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The Yelp APIs are RESTful APIs and users can retrieve business review and rating, information for a particular geographic region or location.display review information for a particular business, determine accurate neighborhood name information for a particular location, track recent reviews for a particular business, display pictures of highly rated local businesses and of the top reviewers for that business, determine a particular business' review and rating information based on the phone number for that business. The default output is JSON. This output format was chosen due to the availability of JSON parsers in many languages. The Yelp v2.0 API enables access to more relevant search results that more closely match the results on Yelp. It uses a standard and secure authorization protocol (OAuth 1.0a, xAuth).
eCommerce, Localization
Serialized PHP, Serialized Python
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  • The data visualizer hack is project designed to understand reviews. The author analyzed reviews from Yelp and performed keyword extraction and sentiment analysis with AlchemyAPI and ElasticSearch...
  • is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application...
  • utilizes rating APIs to provide users with a grouping of individual ratings from multiple sites. Specifically, it allows users to search for products, movies, and business ratings. When...
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Yelp PHP Code Sample by Virginia Tam
Yelp PHP code sample by Virginia Tam. Users could benefit from what the Yelp API has to offer. Includes to find places that offer a Yeal deal and identify businesses that have been registered with This sample code aims to show the efficiency of business search using the Yelp Business API.
Yelp Java Code Sample by Michael Tehranian
The Yelp Java code sample by Michael Tehranian recently added the Business API call in 2014. The link to the API documentation can discover up to 40 geographical results, limit results that offer deals, and sort results by best match. OAuth 1.0 is required to authenticate securely.
Yelp Python Code Sample by Kriti Godey
Yelp Python code sample by Kriti Godey. With representations to work with the Search API with the aim to find locations and the Business API to discover additional data from the search query. Steps to run the code include installation and running the code with specific arguments.
Yelp API for the iPhone Yelp API for the iPhone
Want to integrate the Yelp API in your iPhone App? This is a great place to get the source code you need
Yelp for Ruby
Ruby gem that wraps the Yelp API.
Yelp C# Library by Justin Beckwith The Yelp C# library created by Justin Beckwith interacts with the Yelp REST API to search for...
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We-Wired Web

William Cheung Aussie Pubcrawl

pwtempuser pwtempuser Moveboxer

Tomas Jedlicka Handollar

pwtempuser pwtempuser Crowdbeacon

pwtempuser pwtempuser Loqly

Cab Dialer

pwtempuser pwtempuser Media Street Apps

pwtempuser pwtempuser CityPockets Daily Deals

Murali Vasudevan Real estate mashup

Stephen Young Takeout Roulette



DoAt (do@)

Erich Cervantez Xuland

Chris Smith Snoopf


Ethan Van den Berg Maps Shown To Me

CartoLogic Google Maps Demo

CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo

CartoLogic Google Earth Demo


The TurnSocial bar

NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife

Restaurant Gift Certificates


Primecard Restaurants Reviews


Rich Erwin PlaceMix

pwtempuser pwtempuser Siri - Your Virtual Personal Assistant

Adam DuVander unrut

Starbucks Location Information



GoBYO - Bring Your Own Wine Guide

D.C. Historic Tours

Food Geek

Chinese Food Map

Mike Darnell Headup

Cameron Turner, CTO ConnectorLocal

pwtempuser pwtempuser My Apartment Map




Golbal Hotel Price Map

Yelp Search


pwtempuser pwtempuser Lunchbox

Real Estate Home Valuation

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Hi, I'm unable to signup for an Yelp account. It always says "Oops, Yelp is overworked right now." Anyone else face this problem?

hi am also unable to signup for yelp.

any suggestion?


Hey everybody! If you're looking for an easy way to integrate the Yelp API into an iPhone app, you should check out We've just posted some source code to help out:

