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The Twitter micro-blogging service includes two RESTful APIs. The Twitter REST API methods allow developers to access core Twitter data. This includes update timelines, status data, and user information. The Search API methods give developers methods to interact with Twitter Search and trends data. The API presently supports the following data formats: XML, JSON, and the RSS and Atom syndication formats, with some methods only accepting a subset of these formats.
OAuth 2, HTTP Basic Auth, OAuth
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  • Online Basketball Camp (also referred to as Hoop Alert) is a website for coaches to manage and communicate with their teams by providing a custom platform for scheduling, text messaging, video...
  • Soccer Shots is a intro-to-soccer provider across the globe. Its messaging system uses the AT&T in-app messaging API.
  • FollowFly is a social media aggregator that can automatically bring up and display feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reddit AMA for anyone you search for. Different...
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pwtempuser pwtempuser Child Soldier Cycle '11

pwtempuser pwtempuser FeedbackFire

pwtempuser pwtempuser Tweedly

pwtempuser pwtempuser Social Contact

Life Stream

Jude Simon Opposite Twitter

Research And Compare

Martin Dudek Relax

in2clouds Social Listener

Call My Map by ESRI

Alan Hamlyn MarketMeSuite

Gary Bury Snappr

Avatar Portraits



pwtempuser pwtempuser SkyScanner Evature Twitter Flight Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser My Twitter for Thrutu

James Chevalier Little Corner


Alfredo Artiles Hashtagram


jQuery Lifestream

Twitter Multilingual Voice Search

Aaron Frost TweetMinus

François Dispaux Kaiten Browser

pwtempuser pwtempuser Toronto Trending

Twitcaps: Watching the World

pwtempuser pwtempuser 100 travel destinations

Evan Jacobs Kindlegraph



Pavel Fitbit Daemon

Urban Hunt'r


pwtempuser pwtempuser twitQA


Trend Back Machine

pwtempuser pwtempuser Twalue

Twitter echochamber?

Tweet Degree


What's Public

Alfredo Artiles SocialBro


Explore TEDxAlger



pwtempuser pwtempuser 200 Towns

Nuclear Anxiety

pwtempuser pwtempuser Memolane

Aaron Frost



pwtempuser pwtempuser Photo Map




David Lee Routemakr

Local streamer


pwtempuser pwtempuser What's On TV





Tuyen Nguyen Journamatic

pwtempuser pwtempuser Day in photos

iHear Network


pwtempuser pwtempuser Twitter Birthday


pwtempuser pwtempuser How I Knew You Were the One

Jonathan Lulich The Music Feed


pwtempuser pwtempuser Statalyze


Virender Ajmani Egypt Protest Tweets Mapped


UK rail passenger tweet mashup


Jim Renkel twxlate

Andre Franz instaLyrics


Map My Following

Franklin van de Meent FreeflowTV

pwtempuser pwtempuser Twitter Mobile Monitor


Vinay Raikar trends24


Sayem Islam People Lookup

Twitter Earth

Nathan Peck Bookflavor

LIXAM Search Engine



pwtempuser pwtempuser Twitter Voice

pwtempuser pwtempuser TwitterCamp



Mike Borozdin Dropped Call Alert
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how do I update Twitter via the API?

