YouTube API

The Data API allows users to integrate their program with YouTube and allow it to perform many of the operations available on the website. It provides the capability to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content. A program can also authenticate as a user to upload videos, modify user playlists, and more. This integration can be used for a variety of uses such as developing a web application allowing users to upload video to YouTube, or a device or desktop application that brings the YouTube experience to a new platform. The Data API gives users programmatic access to the video and user information stored on YouTube. This can be used to personalize a web site or application with the user's existing information as well as perform actions like commenting on and rating videos. This RESTful API provides responses in XML format.
Atom, RSS, JSON, XML, GData
Atom Publishing Protocol (Atom/RSS)
Java, PHP Python, Ruby, ActionScript
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  • collects reviews and ratings on tourist destinations, activities, adventures, restaurants, and more from thousands of locations across the globe, and presents them to travelers in an...
  • Fan TV is an "entertainment discovery engine" where a user can choose what genre they would like to watch. Fan TV then guides a user to where and how the content can be viewed, listing all possible...
  • Can I Stream.It? is a free service that lets users search across a variety of streaming, rental, and purchase services to see where a movie or TV program may be available. Some of the services...
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Source Code
Title Description
YouTube API Add a Channel Section Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code creates channel sections, including type, display style, title, position, and content by the channelSections.insert method. This source code also displays the content in a browse view versus a feed view through the channel's property update.
YouTube API Upload a Banner Image and Set as Channel's Banner Python Source Code
This YouTube API Python source code uploads an image by using the channelBanners.insert method and updates the channel's banner through sample calls to the channel.update method.
YouTube API Post a Channel Bulletin Python Source Code
This YouTube Data API Python snippet provides the source code to post a bulletin to the associated channel through the API's activities.insert method.
YouTube API Updating a Video by Adding New Tags PHP Source Code
This YouTube API PHP source code adds tags into existing videos through calls to youtube.videos.list method to append new tags and by calls to youtube.videos.update method to persist tag addition changes.
YouTube API Resumable Uploads PHP Source Code
This YouTube API PHP source code adds a video to a user's channel through uploading of video chunks by calls to the video.insert method and through Google_MediaFileUpload class for large files.
YouTube API Upload a Custom Thumbnail for a Video PHP Source Code
This YouTube API PHP source code provides a custom video thumbnail for a specific video by a call to the youtube.thumbnails.set method with videoID parameter set to video ID and through Google_MediaFileUpload class to accommodate large file uploads.
YouTube API Add a Channel Subscription PHP Source Code
This YouTube API PHP code sample adds a specific channel subscription through a call to the subscriptions.insert method.
YouTube API Search by Keyword PHP Source Code
This source code for YouTube API provides a PHP sample that calls the search.list method to generate results from a specific keyword search.
YouTube API Create a Playlist PHP Source Code
This source code provides a YouTube API PHP code sample that calls the playlists.insert method to create a private playlist.
YouTube API Retrieve My Uploads PHP Source Code
This YouTube API PHP source code retrieves a list of uploaded videos and retrieves the channel's playlist ID for uploaded videos through calls to the playlistItems.list method and channel.list method with mine parameter set to true.
YouTube API Shuffle Existing Channel Sections PHP Source Code
This YouTube API source code calls the channel's channelSections.list method to list, shuffle, and change the position of each channel section.
YouTube API Add a Channel Section PHP Source Code
This YouTube PHP source code calls the channelSections.insert method to create and customize channel sections. The sample code updates the property of the user's channel to allow a browse view, which allows the channel section to display.
YouTube API Upload a Banner Image and Set as Channel's Banner PHP Source Code
This YouTube PHP source code calls the channelBanners.insert method to upload an image and uses the uploaded image as the channel's banner.
YouTube API Search by Keyword JavaScript Source Code
These YouTube API JavaScript code samples show how to use an application that executes a search query and displays the API result.
YouTube API Create A Playlist JavaScript Source Code
This YouTube API JavaScript source code demonstrates how to generate a private playlist and add video to a user's channel.
YouTube API My Uploaded Videos JavaScript Code
These YouTube API JavaScript code samples demonstrate how to list uploaded videos on a user's channel. These samples are for JavaScript and CSS files that are in the same directory as the HTML page.
YouTube API Authorizing Requests JavaScript
This YouTube API source code provides auth.js script code to authorize user requests. The code provides samples of script, APIs Client Library JavaScript, and requests that do not require authentication.
YouTube API Update a Video Java Source Code
This YouTube API source code is in Java and is used to update a video through the application's call to the API's video.update method by the authorized owner of the video.
YouTube API Upload a Video Insert Method Java Source Code
This YouTube Source Code is in Java and generates a call to the API's video.insert method to upload a video to a requested channel.
YouTube API Upload a Video Thumbnail Image Java Source Code
This YouTube API source code is in Java and is used to upload and set a thumbnail image associated with an existing video through a call to the API's thumbnail.set method by the video's owner.
