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Note: The Yahoo Search API is no longer available.
This profile is retained for historical purposes only.
109thingsUses an Ajax interface to speed up Amazon.com buying decisions. It has side-by-side product comparisons, automatic currency conversions, historical sales rank and price charts, and price and sales rank email alerts.  
999 Search999 Search provides a meta search engine. It aggregates results from Google, Windows Live Search, Yahoo Search.  
BackLinkrBackLinkr lets you easily show who is linking to your site.  
Badger: Web Badge From Any FeedBadger uses Yahoo Pipes and JavaScript to create Web badges out of any RSS feed. Edit colors, change feeds, pages, and headlines and pick up your source code at the bottom of the page.  
Beardscratchers CompendiumA music-based mashup that connects and filters disparate music metadata from across the Web, with an aim towards accuracy and focus on the music. Combines many different APIs from YouTube to Last.fm.  
Bester NewsNews aggregation service with geocoding for regionalization. Includes finance, sports and other topics.  
bitPromptA repetitive learning tool for young minds ...and a refresher course for more refined minds.  
Breaking News HeadlinesInfonary.com is a web site launched exclusively for busy users. It aims at providing precise and latest news from all the leading newspapers and TV news channels, all on one page. Different categories have been defined for various sections like Sports, Business, Education, Health etc. So you can find the news on the topics of your choice easily.  
BuzzingoMashup of what's hot using the Yahoo! Buzz index to show the day's most popular search queries on Yahoo! Updated hourly with sections on Music, Movies, Sports, and Games.  
BuzzVideoThe latest videos and related details from YouTube, Technorati and Yahoo Search.  
Celebrity Photos GalleryA dyanamic collection of celebrity photo galleries. Data comes from Yahoo Image Search and Yahoo Search.  
CelebsoupNews, pictures, music, videos and gossip about your favorite celebrity. Built on Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, and Yahoo Search.  
CityServerAllows you to plot multiple Yahoo Services, in multiple categories, on a Yahoo Flash map.  
colloidVisualize Yahoo vs Google search results to a 2D scatter plot. Easy to find out which site is supported from both search engines. Also easy to find out search result differences of the locale.  
Congress SpaceBookA mashup developed to emulate a social networking platform for Congress. It uses over 10 APIs and links to: news, blogs, comments, bio information, voting records, campaign finance and more. PHP source code available.  
Congress Sunlight Foundation Android AppCongress is an app for Google Andriod pones that is a pocket Congressional directory. Uses the Sunlight Labs API to show you up-to-date info about members of Congress, and to pull in updates from members Twitter and YouTube accounts.  
Cricket News Headlines. Read the latest Cricket News, Headlines and Watch the Latest Youtube Videos from a single page. Follow the latest on Cricket.  
Custom Toolbar ButtonsMashes Google Toolbar Buttons with Wikipedia, Yahoo News and Google Search to provide extra info, news and search.  
Daily Yahoo Photo HighlightsWAP based interface to daily photo highlights from Yahoo.  
deliSearchdeliSearch allows you to do a Yahoo search through a delicious users bookmark collection. Think Rollyo, with search rolls from delicious.  
Dictionary Definitions on Cell PhonesIf someone calls you pulchritudinous, how do you know if you should be flattered or offended. Get the definition of any English word. SMS, email, WAP.  
Digg StalkerFind those with similar interests and also monitor the strength of your network on digg.  
Domain Info ScriptLearn a lot about your web site with this mashup. Check the incoming links, the directories a domain is in, its PageRank, and more with this domain-info script.  
DoubleTrustShows the best search results from both Google and Yahoo in a new way. Also allows user to alter his trust in either engine to bais combined rankings.  
DrawDocDrawDoc makes links about each important keyword found by Yahoo Term Extraction to result of Wikipedia or Yahoo or Google and show pictures which are related to the keywords.  
Earthoid Earthoid Green Search Engine powered by BuildaSearch, Bing, Yahoo and other APIs.  