Tarpipe Tarpipe
Tarpipe is a social media platform that automates the process of discovering and distributing information on multiple web applications, using a visual, workflow oriented interface.
Arms Dealer Arms Dealer
Arms Dealer is a facilitator of small arms acquisition. Find and review gun shops, shooting ranges and other firearm related businesses.
Platd Platd
A user makes a call from their phone to Platd. They say the number of a car's license plate and then record a message for that driver. is a social media payments system. Connects social media networks with payment systems to quickly and easily create bills and manage them on the go.
Digest Report Digest Report
Littera Report is a source for independent media that promotes all original content by geographic region. Site is still under development and uses Facebook, Twitter, Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs.
Greg's Alerts Greg's Alerts
Query location, keywords and specific price range on Craigslist and receive email and/or text notifications when the items you want are listed.
Child Soldier Cycle '11 Child Soldier Cycle '11
Child Soldier Cycle raises awareness in North America of the child soldiering atrocities going on in other parts of the world.
FeedbackFire FeedbackFire
FeedbackFire provides a feedback management solution for brick and mortar businesses to increase feedback and analyze results easily.
Tweedly Tweedly
Tweedly uses the Twilio API and infochimps to keep subscribers informed (via SMS) of their Twitter influence ranking.
Social Contact Social Contact
Meet a cool entrepreneur, investor, or tech person? Just ask for their twitter handle, text it to 203-403-NAME (203-403-6263), and instantly get a vcard for them that you can easily import into your phone or computer address book. It pulls a surprising amount of public and semi-public information from a variety of social and other sources. Some information that can be included: full name, company and title, email (occasionally), phone number (occasionally), home page url, home location (generally city-level), description, summary, Klout, photo, facebook profile link, and other social profile pages.
Life Stream Life Stream
Life Stream is a social network hub for Mac
Opposite Twitter Opposite Twitter
Browse your tweets in the opposite way
Research And Compare Research And Compare
Users can compare products from many different stores and brands and get feedback from their friends and communities about which products to buy.
Relax Relax
Explore related Twitter trends and see livestreams, timelines and the top retweets for that trend.
in2clouds Social Listener in2clouds Social Listener
This mashup provides analytics for any three twitter handles.
Call My Map by ESRI Call My Map by ESRI
Demo of an app for emergency responders using VoIP and GIS. People in the field can make updates using their mobile phone (voice or SMS) and the command center can view everyone's location on an ArcGIS map and make a phone call or send a text message directly from the map.
MarketMeSuite MarketMeSuite
The Social Media Marketing Dashboard
Snappr Snappr
Take a photo with your camera phone and send it via MMS using Snappr. Your image will appear on TwitPic and be posted on Twitter automatically. No 3G or internet connection is required.
Avatar Portraits Avatar Portraits
Uses Yahoo! Query Language, the Twitter API, and HTML5 Canvas to generate interesting art from tiny Twitter avatars.from
Lookzi Lookzi
HTML5 page that presents information about your current location.
Create large PDF posters, photo books and contact sheets. Download images to your computer or share them via Facebook, email, or the gallery.
SkyScanner Evature Twitter  Flight Search SkyScanner Evature Twitter Flight Search
Search for flights on twitter using the Evature travel search API and the SkyScanner flight search
My Twitter for Thrutu My Twitter for Thrutu
Share Twitter feeds with the person you're talking to on the phone.
Little Corner Little Corner
Little Corner is a website that is used to pull your entire web presence into one place. It runs on Ruby on Rails, doesn't use a database, and is Heroku-ready.
InstantPlex InstantPlex
InstantPlex lets users browse the Netflix instant watch library. Discover, queue and watch trailers, movies and T.V. shows. View your favorite actor's Twitter feed and share favorites with your friends on Facebook.
Hashtagram Hashtagram
Search Twitter hashtags for Instagram photos, displayed in realtime and in a slideshow format.
TrendImages TrendImages
Image galleries built around currently trending phrases on Twitter using Flickr photo search.
jQuery Lifestream jQuery Lifestream
Show a stream of your online activity using this jQuery lifestream plugin.
Twitter Multilingual Voice Search Twitter Multilingual Voice Search
Twitter voice search in multiple languages. Features include Search-by-Voice, Search-as-You-Type, Real-time Search Suggestions, "Did you say" Speech-to-Text Corrections, Real-Time Update Notifications and 66 Speech-to-Text Languages.
TweetMinus TweetMinus
TweetMinus is a browser extension that notifies you when people stop following you on Twitter. No more wondering if people are unfollowing you. Now you will know. TweetMinus displays your results on, so that you don't have to go to another site.
Kaiten Browser Kaiten Browser
Kaiten is an open-source jQuery plug-in that allows you to browse through several apps in a single continuous space. Uses Wikipedia, Crunchbase, Twitter and Discogs API's. Video of the demo: Download Kaiten: About Kaiten:
Toronto Trending Toronto Trending
A Google Maps, Foursquare and Twitter search API mashup that allows lovers of Toronto to tweet their favorite location or thing to do in Toronto. The application captures real time tweets or tweets that include references to a database of "Toronto-centric" locales. Real-time foursquare checkins are used to map where hotspots are at any given time.
