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.NET Wrapper for Twitter API Twitteroo: a .NET wrapper around the twitter API  
140dev Twitter Framework The 140dev Twitter Framework is a free source code library containing a Twitter database server for gathering tweets for selected keywords, as well as a display plugin that lets you show tweets from the database in a single line of PHP code.  
arc90 PHP Twitter API Client A PHP wrapper around the Twitter API.  
Building a sentiment analyser for your Twitter feed In this post we're going to work through a coding task: building a sentiment analyser for your Twitter feed. Sentiment analysers extract the positivity and negativity from text; we're going to go step by step through applying one analyser to your Twitter feed.  
Building an Application with the Twitter API In this article, we look at a short Python script that tweets when the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or any stock or index you like, makes a big jump.  
Cache Your Twitter Tweets in PHP  TwitterCacher: Optimize your Twitter apps with this smart Twitter caching library in PHP.  
Create a Twitter Mood Graph With Ruby Shows how to talk to the Twitter search API directly then produce a chart of our findings using the Google Chart API. Lets you search for posts Twitter considers to have �positive� or �negative� attitudes, then draw a chart of our findings.  
Fetch tweets to Excel Functions for fetching Twitter tweets by keyword into an Google Docs or Excel spreadsheet, or other MS Office applications  
HTML Wrapper for Twitter API Twitter2HTML: an html wrapper around the twitter api  
Java RESTful Web Services With Jersey and Twitter Jersey is an open-source reference implementation of JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services, JSR-311. In this tip, you will learn how to use the Jersey API to consume HTTP-based RESTful web services from Twitter.  
java-twitter - Google Code This library provides a pure Java interface for the Twitter API. Twitter exposes a web services API (http://twitter.com/help/api) and this library is intended to make it even easier for java programmers to use.  
jQuery Twitter API jQuery Twitter API aims to give Web developers the ability to request Twitter public informations from a simple JavaScript function call.  
Perl Wrapper for Twitter API Twitish: access the Twitter API using Perl  
PHP and jQuery for Twitter API Tutorial shows how you can use jQuery, PHP and a little Ajax to connect up to the Twitter API and return results.  
Python Twitter This library provides a pure python interface for the Twitter API. From DeWitt Clinton.  
Python Yahoo! Weather app for Twitter Asks for a 5-digit zipcode entry, then retrieves and sends weather info from weather.yahooapis.com to a Twitter account.  
Ruby Twitter Gem Command line twits and an API wrapper in Ruby.  
Scripting Twitter with Perl Twitter direct message with Perl and LWP (libwww-perl), for a much more convenient solution. I designed it to be used like a sort of universal paging service.  
SWX Twitter API SWX is the easiest way to build Flash applications that use Twitter. SWX stands for SWF Data Exchange Format. Its a new, native, data format for Flash that uses simple SWF files to store and exchange data.  
Tweepy A Twitter library for Python! Features: + OAuth support + Up-to-date with Twitter API + Actively under development + Streaming API support + Cache system (memory, file, memcache) + Python 3 branch  
Twitter By Phone Code Walkthrough Tutorial to connect Twitter and Tropo APIs using Ruby.  
Twitter Friends Followers Widget A jQuery plugin that you can embed anywhere to display pictures of your Twitter followers or friends (whom you follow) and their latest tweets.  
Twitter Integration in phpLD Allows you to integrate twitter with phpLD, and show all of your latest tweets to your users.  
Twitter powered Youtube subtitles Create closed captions for Youtube videos by mining appropriately hashtagged tweets published during a live original broadcast.  
Twitter Scala Experiments  Experiments with such things as Scala, the scala.swing package, and the Twitter API. At GitHub.  
Twitter4J Java wrapper for the Twitter API.  
Twitter4R - Ruby Twitter Binding Twitter4R v0.2.0 now provides 100% Twitter REST API coverage for Ruby. This is the open source project providing Ruby bindings for the Twitter REST API. Most appropriate for pure Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects.  
TwitterLand Ruby Gem All the best Twitter-related APIs in one gem  
twitterscript This is an ActionScript 3.0 library for accessing Twitter's APIs. This was originally code from Twitter, but it is being open sourced so it can be maintained and kept current.  
TwitterShell Twitter::Shell gives you access to Twitter from your shell!  
Twittery - Ruby Wrapper to Twitter Twittery is a lightweight Ruby class that interfaces with Twitter's API to make interacting with Twitter simple as possible.  
Twyt - Python Interface to Twitter Twyt is a BSD licensed Twitter API interface for Python. It provides an interface to the remote Twitter API functions and classes to allow easy manipulation of the returned sets of data, such as status messages and user information.  
Update Twitter and FriendFeed from the Linux Command Line This article uses GNU Wget and cURL to send status updates to the social networking site Twitter without the use of a Twitter desktop application, and how to follow feeds from both Twitter and FriendFeed right from the command line.  
Update Twitter with Command Line Tools How to update Twitter using command line tools like curl.  
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