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Vimeo Advanced
Vimeo is a website that allows users to view other peoples' videos and upload their own for others to see. No advertisements are added before, during, or after users' videos, and basic accounts are free. The Vimeo Advanced API provides REST methods for adding, retrieving, modifying, and deleting data on the Vimeo website. Information assets exposed by this API pertain to user activities, albums, categories, channels, contacts, groups, forums, people, videos, video comments, video embedding, and video uploads. Unlike the Simple API, users of the Advanced API will need register their applications and use OAuth authentication.
Social, Widgets, Data
PHP Ruby Gem, RSS Wordpress plugin, Pepper, Python, C# wrapper, .NET
OAuth 1.0a
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How to display videos with Vimeo Advanced API
In Stackoverflow, guest lilymz asked, "how to use vimeo advanced API to display videos?." The same day, Dashron, an application developer at Vimeo answered with steps, instructions, and a link to the official PHP library. He also provided code example to create a Vimeo object. This is older, archived content that may not contain a detailed description of the how-to. Please refer to the URL below for the complete how-to.

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