YouTube API Add a Channel Subscription
This YouTube API source code is in Java and calls the subscription.insert method to create a subscription to a specific channel.
YouTube API Search By Topic Java Source Code
This YouTube API source code in Java uses Freebase API to retrieve a list of topics based on a user query. YouTube videos associated with the topic are retrieved through a code call to the API's search.list method.
YouTube API Search by Keyword Java Source Code
This YouTube Data API is in Java and is used to retrieve search results associated with particular keywords through the application's API's search.list method.
YouTube API Create a Playlist Java Source Code
This YouTube Data API source code is in Java and uses calls to the API's playlists.insert method to create private playlists owned by the requesting channel.
YouTube API Retrieve My Uploads Java Source Code
This YouTube Data API source code is in Java and provides code to retrieve a list of videos uploaded to the channel associated with the request through a call to the API's playlistItems.list method. Additionally, this sample code identifies the channel's uploaded videos through calls to the channels.list method by setting the mine parameter to true in order to retrieve the playlist ID.
YouTube API Add a Featured Video Java Source Code
This YouTube API source code is in Java and is used to set "invideoPromotion" properties for a channel using a call to the API's channels.update method.
YouTube API Post a Channel Bulletin Java Source Code
This Java source code for YouTube Data API provides code to post a bulletin to the channel of the request through the API's activities.insert method.
YouTube to Digital Signage Mashup
This Mashup queries a specified YouTube Account via the Google Data API and lets you import a YouTube Playlist into the Oxygen Digital Signage CMS.
Create a custom YouTube video player with Flex
This free tutorial shows you how to create a custom YouTube video player using Flex. Demo and source code included.
Easier Twitter Powered Subtitles for Youtube Movies
Create closed captions for Youtube videos by mining appropriately hashtagged tweets published during a live original broadcast. This is older, archived content that may not contain a detailed description of the how-to. Please refer to the URL below for the complete how-to.
Youtube PHP Script
if you are looking for an easy and legal way to publish youtube videos at your website you have reached the right place. with this fabulous and free php script you get access to the great amounts of videos stored at youtube.
Official PHP How-To Guide for GData
A PHP how-to guide from Google for the GData APIs like YouTube with source code. Helps simplify using their web services and developing mash-up applications using them.
Using the YouTube API with the PHP client library
A video that demonstrates how to use the YouTube API with the PHP client library to upload a video to YouTube. The screencast explains the most important parts of the YouTube demo application and includes a section on AuthSub authentication. This is older, archived content that may not contain a detailed description of the how-to. Please refer to the URL below for the complete how-to.
Coding the YouTube API with JSP
Example of how to code YouTube with Java and JSP pages.
Ruby Interface to YouTube
Simple Ruby wrapper for the YouTube API.
The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection
YouTube API How To Guide
Basic overview of the YouTube API and available language wrappers. Includes a Ruby snippet.
Ruby YouTube Wrapper
A Ruby interface to the YouTube REST API.
YouTube API Feed Extractor
PHP Class that uses the YouTube API to pull dynamic content to a website.
YouTube Video Sync JavaScript SDK 3.7.2 by Pubnub PunNub is a synchronized YouTube video playback. This helps friends to watch videos simultaneously...
CodeIgniter YouTube API Library The CodeIgniter YouTube API Library is designed to allow users to easily implement the YouTube API...
Google APIs Client Library for Python The Google APIs Client Library for Python is designed to provide provide simple, flexible, powerful...
Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C The Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C is a flexible, efficient library provided by Google...
Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript The Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript is designed to give JavaScript applications simple,...
Google APIs Client Library for Java Written by Google, this library is a flexible, efficient, and powerful Java client library for...
Google APIs Client Library for .NET The Google APIs Client Library for .NET is designed to give .NET applications simple, powerful,...
Google Data APIs .NET SDK This .NET SDK provides easy access to the Google Data APIs. It supports services like YouTube,...
ASP.NET Video Starter Kit - Youtube DATA SDK The ASP.NET Video Starter Kit supports access to the YouTube Data API using the YouTube DATA SDK....
Google APIs Client Library for PHP The Google APIs Client Library for PHP allows developers to access Google APIs (e.g. Google+,...
AS3 Library for YouTube API The YouTube ActionScript library provides an ActionScript 3.0 interface to the YouTube API. AS3 Library for YouTube API
ActionScript YouTube Library This library provides an easy-to-use set of wrapper classes to consume YouTube Data API web... ActionScript YouTube Library
ActionScript 3 YouTube Library An ActionScript3 library for searching videos from YouTube. ActionScript 3 YouTube Library
Official YouTube Objective-C Library An Objective-C library for YouTube from Google. Built around GData APIs to provide a simple... Official YouTube Objective-C Library
Official YouTube Python Library The official python library for the YouTube Data API. Lets applications retrieve and update YouTube... Official YouTube Python Library
Official Java Source for YouTube The official Java library for the YouTube Data API. Lets apps retrieve and update YouTube content... Official Java Source for YouTube
Perl Library for YouTube API From the site:This is a Perl interface to YouTube API and RSS.This module support only Legacy API,... Perl Library for YouTube API
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Find Me Similar