Echoes - KazuloEchoes is a "Real-time topic mashup homepage". Our objective is to automate the generation of useful and relevant homepages for any topic search. The homepages are built using several different APIs, semantic web resources, and user-generated-co  
ElicitDesktop Blog Client that integrates many RSS and Web Services for creating blog content.  
eLocalFinderLocal search service for all your local, business and personal needs. It has multiple business search with a single click. Also provides information about real estate, apartments, flight deals, and ATMs.  
EnrichA content enrichment system that allows users to integrate data from two dozen sources.  
Eurekster SwickiA search service that builds on the Yahoo Search API with a community and social focus. Can be embedded into any web site.  
Eye SearchA visual search mashup that uses a combination of AJAX and Flash for its user interface. Search results from Google and Yahoo.  
Fave BlogFree Blog Directory, free backlink for your site by review your own site.  
FeedFlingerFeedFlinger is a prototype nothing-but-net RSS explorer, using the Feedburner sweet new JSON return for source material, two flavors of Yahoo Search for search and term extraction, and del.icio.us for storing and sharing.  
FeedMeme Feed DiscoveryAn experimental feed discovery tool.  
FindMeta search engine. Find web sites, photos, news and videos. Uses Flickr, Yahoo Image Search, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Video Search and YouTube.  
Find PDF eBooksEasy Faster PDF eBooks Finder.  
FindJiraMulti-search engine, searches within many engines and web services and returns information grouped by relevance and media. Uses FindJira framework, open source middleware that simplifies search from different sources.  
freshMoofreshmoo gets you info, plot, and trailers for any movie you want. Integrates YouTube, Yahoo Search and Flickr.  
Fundoo WebFundoo Web is a mashup search tool to retrieve information from several sources at once: Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Search and others.  
FuzzFind Web SearchFuzzFind is a mashup that combines the power of the major search engines and social bookmarking sites to make it easier to find and identify the most relevant information.  
GahooYoogleSearch Google and Yahoo at the same time.  
Gajeebo Search Aggregation EngineGajeebo is a search aggregation engine. It retrieves and aggregates results from world's most popular sites. These results are showcased under various tabs, thus streamlining the search and saving time.  
GnoshMeta search tool from a group of students at Allegheny College. Results from many search engines and social services.  
Google vs Yahoo VisualizedGreat visualization of Google and Yahoo search. Type in a search and see a graph connecting the matching results across the search engines.  
Ham Radio Search EngineDXPORTAL search engine built using Google's CSE technology prioritizes search results based on amateur radio websites. Also, integrated images and search based on the Yahoo API.  
Helioid SearchHelioid categorizes your search results so that you can find and explore what you�re looking for by interactively narrowing your search results.  
iamdanielleA community-based expert system for answers, questions and problems. Integrates Yahoo Answers API.  
iMusicMashMobile web app. Integrates an iTunes library, videos from YouTube, lyrics from LyricWiki and similar songs from LastFm. Recently added photos from Yahoo's BOSS API, Eventful concerts, and Twitter.  
InfloInflo collects your day-to-day information streams like email, appointments, instant messages, and news, into one unified information flow and displays it in a single browseable list.  
International Real EstateFree property listings for rentals and home sales around the world.  
keotagA meta-search engine using tagging services such as RawSugar, delicious, and Technorati  
KwiClickKwiClick is a browser addon that enhances the way you view and retrieve information from your favorite services. KwiClick removes the need to open a new tab to get information from Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, FriendFeed and more.  
LinkBackAdds an overlay window showing incoming links to any web page. Requires Firefox and Greasemonkey.  
LinkPutLinkPut is an experiment that attempts to create a better search experience by using powerful search results from Yahoo, combined with a wiki type collaboration of the community to help better define the information describing the results returned.  
LionyzerWebsite analytics and classification mashup Lionyzer analyzes content, environment, current popularity and other parameters, assigns a grade and provides helpful advice to improve a site.  
localeyzLocal search engine that displays eBay auctions and Yahoo Local business listings within a specified geographic location.  
