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XMLSOCCER.com is a web service that collects soccer data and makes the information available in XML to subscribers of the service. All functionality in the web service requires a unique API key (free after registering) The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.
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Following leagues have been added (May 2012)

Euro 2012

Superliga (Denmark)

Following new methods were added:



Enjoy ;-)


Some of you have reported a few inconsistencies with the service and some minor issues. I have fixed these, and they are now online.

You can still find the old version of the service at:

http://www.xmlsoccer.com/FootballDataOld.asmx and http://www.xmlsoccer.com/FootballDataDemoOld.asmx accordingly.

The following changes apply:

1. GetAllTeamsByLeagueAndSeason now returns "Match" nodes instead of "Matches". This is for consistency.

2. The account information added at the end of all request is now packaged in its own AccountInformation node. Some of you reported parser issues as until now, the returned XML is not strictly in correct format.

3. All methods now also return "Team_Id". It's called either "Team_Id" or "Home/Away-Team_Id" depending if the method returns 1 or more teams.


The August/September update includes:

1. The following two leagues have been added (working from today) including all matches played in these leagues this season so far:

UEFA Champions League (Id: 16)

UEFA Europe League (Id: 17)

2. Matchdata (Fixtures on same day, Livescore and future historical matches) is now enriched with the following information.

Lineup (Goalkeeper, Defense, Midfield, Forward and Substitutes) – will not be available before approximately 1,5 hours prior kick-off.

Goalscore (Playernames and time of score)

Substitutions (Playernames and time of substitution)

Roundnumber (of the current league)

3. More statistical information on historical matches

From today, the following data will also be returned on all historical matches in most leagues: HalftimeHomeGoals, HalftimeAwayGoals, HomeFouls, AwayFouls, FixtureMatch_Id (used if you would like to map a fixture to the more data-rich historical match).

4. All Fixture-methods now include Id

5. New WebMethod: GetHistoricMatchesByFixtureMatchID

All XML still have the same structure, so although you now will get returned more data, your XML-parser shouldn’t complain at all.


September/November/December update:

1. We have added the Scottish Division 1 and Portugal Primeira Liga leagues to the service for no additional charge.

The following information has now been added for the livescore feeds and historical matches onward:

Cards (yellow and red)


2. Added public uptime statistics at: http://www.serviceuptime.com/users/uptimemonitoring.php?S=176044bac84564...

All XML still have the same structures.

3. Made general opmizations which also means that league standings and statistics are now calculated more frequently (every hour) and includes all finished matches.


We recently added various functionality, including addition of the Scottish Division 1 and more detailed match statistics.

Today I removed the specific IP demand on the system. This means that you can now reach use the methods regardless of your host IP (earlier you could specify 5 different IP's). This is made to make the developing and usage of the service as simple as possible. (Michael @ January 2013)


This is your monthly report which summarizes changes, additions and fixes to the webservices that could affect your use of it.

I only have a couple things this time, but I bet you that they are worth your three minutes of reading:

Various features have been added or changed lately. In the last update, I wrote about the anti-spam mechanism I have introduced. This is working very well in keeping the service fast and reliable. As a consequence of this, I have decided to drop the IP-limitation entirely, which means that you can now access the service using any computer you have. This also renders the recently implemented “UpdateDynamicIp

” obsolete.

The second news is something I’m very happy to announce: As of today, the American soccer league “Major League Soccer” has been implemented in the system. Some of you probably noticed a few American teams popping up in the “GetAllTeams” method spoiling the fun for you, but nevertheless, it is now official. It is, however, only matches to be played from this day forward which can be found in the system. That means that right now, only the fixture methods can return data (as the league season haven’t started yet). The first match will be played on March 2nd, between Philadelphia Union and Sporting Kansas City.

I still need to tweak a few things, though, which means that right now, some information is missing: The Round number for these matches are wrong, for instance, but rest assured, I will have it fixed long before season kick-off.

Thanks for using my service, I value every comment or question you have highly, and if you have any wishes that you would like for the service: For example new methods or the addition of a particular league, please contact me here.

Kind regards



The following leagues have now been added:

Allsvenskan, USA Major League.

I also created a wiki-site, where you can find and create all the documentation you need:


I am right now in the process of filling data into my database from seasons prior 2006, and it will take a week or two as there is a lot of manual work (inserting and mapping data) for me. This means that you will have a lot more historical data from the service.

Kind regards



Is there an API key for this?

Sorry, no mashups for this API.