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YP, or Yellow Pages, is owned by AT&T's and provides listings, coupons and reviews about millions of businesses in the United States. The Yellow Pages API gives developers access to many of these features. * Search business listings--search by keywords and location (a zip code, city, address or latitude/longitude). * Retrieve details of a business--individual business data, including address, telephone numbers, as well as metadata like when the business started and its neighborhood. Also, if a business has an active deal, its coupons will also be listed. * Business reviews--retrieve ratings and textual reviews of a business. * Access coupons directly--find YP customers with deals. * Static Maps--retrieve URLs for a map showing a specific point, or a business listing map showing a specific business. Also includes business details.
Coupons, Telephony
OAuth 1, API Key
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the yellow pages api is very unstable!

Ratufa Technologies


How to integrate US Yellow Pages API in my android APP, please help.


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