Songs Near Me

G Downloader

Basi Angulo Linda

pwtempuser pwtempuser boxConnect


Music Updated


Javier García Videva

pwtempuser pwtempuser Lyrics Feast

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Funny Vines -

Find Best Three

Punk'n'Roll - Watch and Listen to Rock Music






Austin City Limits Music Festival radio

Ernesto Gamez Appites


uKoel Social Jukebox





Music Spider

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World Movie Search

Gengo YouTube Translation

Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player Videos


Cheap Places to Live

App Review Tube




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pwtempuser pwtempuser fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox

Towns Of The World

Music Video Search Engine


Scrape This




Real Indoor




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EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube




pwtempuser pwtempuser Popify

We-Wired Web

Molu - The Search dog



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filmingtheclouds top tracks chart generator

Abdullah Cetin CAVDAR Ivy FM - Discover new music every day

Garrett Wilkin Ministry Ops




pwtempuser pwtempuser You-Twit

kyung jo park All of world national anthems mashup service



pwtempuser pwtempuser explore travellr

Showtime Plugin Youtube

pwtempuser pwtempuser Yukon Live

pwtempuser pwtempuser Symbyoz

pwtempuser pwtempuser Serach-Is_easy

Tumblr YouTube Mashup

pwtempuser pwtempuser Discovr Movies


Time Machine

pwtempuser pwtempuser Kiwifruut

obsvr - Typography Observer

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Pixurl Social Search

Yusuke Wada ListTube

La Liga Fútbol Español

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Simple and Workplace safe interface to YouTube via their APIs. In English too.


its using api categories,new videos,popular videos and users' videos...

This is a Video mashup of and Youtube. Play videos of one artist or similar artist.. once after another.. I love it!


Great sites guys. How do build a youtube mashup site? please help.


how mashups and youtube are connected.. in what ways?

PL4Y - PlayLists 4 YouTube

Create playlists with your favourite songs, or string together several segmented clips from various TV shows from YouTube. Users can also share playlists and simultaneously view playlists with friends.


youtube apis are easy and useful. But there is too much detailed scripts. We need small sized scripts :)


FXGlobalTransfer is a convenient and secure way to send money around the world with the same low rates you get with all OANDA products. Unlike other money transfer services that hide their fees in high spreads, FXGlobalTransfer shows you exactly what you're paying


[url=]Currency Converter[/url]


I can not open in my camputer, The China ip is blocked now? Pls help me how can i open it?