Twitcaps: Watching the World Twitcaps: Watching the World
A realtime search engine of all the images being posted to Twitter.
100 travel destinations 100 travel destinations
Site showing images and text from 100 worldwide travel locations. From Antarctica to Zanzibar- travel destinations around the world.
Kindlegraph Kindlegraph
Kindlegraph enables authors to send autographs ("kindlegraphs") directly to the Kindles of their fans.
Breaking news as it happens via twitter.
PolitiTrends PolitiTrends
PolitiTrends uses the Twitter API to track tweets about the Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential election. Tweets from the last 24 hours are analyzed and aggregated to find the top candidates, links and retweets.
Fitbit Daemon Fitbit Daemon
Update your Fitbit with Twitter and Nike+ workouts. Receive statistics instantly.
Urban Hunt'r Urban Hunt'r
Urban Hunt�r is a unique social photo challenge game. Play at home or on the go. Simply snap a photo and send it to Urban Hunt�r. Each week there is a new game and a photo challenge. Earn points by submitting photos and having people vote on their photos.
A fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages like English, French or Italian through music and typing-in song lyrics.
twitQA twitQA
twitQA is a place where you can see followers interacting with each other in a most knowledgeable way. Everything is asked, answered and discussed by people like you.
Prodcast Prodcast
Prodcast is a website where you can comment on the products you love and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Trend Back Machine Trend Back Machine
Search Twitter trend statistics. Search worldwide or narrow your search to one of fifteen different countries.
Twalue Twalue
What is your Twitter account worth? Find the influencing value and value of your Twitter account over time.
Twitter echochamber? Twitter echochamber?
See how people who recently tweeted a particular tag or term are connected.
Tweet Degree Tweet Degree
Tweet Degree let's you see who your friends are following and if you should be following them too. Tweet degree uses 3 different ranking factors: Strong Links, Trust Rank & Trust Quotient all provided
Search twitter bios and location, allowing for searches like "rails developers in austin" and "mom blogger. Results are sorted by Infochimps Trstrank (similar to Klout score) so the most influential people are listed first.
What's Public What's Public
A place to find out what's public about yourself and others.
SocialBro SocialBro
Installable software (currently private beta) to help you learn more about your community thanks to different search criteria and filters that can be applied to your followers and friends. SocialBro's technology allows you to download all your community to your PC and browse them even if you are offline. SocialBro will be available as an Adobe Air desktop application and as a Google Chrome App.
bookfriend bookfriend
bookfriend is an Android application which creates companion guides for any book instantly and seamlessly wherever you are.
Explore TEDxAlger Explore TEDxAlger
This is an experimental work for TEDxAlger (Algeria). A page that shows who will be attending the event and Twitter streaming using HTML5 and Nodejs.
SocialBios SocialBios
Social search for business referrals. Installs as an about us and/or jobs board widget for your website or Facebook fan page.
2012twit 2012twit is a Twitter dashboard for the 2012 presidential election. The site uses the Twitter API to collect tweets by President Obama, 32 other potential GOP candidates and all other tweets that mention them.
200 Towns 200 Towns
Perspecives of British landscape: images and text from cities and towns around Britain.
Nuclear Anxiety Nuclear Anxiety
A realtime global discourse on nuclear energy. Twitter based visualization: it fetches the most recent tweets speaking about “nuclear” in several languages, adds them to a database and plots them on a map using icons.
Memolane Memolane
Capture your memories from popular social media sites. See, search and share your photos, music, video, status updates, blog posts and more.
This is a browser extension that allows you to receive and send tweets from any page on the internet. TweetPlus has two very strong uses. 1) For anyone who works in an office setting, TweetPlus will help you avoid going to, where you co-workers will see you on non-work related sites. 2) For those of us who like to not wonder if there are any new tweets, TweetPlus lets you know about your new tweets as soon as you have them.
The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan has highlighted our collective reliance on trusted sources. With conflicting reports of radiation levels in affected areas, Portland-based Uncorked Studios has built a way to report and see data in an unbiased format. Inspired by talking heads on news programs who could at best speculate about the nuclear crisis based on the dearth of data, Uncorked decided to create a platform that will aggregate data from individuals, volunteers, and experts and combine those with data feeds from government and non-governmental official sources.
Twitternano Twitternano
A real-time geolocation Twitter experience. Aim the crosshair by dragging the map and get realtime tweets from that location.
Photo Map Photo Map
Real-time photos from Twitter on top of Google Maps.
Stars and celebrity social profiles.
Trentter Trentter
Trentter is live Twitter trend monitor which provides a highly customizable user interface to visitors.
Deprecated enables you to create custom QR codes into which your Twitter profile image is embedded.
Routemakr Routemakr
Provides an easy way to make your own route and share it with your friends.
Local streamer Local streamer
Geolocation system that allows you to explore events, data and updates from social networks. Search information about places from various social services and share or simply read a stream of information about any city on earth. Watch videos, comment or chat.