LoreStormGeekish social site, permitting sharing of feeds, searches, and user posts. Uses the Flickr and YouTube APIs as well as search from Google and Yahoo.  
Marketing Intelligence ConsoleOnline Marketing Mnagement Suite, add your site and a few competitors, Mic collects relevant data, backlinks, pageranks, etc and makes recommendations on how you can improve your site to compete with your chosen competition.  
MashTopixTracks breaking news topics and allows you to tweet these news topics on Twitter. Also you can find the related topics, e.g., it can tell you that topic New Moon is related to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.  
Mashup KeywordA Mashup that takes a keyword and then fetches photos, videos, blog, news and events. Developed using the Zend Framework.  
Metadone.NetBelgian search engine, in French, based on Google API, Yahoo API, Gigablast XML, MSN RSS and others.  
MetaScrollA fast and anonymous meta search engine. Shows relevant Wikipedia articles and tweets.  
MetroMashYahoo Maps, Local Search, Traffic Reports and Upcoming Events all mashed together.  
Meyshan Ultimate SearchReal mashup search widget, with Google, Yahoo, Snap Preview and more.  
Molu the Search Spider - BetaMolu gets a facelift. It searches in more than 25 websites and thus making it a powerbomb in terms of keywords and tag search.  
Movie ReviewrA movie review mash-up. Combines data and services from Amazon, del.icio.us, TRYNT and Yahoo. In addition to the listed public web services a number of feeds are also consumed from Cinema Blend, Movie Web, Movies, Netflix, and Rotten Tomatoes and Yahoo.  
Multi-Search PrototypeMulti-Search uses Pipes, BBC News, Yahoo Search and Term Extraction APIs, and the Google Blog Search. We start with BBC news stories and excerpts, gather terms, find blog entries through Google, and then guess the feed URL using Yahoo Search.  
My City MapLocal city guides for over 18,000 US cities.  
myjamfactoryPrivate intranet and outward facing website for the community living at the former Hartley Jam Factory, London. This website gives local residents a web presence of their own and aggregates all resident blogs into a jam-factory-specific portal.  
News Flash24-hour news headlines presented in an interactive world map. Use News Flash mashup to get breaking news, current events, latest headlines, and top stories in more than 200 countries. News Flash is available in: Arabic, English, French, and Spanish.  
News MapGoogle Map and Yahoo Search News items for country clicked on.  
News on HaitiNews about Haiti via Yahoo Pipes. Pulls data from Flickr, Yahoo Search and other APIs.  
NewsBladeNewsBlade builds Business Intelligence Portals for vertical industries and companies. Our first portal is BioTech and Pharma.  
OamosOamos pings search engines for up-to-date news, images, synonyms, music, and videos in relation to your topics. Meta-inspiratios engine.  
OciotubeSearch video and music files on Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, or Goear.  
Ontok HighlighterFree ad-supported web service for publishers that highlights words on a site using Ontok UrlInfo API backend. When users mouseover the inserted links, they see ads and search results from other APIs like Amazon, ebay, Shopping.com, Adsense, and Yahoo.  
Open Stock PhotographyFree searchable collection of stock photography powered by Wikimedia Commons.  
OpenMass.orgOpenMass.org brings together official government data, news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind what is going on in the Massachusetts Legislature.  
opsdoopsdo has two goals - to allow people to search many information sources which mainstream search engines do not cover well and to allow people to search groups of such sources -- e.g. RottenTomatoes, IMDb and Amazon.  
Pasy.jpJapanese multi-search site built with Yahoo APIs and hon.jp APIs. Kanji-enabled browser is required for viewing.  
php and meOne-stop delivery of news and information about the PHP language. In French and English.  
PipeliciousA mashup of del.iciou.us tags with a Yahoo Pipe containing aggregated results from Blogger, Technorati Google Blog Search and several others. Click on a tag to see what people in the blogosphere are saying about that topic today.  
PlaceMixTravel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.  
preciseNewsBreaking news and colorful commentary every few minutes, 24-7.  
preciseTechnologySite aggregating breaking science, technology news and colorful commentary every few minutes.  
