customers via text message to resolve problems, reward customers with "text only offers...
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Geoffrey Simpson Connected To Us

pwtempuser pwtempuser Friendly Audio

Call My Map by ESRI

pwtempuser pwtempuser Order Anywhere (Beta)



pwtempuser pwtempuser Quick SMS Nutrition Information

Urban Hunt'r

SMS Garage Door


pwtempuser pwtempuser Twilirious

pwtempuser pwtempuser NotifyThem!

pwtempuser pwtempuser TextSlide

pwtempuser pwtempuser Tyke SMS - Web SMS gateway and more

pwtempuser pwtempuser Jars of Love

pwtempuser pwtempuser I Love Valentines

pwtempuser pwtempuser Zen SMS

pwtempuser pwtempuser How I Knew You Were the One



My Powers Out

pwtempuser pwtempuser Twilio @ Home

pwtempuser pwtempuser TextLang

pwtempuser pwtempuser TextListen

pwtempuser pwtempuser InvenBin

pwtempuser pwtempuser Push Notify

pwtempuser pwtempuser ComHub

pwtempuser pwtempuser Emory Law Events

pwtempuser pwtempuser TaggedBack

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Are My Sites Up? White Label

pwtempuser pwtempuser Yaptap

pwtempuser pwtempuser TextWeight

pwtempuser pwtempuser Rolemance

pwtempuser pwtempuser Call-Forward

pwtempuser pwtempuser Venmo


pwtempuser pwtempuser 3TDM by Telephone Data Management


The Snowman of Babel

pwtempuser pwtempuser TwitterCamp

pwtempuser pwtempuser Traffic Amigo

pwtempuser pwtempuser TextWhosNext

pwtempuser pwtempuser Chext

pwtempuser pwtempuser JunctionVox

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Merry Twilsmas!

pwtempuser pwtempuser KLIK Song Requests

pwtempuser pwtempuser Blizzalert

pwtempuser pwtempuser Pushr


James Chevalier Blizzalert

Greg's Pulse

pwtempuser pwtempuser Speed Dial Group Messaging

pwtempuser pwtempuser Airplane Booking System

pwtempuser pwtempuser Remindable

pwtempuser pwtempuser GroupMe

pwtempuser pwtempuser drop2phone

pwtempuser pwtempuser Earthquake or Garbage Truck?

