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Uptime Robot allows you to monitor the statuses of up to 50 websites with alerts available by SMS, Twitter, RSS and push notifications (mobile). With an AJAX interface and user friendly and intuitive operations, Uptime Robot allows you to easily monitor a variety of online functions: HTTP(s), keywords, ping and port monitoring and more. Uptime Robot is currently free. The Uptime Robot API has a relatively simple set of tools and primarily allows you to create, delete, retrieve and edit monitoring logs. It utilizes a REST construction and supports XML and JSON/JSON-P responses.
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HTTP Basic Authentication
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UptimeRobot API for Wordpress UptimeRobot API for Wordpress
Wordpress (wordpress.org/) has been such a valuable tool when it comes to developing and designing beautiful client websites. While designing a custom Wordpress Dashboard for a client I realized that I would like to show-off to this particular client their Up and Downtime Statistics. What better way to accomplish that then to add it to the Dashboard. I foresee this Widget being much more powerful. The very first release will contain just basic code that you will add to your functions.php file. I based the original code around the example given by UptimeRobot (uptimerobot.com/) on their API page (uptimerobot.com/api) and added some Wordpress Functionality and Events. As it is right now, I can say that there is a lot that needs to be done. There is a lot that I dislike about the code at this point; I don't like inline styles, I don't like the simplicity of the code for security purposes. I encourage all to help build this widget up so that not only can we display these statistics to our clients but for multiple uses on your Wordpress Blogs and Websites. All constructive collaboration and criticism is welcome.

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