Data Visualizer Hack with AlchemyAPI
The data visualizer hack is project designed to understand reviews. The author analyzed reviews from Yelp and performed keyword extraction and sentiment analysis with AlchemyAPI and ElasticSearch with the aim to generate a word cloud with the summary. Includes AlchemyAPI, Yelp, and ElasticSearch elements. Created by moontails, Balachander Ramachandran, available at
pinkbigmac is a web application developed by Pink Big Mac Media that lets users virtually explore different destinations around the world. Depending on the destination, the web application supplies pictures and information on the historical background, significance, popularity, and more. utilizes rating APIs to provide users with a grouping of individual ratings from multiple sites. Specifically, it allows users to search for products, movies, and business ratings. When searching for businesses, utilizes the Google Maps API to show location.
Walkotel Walkotel
Travel mashup combining multiple API's resulting in a new view on how to select a hotel.
Randolunch Randolunch
Randolunch selects a random restaurant for you to try based on your location. Perfect for when you can't decide where to eat!
FoodieToGo FoodieToGo
Use the FoodieToGo mobile app to search nearby restaurants and order food from 1000s of restaurants in the US provided by This free app makes ordering food to your door step dead simple. HOW IT WORKS: FoodieToGo uses the vast database of restaurants in the US provided by Enter your address, select from a list of restaurants that deliver to you, order from their menu and pay with your credit card over a secure channel. FEATURES: - Assisted Search - Restaurant rating and reviews provided by Yelp! - Easy Ordering: Simply select items from a menu and add extras/toppings, it's that easy! New Restaurants are being added every day. Select from a wide variety of restaurants
ActionZap ActionZap
ActionZap allows you to make online reservations with fun, customer recommended adventures and activities across the country! It provides combined and aggregated reviews and ratings for each business! It displays relevant daily deals for each search! Make a reservation now in minutes!
We-Wired Web We-Wired Web
We-Wired Web is a community-extensible integration-as-a-service web app that lets non-technical people easily share data between web services, while allowing technical people to extend the system by adding new web services, triggers, and actions via wiring diagrams.
Aussie Pubcrawl Aussie Pubcrawl
An app for Australians (written by a Canadian :) which integrates the Sensis API with the Yelp API to find who drinks at pubs near you. Works by using Sensis Yellow Pages search and matching up with the most recent Yelp reviews for the pubs found to get fresh reviewer photos. Note you must enter an Australian address (just use Melbourne for city if you are not from down under!)
Moveboxer Moveboxer
Moveboxer is the best way to find a reputable mover and instantly get a quote for your move. Moveboxer combines Yelp ratings and reviews with a price estimate so users have more information along the way and can select the movers of their choice to get in touch with them.
Handollar Handollar features the top deals every day from the various group-buying and one-day deal websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and more, put them on map, translate them to english if needed. Using Google translate API, Google maps API, Yahoo Places API, Yelp API and many others.
Crowdbeacon Crowdbeacon
Crowdbeacon is a location-based service focused on providing relevant, localized communication and information to users based on what they need and where they are.
Loqly Loqly
Loqly is a platform to discover places around you and ask/answer questions about local businesses. With Loqly, users can ask for business recommendations or search for a business and ask specific questions. The questions are directed to locals in the area and users get answers in real time.
Cab Dialer Cab Dialer
Created to help solve the 'late night' and traveler problems, this service helps you find a cab in whatever situation you're in. Just dial the number and you're instantly in touch with every cab company in the city!
Media Street Apps Media Street Apps
Media Street Apps, a publisher of local websites, uses the API from Yelp to show reviews on all local business pages. is Media Street’s case study and flagship site local site.
CityPockets Daily Deals CityPockets Daily Deals
CityPockets is a service that aggregates all daily deals and coupons from various deal sites, such as LivingSocial, Yelp, DailyCandy, Groupon, and BuyWithMe. CityPockets also sends email reminders when a voucher is about to expire, and they also offer a marketplace where users can sell vouchers they can't use.
Real estate mashup Real estate mashup
Search homes, get estimates, view Walk Score and Yelp listings and plot them all using Google Maps.
Takeout Roulette Takeout Roulette
Takeout Roulette lets users view businesses in their area listed on Yelp. Click to call businesses using the new Twilio Client API.
Briteclick Briteclick
Briteclick is a search that displays multiple sources of relevant information in a sidebar. View results without being forced to leave your current page.
GroupBuyDaily GroupBuyDaily
One-stop shop for the daily group buy deals in your city. View deals on a map or list with ratings powered by Yelp .
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@)
DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).
Xuland Xuland
Xuland is a location-based social network, a "crystal ball" into what's going on in your own neighborhood or anywhere in the world!
Snoopf Snoopf
Snoopf helps you find restaurant coupons and gift cards for diners and eateries in over sixty different food types at restaurants nation wide. Search by cuisine or location to find delicious food, great deals, restaurant hours, locations and coupons for restaurants near you.
Whad'da'do Whad'da'do
Whaddado is a Social bookmarking site for events and things to do Whaddado, add your fav websites, create lists and share them with friends. Discover new things to do and follow our experts to find out the coolest things around the world.
Maps Shown To Me Maps Shown To Me
Displaying open data from major Canadian cities (ottawa/vancouver/toronto etc.) on a map.
CartoLogic Google Maps Demo CartoLogic Google Maps Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Maps API.
CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with an OpenLayers map.
CartoLogic Google Earth Demo CartoLogic Google Earth Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Earth browser plug-in.
Localliser Localliser
Localliser is becoming the number one choice for virtually exploring new cities and areas. Browse various live data sources to see what is around you and where you are going next.
The TurnSocial bar The TurnSocial bar
Put FB, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Yelp reviews, Foursquare tips & more, directly on your website.
NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife NiteFly: The Future of Nightlife
See Manhattan Nightlife from a bird's eye view and find your scene with our built in real time Twitter feeds and Foursquare Tips/Checkin Data. Check out your favorite spots by Male:Female ratio so you find the night you're looking for.
Restaurant Gift Certificates Restaurant Gift Certificates
I took all the discounts on and sorted them by 3rd party ratings from sites like yelp.
Lalalocal Lalalocal
Lalalocal aggregates local news and blog content with emerging interactive and social networking tools to provide users with a unique view into the city they love and advertisers with the targeted reach they crave.
Primecard Restaurants Reviews Primecard Restaurants Reviews
This application gets a list of restaurants in western Washington state from the Passport Discount site and shows them on a Google Map with the latest Yelp Reviews.
BlockWild BlockWild
BlockWild let's you post information directly to a local map where it can be discovered in your community by location and categories of content, such as: classifieds, events, rentals, social groups, services, etc. Search locally or wherever you are planning to travel.
PlaceMix PlaceMix
Travel search mashup portal that lets users track all the information about their favorite places. Also uses World66 open guide book and CIA Factbook maps. More on the way.
Siri - Your Virtual Personal Assistant Siri - Your Virtual Personal Assistant
A virtual assistant for your iPhone. Possibly the ultimate mashup because it uses many APIs to provide the best reply it can. Queries are spoken in simple English and the app uses artificial intelligence queries to answer.
unrut unrut
Start discovering new places and unrut yourself! Search, tell us where you've been, and track places you want to go.
Starbucks Location Information Starbucks Location Information
Use Google Maps to easily find the closest Starbucks. Browse a directory of Starbucks locations by state and city, and then get reviews for a location.
CampusBird CampusBird
CampusBird is the first interactive 3D and Maps-based school search site. Search for schools by name, location, scene, weather, school size, and more. CampusBird provides in depth profiles of more than 4800 schools and hundreds in 3D. Formerly called Egiate.
MeetMe MeetMe
Meetme is an application that lets users to select a meeting point between two locations using Yelp.
GoBYO - Bring Your Own Wine Guide GoBYO - Bring Your Own Wine Guide
Restaurant Guide exclusively focused on restaurants that permit you to bring your own (BYO) wine -- covering 10 major metro areas in the U.S.
D.C. Historic Tours D.C. Historic Tours
Deprecated is mashup that allows tourists to create tours of D.C. All of the data is pulled from D.C.'s government data feeds.
Food Geek Food Geek
Food Geek is a Facebook app allowing you to spare restaurant reviews, directions, and other info with your Friends. You can make plans by sending Facebook Friends notifications and emails. Food Geek messages, include directions, link to reviews, and more.
Chinese Food Map Chinese Food Map
A map and review platform for your favorite Chinese restaurants.
Headup Headup
Headup is a Semantic Web Firefox addon that brings you content related to your interests, friends and contacts.
ConnectorLocal ConnectorLocal
By finding the best sources for local information then combining that with new user-generated content from your neighbors, friends and family, enables hyper-localized commerce, tourism and entertainment. It's What the Locals Know.
My Apartment Map My Apartment Map
A Google Maps mashup that shows apartment rentals from different sources using many features from Google Maps. Additional APIs are used to create value-added features.
PadMapper PadMapper
Makes home rental hunting suck less. Basically an improvement on - uses Craigslist and includes more listings, favorites list, and good filters. Zoom in to see popular businesses. In NYC, you can filter by max commute time via subway.
theSuggestr theSuggestr
A local suggestion and recommendation site. Provides personalized suggestions and recommendations by using a collaborative filtering algorithm to build correlations between businesses and users.
Swurl Swurl
Swurl is a place to bring all the things you do online together to share in a blog-like format. Uses over 13 different APIs.
Golbal Hotel Price Map Golbal Hotel Price Map
Detailed map shows the average nightly rate for nearly every hotel on earth, over 70,000, in a global heat map. On the city level it also shows Restaurants, Wikipedia, Airport and Starbucks locations.
We map over 60,000 hotel locations and prices on our map. You can also view the locations of Starbucks, airports, restaurants and attractions. Use our map tools to make trip notes and share your favorite views and hotels with friends and family.
Yelp Search Yelp Search
Use the Yelp Search widget to find reviews of restaurants, bars and businesses near you. Enable the Center setting to initially center the map on your location.
iPhoneRevu iPhoneRevu
iPhoneRevu is a map and list view of Yelp Reviews formated for the iPhone. iPhoneRevu is a Yelp front-end for the iPhone.
Lunchbox Lunchbox
This tool shows you restaurant ratings around your location. If you want to go beyond your normal lunch places, this is a great app.
Real Estate Home Valuation Real Estate Home Valuation
Full screen, Google Maps real estate portal to find real estate professionals, properties for sale, and home valuation with local agent recommendations.
ongmap ongmap
Mashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth with many other APIs. Ext.js is used to make user interface intuitive. It lets you search for hotels, photos, restaurants, wifi spots, local news/blogs, events, weather, and many other spatial data.