pwtempuser pwtempuser waiting4aTable

pwtempuser pwtempuser meetmeat

pwtempuser pwtempuser Diffmon

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser bottlr

pwtempuser pwtempuser inputpipe

pwtempuser pwtempuser PoxPay

pwtempuser pwtempuser Gatsby

pwtempuser pwtempuser RingThink

Dave Schappell TeachStreet

pwtempuser pwtempuser SMS the Team

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Voxilate Silent Auction

Greg Tracy SMSMyBus
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KeepTheRecord KeepTheRecord
KeepTheRecord provides an instant online conference call for up to 10 participants, with only one click. When the conference is over, everyone gets to keep a copy of the recording.
Connected To Us Connected To Us
Connected to Us creates a communication system using the hardware your team members and customers already own.
Friendly Audio Friendly Audio
It's the audio version of chat roulette with a useful twist. Friendly Audio connects you with others that have the attributes of a person you are looking to meet. Currently connecting startup founders with hackers.
Call My Map by ESRI Call My Map by ESRI
Demo of an app for emergency responders using VoIP and GIS. People in the field can make updates using their mobile phone (voice or SMS) and the command center can view everyone's location on an ArcGIS map and make a phone call or send a text message directly from the map.
Order Anywhere (Beta) Order Anywhere (Beta)
Order food online from over 30,000 menus. Place your order and Order Anywhere calls the restaurant for you. Your order's status is updated in real-time.
Textable Textable
Find the closet free wifi, public library, or walgreens by texting 512 782-2513 with your command and postal code or airport code. Commands are wifi, library, walgreens, and help. Eg. "wifi 78702". Or "walgreens AUS" Walmarts and ATM's are coming soon. Textable helps you find a few important things nearby quickly.
tweedly tweedly
Track your Twitter ranking via SMS. ranks your Twitter influence from 1 to 10 and will text you when it changes.
Quick SMS Nutrition Information Quick SMS Nutrition Information
"Text (415) 729-3599 with any food or beverage and it will tell you important nutrition facts in seconds. This application uses the awesome DailyBurn service to look up over 400,000 popular meals. Give it a try!"
Urban Hunt'r Urban Hunt'r
Urban Hunt�r is a unique social photo challenge game. Play at home or on the go. Simply snap a photo and send it to Urban Hunt�r. Each week there is a new game and a photo challenge. Earn points by submitting photos and having people vote on their photos.
SMS Garage Door SMS Garage Door
Using an Arduino with an ethernet shield and some electronic components I built a Twilio powered garage door. It can tell if the garage door is open or closed and it can also activate the garage door opener if desired. In addition I have a program that runs every 15 minutes and checks the garage door. If it is open past 8:00, it sends my wife and I a text message. We can simply reply to close it.
An online flirtation site that lets you anonymously send pre-defined sms messages to people you know and check the read status.
Twilirious Twilirious
You text your message to +1 (415) 895-2220 and it simply appears on the Twilirious timeline.
NotifyThem! NotifyThem!
Daycares and schools often need to send out notifications to parents quickly and efficiently about school opening delays, closures, weather conditions and other events. NotifyThem! provides an interface to send those notifications out to multiple parents at once.
TextSlide TextSlide
TextSlide is a private community that connects users for one-on-one conversations about anything and delivers them via SMS. Your phone number is never exposed to anyone. The only thing others see are your name, area code and interests. Your interests are used as an ice breaker.
Tyke SMS - Web SMS gateway and more Tyke SMS - Web SMS gateway and more
Tyke SMS is a software product that provides an SMS content delivery solution. Helps people send and receive SMS messages via web and email, even if your provider does not offer email to SMS gateway.
Jars of Love Jars of Love
Jars of Love allows two people to create a shared list of tasks, suggestions or whatevers for their mutual benefit. Participants can interact with their jar either using the website or through sms. Once per week, or on demand, a random suggestion (alternating between users) will be sent to both parties.
I Love Valentines I Love Valentines
Online secret admirer. You post a message to your crush and your crush will only be notified on February 14th at a time you specify. Your crush will get a message either through SMS or email with a link to see your message on February 14th.
Zen-SMS is a customized Zendesk integration that automatically sends SMS notifications to your customers when you close a ticket. The customer telephone number (and other details) are pulled from custom fields in the ticket to compose the SMS message. An email confirmation is sent to you, confirming the SMS message that was delivered.
How I Knew You Were the One How I Knew You Were the One
A collection of moments from the luckiest people on earth, sharing how they met the ones they love.
Textaurant Textaurant
Textaurant allows restaurant customers to wait online, not in line. Patrons can see wait times from any computer or mobile smartphone and can join the queue from anywhere. Restaurant hosts use a web-based waiting list that allows them to contact patrons via text or voice message when their table is almost ready.
AirCellCall AirCellCall
A new method of communication involving VOIP/wireless and cable call management phone booth systems. AirCellCall's technical architecture system combines several communication methods into one device that you can use to communicate even if you do not have a cell phone available. Designed to serve the general public, corporate and government entities.