Proliphus Video Game News SearchCustomized interface into Yahoo Search specializing in video game news.  
QTSaverUses Google and Yahoo APIs to extract microcontent from multiple sites and allows you to rearrange the excerpts.  
QuickyWikiQuickyWiki blends the depth of Wikipedia with the ease and speed of Cliffs Notes. QuickyWiki extracts focused bits and pieces of lengthy Wikipedia articles.  
Quintura KidsVisual-based search engine for kids.  
Radio CaliforniaFree streaming radio from the Golden State. Uses clustered map markers.  
RelaproFind related products, gift ideas, accessories, and other recommendations based on what shoppers viewed and purchased from websites, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Overstock, and others.  
RollyoUse Rollyo to roll your own search engine. Create personalized search Rolls, share them, and search others. See Rolls created celebrities and add search tools to your site.  
RouqVisual search engine: see a preview of your results.  
SansJ SearchA democratic approach to search. You can search the internet, vote for a particular result and also comment on a particular site.  
Search Engine AnalysisAnalysis of search engine position. Uses Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN and Hostip.info APIs. Also analyses page code for search engine optimization.  
Search ExploderThis uses two Yahoo pipes chained together. The first searches a default list of RSS feeds for terms you provide. The results are processed and an extra link is added that calls a pipe to run a Yahoo Search to give more details about the article topic.  
Search MashupCommunity-based meta search engine that allows users to collaborate, discuss, tag, and link aggregated search results.  
Search The WebSearch The Web is a mashup that makes searching the Web easier by combining the best search engines convert into one.  
SearchMaprVisual Search Maps powered by Google, TRYNT and Yahoo.  
SearchQuiltSearch for videos, images, blogs, news, auctions, and products all on one page. The homepage shows popular searches from Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Technorati, so that you can also track buzz.  
seekngA swarm of memes, collected via a variety of inputs, presented as news, or search, or bookmarks, or image walls. A work in progress, representing both memetic and swarming APIs, to span many sites.  
SemantisizeSemantisize.com uses semantic technology to bring together information about semantic technology.  
SenseBotSenseBot represents a new type of Search Engine that delivers a summary in response to your query instead of a collection of links. SenseBot takes results from Google, Yahoo or Live and summarizes them as a text digest on the query topic. Patent Pending.  
serendipi TwitterousAnnotates a Twitter feed with related content from Yahoo search, YouTube, Slideshare, and the OER Recommender. Content of each tweet is analyzed and then used to pull in links related to it.  
Singapore Breaking News Headlines.Latest Singapore News from Top sources on the Internet Including Straits Times, channel News Asia, Asia One, Google, Youtube Bing and Ask  
SmartEditorIt will show you information you might be looking for, as you type. It gets web search results to inform you about related stuff on the net, related news happening around the world, Flickr photos to help you visualize, and Amazon product recommendations.  
Sociotoco SearchSociotoco Search helps you find online profiles in most commonly used social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook - all on one place.  
SpellWebCompares relative popularity of spellings or concepts based on web frequency. An experiment in sidesifting the Web for useful patterns of information.  
SpiffYSearchAs seen in MAKE Magazine. Seven different searches plus bookmarking, all inline and proxy-free, via the Yahoo search and MyWeb APIs.  
Sports KarmaMashup with Google and Yahoo news feeds, blogs and widgets covering 26 categories of professional and amateur sports internationally.  
Spot TodayAggregates popular content from several sources including Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo Answers.  
Stock CloudStock Cloud tracks press releases to programmatically identify business partnerships.  
Stormberry.tv - Web videos with subtitlesAllows users to add subtitles to web videos and search for related products.  
Sunshine Coast BC Community SiteNot an exciting mashup but I use four different APIs to deliver fresh, useful, or interesting content to this British Columbia travel site.  
Surf SearchGeneral purpose search mashup that searches video, news, and photos.  
TagalyzerContent discovery using the Yahoo content analysis API to figure out what a given page is about and then APIs from Yahoo! News, Technorati, Delicious, and Flickr to find related content.  