TripFELT collects reviews and ratings on tourist destinations, activities, adventures, restaurants, and more from thousands of locations across the globe, and presents them to travelers in an appealing and intuitive way. The site is also filterable by type of activity, such as Food, Drinks, Coffee, Shops, Arts, Outdoors, Hotels, etc. The mashups consumes Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, foursquare and additional APIs.
Fan TV
Fan TV is an "entertainment discovery engine" where a user can choose what genre they would like to watch. Fan TV then guides a user to where and how the content can be viewed, listing all possible supported options. Fan TV combines live TV, Video On Demand, and other streaming services. Users can also create watch-lists and receive recommendations through engaging with friends, critics, and the latest trending items.
Can I
Can I Stream.It? is a free service that lets users search across a variety of streaming, rental, and purchase services to see where a movie or TV program may be available. Some of the services searched on Can I Stream.It? are: Netflix, Amazon, HuluPlus, Epix, Crackle, YouTube, SnagFilms, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu, SEN, TargetTicket, Redbox, and Xfinity Streampix.
Kiscover is a web application that allows users to search for different types of content available through its database. The available content type varies across multiple platforms, from music to tutorials.
Filmfinder is a mobile application that lets users browse and search for movies and TV series. Filmfinder uses a few different APIs for their database, including Youtube and Movie DB.
Find Me Similar
Find Me Similar is a web application that let users find recommendations for their games and movies. The recommendations are generated based on multiple factors such as genres, plots, actors, game type, and more.
Songs Near Me
Songs Near Me is a web application that allows a user to search for TouchTunes jukeboxes in any city in North America, and have the ability to stream the songs currently playing on the jukebox live in a browser. It also works on a mobile device as well as a tablet. Listeners can discover new music based on what is popular at a local bar, hometown, or college pub. The Songs Near Me web app employes the TouchTunes Jukebox API to collect venue song data, and queries Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Rdio APIs to play the song where it is available.
G Downloader
G Downloader is a website that lets users download videos from many of the most popular video sharing sites without having to leave the site, all for free. Users can search for videos on G Downloader and upon finding them, will be given a URL to download the link.
Linda is an artificial intelligence being developed by Basi Technologies that answers a wide variety of user questions. The AI is powered by several APIs and language parsing technology.
boxConnect allows you to transfer files from your DropBox to a YouTube account or any ftp server worldwide.
Music Updated Music Updated
Music Updated helps you stay up to date with the music you like. It's like a twitter newsfeed, but dedicated to music news and upcoming albums based on the artists you follow. It acquires some of this information by leveraging the and YouTube APIs.
SoundYouNeed SoundYouNeed
Find Sound You Need and share your joy! SYN was developed to help and improve the experience for searching your favorite music similar on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify.
Videva Videva is the biggest music video database on the Internet. All the artists, all the videos, at a click's distance. Putting together the music catalog and the Youtube video catalog, Videva brings you the most structured music video search tool to date. Discover new artists and new videos, or listen to your favorite music through our simple interface.
Lyrics Feast Lyrics Feast
Lyrics Feast allows users to search lyrics and watch videos of their favorite songs.
MP3 Search directory with information on each artist and genre.
MusicNectar MusicNectar
MusicNectar is a mashup of lastfm, and youtube. The aim of MusicNectar is to make listening to youtube music videos easier, and more informative.
Funny Vines - Funny Vines -
This Mashup aggregates Vine videos from around the world. Have fun searching for new videos that you have not yet seen.
Find Best Three Find Best Three
Find Best Three is a buying suggestion and amazon product comparison tool. We choose the three best goods from different categories and compare them side by side. Besides, we pick up video reviews, photos and other information to answer a question of "who is the best?"
Punk'n'Roll - Watch and Listen to Rock Music Punk'n'Roll - Watch and Listen to Rock Music
Watch and listen to Punk, Rock'n'Roll, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Grunge and other rock music genres compiled from submissions to rock music subreddits.
WatchNext WatchNext
Browse new DVD/BluRay releases by genre and rating. Filter for anything like Actors, Directors, Themes etc.