My Powers Out My Powers Out
Report power outages via SMS or email. This app triangulates the location of the outage and gives it to your power company. It's easier to report outages, utilities can repair them faster and you get status updates.
Twilio @ Home Twilio @ Home
Twilio@Home allows you to remotely control your home devices via phone calls (SMS coming soon). Not only do you get an audio confirmation that your device or appliance was turned on/off, you can pull up a website and get a visual confirmation as well. Home automation made easy and fun with Twilio.
TextLang TextLang
TextLang is a text message language translation service. Text a phrase and a desired language to translate to. You will receive a call back with the translation.
TextListen TextListen
TextListen is a mobile music service. Just text the artist and name of a song you want to hear. The service will call you back and play the song for you on the speaker.
InvenBin InvenBin
Time tracking, inventory and resource management from your phone. Time Keeper and Inventory Tracker updates by SMS or web. Barcode generator; scan and text to update. Project Management integration. SMS requires a Twilio account.
Push Notify Push Notify
Push notifications service. Privacy controls, real time push feed, SMS and voice alerts.
ComHub ComHub
A Ruby-on-Rails (v2.3.5) application designed to receive any sort of message from any sort of system and send it over SMS (via Twilio), email or instant message. There are facilities to send directly to contacts or groups, to respect time windows, to base delivery on keywords and to ignore messages based on patterns. It will throttle messages globally if they are coming too quickly.
Emory Law Events Emory Law Events
Emory law events provides a way for Emory law students to stay informed about events sponsored by the school.
TaggedBack TaggedBack is a free service where you register and then catalog your belongings. It allows for a simple way to keep track of the things that you own. If you lose an item that you have tagged, the person who finds it will see the tag, prompting them to go to the website. Upon entering your tag number, they will be able to notify you immediately via email and text message if you verified your phone number. The person who found your item never sees your email address unless you choose to reply to them. is a service for all King County (Wa) Metro buses that will alert the user when their bus is getting close to the stop.
Are My Sites Up? White Label Are My Sites Up? White Label
Are My Sites Up? White Label offers web development agencies, web hosts and other organizations who sell website related services another source of income by offering a fully brandable white label website monitoring web and iPhone application.
Yaptap Yaptap
Yaptap enables communities to communicate however they wish: by text, email, phone, or social media. Group leaders can use either a web or mobile (iPad) application to organize groups, events and communications while members use the tools they want (text or email).
TextWeight TextWeight
TextWeight is a simple way to track and see your body weight over time. The service will send you a text message in the morning; reply with your weight. Login to the site anytime to see a graph of your weight.
Rolemance Rolemance
Rolemance makes it easy to spice up your relationship with flirtatious texting. You each control the dialogue, intimacy and outcome with simple A and B choices. Start a rolemance from any phone, anytime you're in the mood.
Call-Forward Call-Forward
Call-Forward gives you a "virtual" telephone number for relaying voice and SMS. If you have friends, family and colleagues who live far away, you can maintain your close connections by having a telephone number that is a local call for all of them.
Venmo Venmo
Venmo makes settling up with friends easy and social. It works with just about any phone or through the web. It's completely free to use with your friends, so you can always skip the ATM when you need to settle up on things like meals, rent, bills, drinks, group trips and bingo.
Cloud4SMSviaTwilio Cloud4SMSviaTwilio
This is an application that allows you send SMS within the US using your Android phone via cloud service provided by Twilio. Saves money for people who don't use SMS often; pay only 2c per message when you use Twilio to send or receive SMS. The current version also provides you a way to receive SMS sent to your Twilio number via email.
3TDM by Telephone Data Management 3TDM by Telephone Data Management
Check your email via text message � a service provided by Telephone Data Management and uses the Twilio API. is a mashup of Twilio and OneBusAway real-time tracker service. It's a service that will alert the user by text or phone when their bus is approaching its stop. The service works for all King County (Wa.) Metro stops.
The Snowman of Babel The Snowman of Babel
The Snowman of Babel lets users text or call in and request a translation of their favorite holiday greeting in a random language along with a cool fact about that holiday.
TwitterCamp TwitterCamp
TwitterCamp is an application that shows Twitter messages on the screen in a format that is easy and quick to view. It is designed for conferences, events and seminars where showing public Twitter streams makes the event enjoyable.
Traffic Amigo Traffic Amigo
Traffic Amigo provides early warning of traffic accidents and delays. Customers receive traffic alerts via SMS.
TextWhosNext TextWhosNext
A simple wait list management app. It's meant to replace the expensive pager systems typically found at restaurants and other businesses that make patrons wait. TextWhosNext sends patrons a text notification when they're up next.
Chext Chext
Use text messages instead of a checkbook to balance your checking account. Instead of one person controlling a checkbook, both people can text their incoming and outgoing cash flow so chext can do the math and keep both of you up to date effortlessly.