TagbulbTagbulb simplifies tag search by aggregating content from various sources like Flickr, YouTube and many more. Users can browse by content type like images, videos, blogs, bookmarks, podcasts, products, books etc.  
TaggroundA social bookmarking search mashup. Allows users to query the various social bookmarking web applications by URL Search and Tag Search.  
TaglinesSearch mashup combining multiple services include news and images. Tag cloud has dynamic Ajax-style pop-up with embedded searching.  
Text GrinderAnalysis and sampling important keyword in a phrases while analysing contents of new text or exist text file also are able to quick approach to searching files using related with multi-media contents. Users can save the time to understanding their text.  
Thumb FlashJapanese image search application that tiles results in a Flash visualization. Mashes data from Flickr, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and YouTube,  
Tips-Search.comSearch tips and lifehacks such as 6 ways to..., how to and ... 10 tips. Japanese version is at tips-kensaku.com  
Tokyo FrontVisualized newest interests and buzzwords in Japan. Sources include YouTube and Yahoo.  
Top 25 Releases from iTunesSee the top 25 new releases from the iTunes store on mobile phone.  
Top20HotnessAggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks.  
TorrentsTorrents is a BitTorrent Search Engine powered by TRYNT and Yahoo.  
TrackBackrCut and paste TrackBack service for blogs and web-pages. TrackBacks are cool, TrackBack spam isn not. TrackBackr finds trackback entries, filters out blog spam and can be added to your blog or web page in less then five minutes.  
TrenditeAggregates search trends from Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz. A complete list of the trends is supplemented by Google Search Results, Blog Search Results, News Results, Image Results, Book Results, Yahoo Search Results, and MSN Live Search Results.  
Trends BuzzMost popular searches all over the Internet.  
TrendyNewzAggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks.  
Tropical Storm UpdateGet hurricane and tropical storm updates as RSS feeds. Uses NOAA data and Yahoo search for storm-specific news. Built with Yahoo Pipes.  
Twitter TimesAttempts to match currently trending Twitter topics with relevant images and news stories. Uses Twitter to get news, What the Trend to get them explained, Flickr to get the images, and Yahoo News for the news items.  
TWOCrowdsShare your predictions with the world and see how many others are of a similar mind and what they, in turn, predict will happen.  
vplan.com/searchVplan.com/search is a multi-search engine that easily allows for customized searching.  
WAP Interface to Local SearchUse this WAP based interface to search for Events, Movies, Venues or lookup anything in your neighborhood. This interface can be used from any WAP capable phone.  
WebjamWebjam is a platform designed to enable creating an unlimited number of modular websites with a community attached to each. Privacy settings for each module. With an AJAX-y drag and drop interface.  
WebLS: The file explorer for the WebWebLS provides an alternative way of browsing the web. It uses the Yahoo Search Engine API to build a file tree for a specified URL and lets you browse through it  
WikicinemaSearch wikipedia, images, videos, and Web at once.  
Wikipedia Search WidgetUses Yahoo Search and del.icio.us to search for articles on Wikipedia, show them inline and allow instant bookmarking. Tutorial on how this was built at kentbrewster.com  
Yahoo BuzzVisualize news stories with this application built on the Yahoo! Search API. Hovering your mouse over images shows article snippets. PHP source code available. From Rasmus Lerdorf.  
YahooBattleBattle different search terms against each other and see which returns the most results. PHP source code available.  
YimmiyYimmiy searches the web simultaneously for various kinds of content (web, video, photos, new and blogs) from various providers (Yahoo, Live, LiveVideo, YouTube, Picasa, Google, Flickr etc), showing all in one list and using colors for the contenttypes.  
ZabboWabboZabboWabbo gleans from more than 10 sources for your search to potentially provide broader and more useful results.  
Zoogle INZoogle.in search has lots of categories like content sharing, knowledge, blogs, search engines, and jobs. Zoogle categorizes the search results based on the search sources.  
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