Goalazo Goalazo
Daily Football (Soccer) Goals and Highlights. Goalazo mainl uses Truveo and Youtube APIs to find out the daily football matches and their goals and highlights.
Soundcry Soundcry
Soundcry is a media search engine and playlist management tool.
Psykoo Psykoo
Wouldn't it be great if you could see what the website look like before you go there? Psykoo is a visual search experience that allow you to do just that. What you see is what you get. Wrapping popular search engines with a tremendous experience. Our brain process images tremendously faster than words. Therefore you could find what you're looking for much faster. Features round up: * Preview websites, either thumbnails or on iframe. WYSIWYG * Browse very rapidly many entries with Infinite scrolling. * You can watch videos directly from the site. Which provide a faster experience than Youtube. * Compare many image services like Tumblr, Bing, Instagram and 500px Obtain different flavor and great to get inspiration.
MvBanana MvBanana
MvBanana is a radio station that plays music videos. This is a fun way of discovering new or forgotten music.
Austin City Limits Music Festival radio Austin City Limits Music Festival radio
Discover all the artists playing at thse 2013 Austin City Limits Music Festival taking place on October 4-6 & 11-13 in Austin, TX with, the unofficial radio app for ACL Fest.
Appites Appites
Download TONS of Apps & Games in Appites!. Market for download apps and games for Androdi / iPhone devices. Best look responsive compatible with all devices (smart phones, iPad, iPhone, PC)
Data under a category became an information and the aggregation of all these categories bring us the knowledge. we designed by using these guidance : The Knowledge as a Service The Architecture is elastic and realtime The Design Pattern is Enterprise Mashaups The categories follow the cards design The filters are thought for each card and category The UI design is responsive and multi-platform General Search is regrouping links by domains Social integration is soft as we believe in the network more than single nodes is a service more than a search engine. We search, we filter, we adjust, we categorize the infos and this in a single SERP. Because all we wanted is to learn, discover and dream. Others call it Beta Mode, we call it learning Stage. algorithm needs to be enhanced by your usage, comments and support! is crafted by : Mohamed Kahlain & Jawad Jari
uKoel Social Jukebox uKoel Social Jukebox
uKoel is a social jukebox that uses Twitter to allow for users to submit song requests. It searches your selected hashtag for songs then searches Youtube for the music video to match. uKoel also provides playlists based on Billboard's charts in a variety of genres. is India's leading real estate portal. utilizes several APIs to give a better property search experience to its users.
Soundrenalin is a music and videos search engine that uses YouTube to pull in all relavent content.
moTube moTube
moTube is a mobile subscription service that allows people to receive notifications via text message (SMS/MMS) each time a new video is published to a YouTube channel. We created moTube as a way for people to get realtime updates from their favorite YouTube channels directly on their phone. It's a free service and we don't charge subscribers for the notifications sent to their device. Keep in mind that the text messaging plan you have with your mobile carrier still applies. For example, if you have an unlimited messaging plan and receive an update from moTube, you will not be charged anything. moTube is currently in beta, so YouTubers who want to add moTube to their channel must have an invite which we're currently accepting requests for on our website (
Seesu Seesu
Uses (,,, and to give you music player and social app.
Music Spider Music Spider aims to help many different types of music lovers to explore music; one user can explore music of different regions or types, another might be curious to hear music related to an artist that he/she enjoys and another may want to generate a jukebox to play background music at the office. Because the music is located on youTube this creates an opportunity to find a wide range of results (interviews, live events, singles etc.). Users create stations to store their compilations and can share stations with their 'friends' by posting links on their facebook timeline.
omniMarket omniMarket
A retail experience combining the API networks of Amazon, Twitter and YouTube with a plan to expand into further APIs to add increased syndication of data and media.
ShowHear ShowHear
ShowHear is a concert browsing service that enables you to quickly browse videos of artists playing in your area.
World Movie Search World Movie Search
World box office movie search aggregates movie reviews, enabling users to find great movies to watch.
Gengo YouTube Translation Gengo YouTube Translation
Have your YouTube video captions translated by humans seamlessly - then reach a *huge* worldwide audience!
Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player Videos Unsung Heroes: Random English Premier League Player Videos