JunctionVox JunctionVox
Instantly call everyone in your team using group call and toll-free conference calls for team leaders. Call at any time with no need to schedule, or hold scheduled calls with up to 20 participants. allows you to create a list of incentives to reward yourself for getting things done and keeps you reminded by email or text.
Merry Twilsmas! Merry Twilsmas!
Merry Twilsmas allows you to manage your wish list by SMS, as well as see what other people want. You don't always think about new ideas for yourself when you are in a position to write it down for later, but whenever you have an idea, just text 'idea [your idea here]' to 732 400 XMAS.
KLIK Song Requests KLIK Song Requests
KLIK Radio accepts song requests via text. Just text title and artist to our phone number, and it'll be added to the queue.
Blizzalert Blizzalert
Blizzalert makes it so you never a miss a great day on the mountain. You select which ski areas you want to watch and Blizzalert will send text message alerts when storms are coming through.
Pushr Pushr
Pushr is a tool for small businesses to connect with their customers in a more direct way over SMS. It allows users to schedule groups of messages, organize contacts and maintain a SMS log of their communications with customers.
TVFoodMaps TVFoodMaps
A central hub for discovering, keeping track of and discussing the restaurants seen on shows like Diners, DriveIns and Dives, Man v. Food and more.
Blizzalert Blizzalert
Blizzalert is a service that helps skiers/snowboarders never miss a good day on the mountain. You select which ski areas you want to watch, and you get text message alerts when snow is coming through.
Greg's Pulse Greg's Pulse
Monitor anything important to you on the web with SMS - track classifieds postings, job boards, RSS feeds. If you own a business, track new orders, purchases, sign ups, etc.
Speed Dial Group Messaging Speed Dial Group Messaging
Speed Dial Group Messaging allows you to quickly get in touch with your group. You make one phone call, record your message, and we send it out to your entire group by voice, e-mail or text message.
Airplane Booking System Airplane Booking System
Used by a private flying club, this system uses Twilio so that users can book the plane using their phone, and recieve notifications to booking changes through SMS
Remindable Remindable
Simple reminders delivered to any destination, day or night.
GroupMe GroupMe
Real-time group communications over SMS, web browser, and smartphone applications. Formerly called
drop2phone drop2phone
With drop2phone, you can send SMS notes to a drop and also receive notifications when someone has added something to the drop - so everyone can know what's going on and immediately reply with their own comment via SMS.
Earthquake or Garbage Truck? Earthquake or Garbage Truck?
This site monitors information from USGS every 15 minutes on magnitude 1+ earthquakes occurring in the Pacific Northwest. You can get the information by texting in your zip code.
waiting4aTable waiting4aTable
For restaurants who are tired of keeping customers chained to a small radius with those antiquated pagers. Keeps your waiting list for you and uses text messages to notify customers when their table is ready.
meetmeat meetmeat
meetmeat helps you make and manage plans with your friends over SMS. Text meetmeat a time, location and group of friends and meetmeat sends out invitations and deals with RSVPs.
Diffmon Diffmon
Diffmon is an uptime and page content monitoring service. It can check both if a site is up and if it has been changed more than a certain threshold and notify if it has or if it is down.
Find your secret crush by text message. Enter the phone number of your crush and see if you have a match. You can either respond by text or go to our site to add multiple crushes at once.
bottlr bottlr
Free PBX for SMS and phone calls with random strangers, while keeping your number and identity private.
inputpipe inputpipe
Sometimes you need to quickly gather information from the people around you. Rather than writing it up on a board, folks can text their data, and it automatically gets pushed to our database where you can export it to csv.
PoxPay PoxPay
PoxPay lets you pay with your voice through your PayPal account. This is done using voice biometric technology to uniquely identify and authorize purchases you make.
Gatsby Gatsby
Gatsby introduces you to nearby people with interest you share, whenever you check in on foursquare.
RingThink RingThink
A digital receptionist for your mobile phone, RingThink takes calls, forwards those on your whitelist to you and takes a message for everyone else letting you know by SMS.
TeachStreet TeachStreet
TeachStreet helps lifelong learners find great classes and teachers, empowering teachers with robust online tools to manage their teaching businesses, and enabling schools to more effectively generate leads for their classes.
SMS the Team SMS the Team
A cost-effective app to mass notify your team using SMS. It uses your Google Contacts to help you quickly send notifications without the hassle of managing yet another address book of contacts.
Need an excuse to get out of an annoying conversation? On a date that just won't end? Ask to SMS or call you, and get outta there.
A realtime classifieds service. Receive text alerts for job and business opportunities that are submitted by other users of the service. To respond, reply "call" by text message, and a call will be placed between the two parties.
Voxilate Silent Auction Voxilate Silent Auction
Implements a silent auction by phone. Bidders can bid on items over the phone and are notified via text message when they are outbid.
A mobile phone app for finding real-time bus arrivals for Madison Metro (Madison, WI). Just text your specific request to receive real-time arrival estimates.