GeoTwitz GeoTwitz
A mashup showing tweets on a Google Map. View results via keyword search.
What's On TV What's On TV
Rovi What�s On TV for iPad helps you find what you want to watch by simply entering your ZIP code and your service provider information. See local program information and find out about your favorite shows, movies and celebrities.
twcode twcode
TWCode lets you share source code on Twitter. You can post source code to TWCode from the site.
Daylogs Daylogs
Daylogs shows daily webtrends for Germany and gets some similar videos.
RippleFunction RippleFunction
Sell more tickets by rewarding attendees for sharing on facebook and twitter.
TheseSitesAre.Me TheseSitesAre.Me
TheseSitesAre.Me is a place where you can update your Facebook, TSAME and Twitter statuses at once, share all of your links in one place, advertise for free and find other people to collaborate on projects with.
Journamatic Journamatic
Connect your social media sites and Journamatic creates a daily journal automatically from your check-ins, photos, tweets and status updates.
Day in photos Day in photos
A picture is worth a thousand words. Illustrated trends from Twitter.
iHear Network iHear Network
iHear Network for Android lets you hear what people are saying in your neighborhood or you can "teleport" to a different location and hear what's going on there.
Localley Localley
Localley is a tool that broadens the functionality of the Facebook Places feature by letting you check in various places using a date and time in the future.
Twitter Birthday Twitter Birthday
Follow @TwBirthday to be reminded of your friends' twbirthday (day they began using Twitter).
Twitmis Twitmis
Twitter Social Networking with Filipino celebrities
How I Knew You Were the One How I Knew You Were the One
A collection of moments from the luckiest people on earth, sharing how they met the ones they love.
The Music Feed The Music Feed
Featuring free, unlimited MP3 downloads by independent artists and DJs from the Underground Music Spot plus your favorite mainstream artists. Mashup of the Underground Music Spot and Interactive Digital Music.
TagsUp TagsUp combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results.
Statalyze Statalyze
Statalyze offers a platform to analyze data from Twitter and perform statistical analysis. Creates charts, overview data and calculates the reach of a topic. Track anything from hashtags to words, names and topics.
Connected Connected
Connected is a personal relationship manager that brings your contacts and conversations together from email, social networks, calendar and phone.
Egypt Protest Tweets Mapped Egypt Protest Tweets Mapped
This Google Maps Mashup animates thru latest tweets tagged with #egypt (related to Egypt Protests)
SeekATweet SeekATweet
Combines Twitter and Google Maps to find Twitter users in different locations and see what they're talking about. You can also filter tweets to find users talking about specific subjects.
UK rail passenger tweet mashup UK rail passenger tweet mashup
Rail passenger tweets are plotted on a map, highlighting tweets about delays and cancellations.
JockPedia JockPedia
JockPedia contains a huge database of athletes from around the from world. Includes a short bio, latest news, pictures and highlight movies.
twxlate twxlate
It's twitter translated to 40+ languages.
instaLyrics instaLyrics
The lyrics instant search engine
Linkalope Linkalope
Linkalope uses the Twitter API to search for recently shared links on Twitter. The built in zeitgeist pulls the latest trends making it easy to search for sports, movies, tv, celebrities, and more.
Map My Following Map My Following
Following on the success of Map My Followers, this new Twitter app gives you the ability to see all of the people you follow on Twitter on a Google Map.
FreeflowTV FreeflowTV
Parkour and freerunning related videos and their metadata are pulled from video sites, spam filtered, stored in a database, tweeted and categorized on Freeflow TV. The videos appear on the website instantly via Pusher. It is also possible to search the database.
Twitter Mobile Monitor Twitter Mobile Monitor
Twitter Mobile Monitor uses a Jquery interface to search tweet by keywords, including hashtags, on cross platform smart device (IPhone tested). It's a simple web app alternative to data apps and a useful to keep away from data collecting. The interface automatically scrolls tweets and updates the query every 120 seconds.
A social bookmarking site and Facebook application. The entire site and all of it's features are available through the Facebook application. The site also uses the delicious API to allow users to import all of their delicious bookmarks into easily. Beyond this uses the Twitter API to allow people to bookmark links from tweets automatically.
trends24 trends24
A single page interface showing Twitter trends for last 24 hours. View latest tweets and why they are trending.
InvenBin InvenBin
Track cost of manufacturing using text messages to enter some tracking info such as time clock and inventory usage.
People Lookup People Lookup
Firefox add-on. Quickly look people up by highlighting their full name on a page and then right-clicking to search for them across Google, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook and more.
Twitter Earth Twitter Earth
View tweets on Google Earth. This Google Earth plug-in allows you to navigate and explore geographic data on a 3D globe using a web browser. The plug-in is also used on Earth view in Google Maps. If you want to embed the Google Earth plug-in on your website, visit the Google Earth API site to learn more.
Bookflavor Bookflavor
Bookflavor is a book discovery application which helps you taste books by showing reviews from many different sources.
LIXAM Search Engine LIXAM Search Engine
A meta search engine with images, videos and news. Enabled by social search.
Keewl Keewl
Keewl 2.0 Search Engine