Generates a random English Premier League footbal (soccer) player and list their top 10 youtube videos. A fun time consumer to see video highlights of some of the lesser known players.
you tube streaming stations. Popularity and related category algorithms. Similar to youtube's "play all" feature, but does not require the time consuming process of setting up a youtube channel. search for a term, and watch away - no need to click every 45 to 90 seconds.
Cheap Places to Live Cheap Places to Live
This mashup is a world wide directory that aggregates data from multiple sources and allows users to find cheap places to live.
App Review Tube App Review Tube
Search and watch app reviews for iOS and Android. Allows you to also watch reviews being watched by other people.
Skimzee Skimzee
Skimzee is a free web app that combines web page summarization with social media search and web feed aggregation.
cantanding cantanding
The Best Online Karaoke Ever. Tons and tons of karaoke songs. Compatible with ALL devices and available in 4 languages. New languages coming soon !!!
Explore 30 millions of songs & 700 000 Artists. Create playlists, share them on Facebook & Twitter. YOUZEEK also work on iPhone, iPad or Android device. For FREE!
In1 is a social aggregation, discovery and sharing platform that combines feeds from multiple social networks. In provides content discover, one-click sharing and single channel promotion for brands.
SendMusic2.Me SendMusic2.Me
SendMusic2.Me is a great tool for getting best music from friends.
PlugThe.Net PlugThe.Net
The Social Local Web Scan Plugin for your website.
Watchable Watchable
Movies worth watching. Current releases and upcoming releases of quality are shared. Features full-screen trailers.
fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox
FuhshniZZle is a music streaming mashup that pulls content from Youtube and allows users to search and play their favorite music, without interruption.
Towns Of The World Towns Of The World
All the news, tweets, Books, videos, images, maps and information for every town, country and region in the world.
Music Video Search Engine Music Video Search Engine
Search and download Music Video and MP3 music
Recordlective Recordlective
Recordlective combines various sources to provide music fans the ability to stream music albums from start to finish.
Scrape This Scrape This
Scrape This is like a search engine, but instead of returning the most relevant websites based on a query, it scrapes the information off of the websites and consolidates it into a multi-document summary on the topic. Dictionary definitions, images, and videos are also displayed.
Molamp Molamp
Molamp is a really cool way of discovering and playing music. Search for an artist and Molamp returns not only videos from that artist but also recommendations of others to listen to.
dsmn dsmn
dsmn is simplest and fastest application to listen and explore music. Free and unlimited music.
User driven review page in german. We are using the YouTube API to search automatically for YouTube User Channels matching our product names and fetching the feed using YouTube's API.
Real Indoor Real Indoor
Real Indoor creates realistic biking experiences while working out on your spin bike or similar devices. Streetview panoramas and the sophisticated physics engine implement real track simulation. Tracks from bicycle directions, GPS recordings or following Streetview panoramas allow for exciting workout experiences. Real Indoor supports control via webcam gestures as well as contrast enhanced streetview images.
LyricStatus LyricStatus
LyricStatus allows you to share your favorite lyrics with your Facebook friends. Simply highlight your favorite lines from a song and post straight to Facebook as a status. You can post lyrics to your own wall, or you can utilize the Facebook Graph API to post to your friends' wall.
Richseam Richseam
Looking for new music? lets you discover music through the collaborations and connections of your favourite artists
ScanTheNet ScanTheNet
ScanTheNet is a search mashup that aggregates results from Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Discover The Net Live & Share Interesting Content.
An easy way to create music playlists from songs and videos available on youtube. No ads before a video starts. Save and manage playlists, share them with others and find new albums in the user-created database.
EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube EmbedPlus - Chrome Browser Extension for YouTube
EmbedPlus is like YouTube on steroids! More seriously, it's a free and unique companion for the YouTube videos you find across the web when browsing with Chrome. You can now watch a video with enhanced (DVD-like) playback, and afterwards, even go beyond just comments to engage in reactions from a growing list of active communities like Twitter, Reddit, and Google+.
Collect and share all that makes your day fun and better.View daily best videos selected by You, your friends and others.
Elseif Elseif
Elseif is the hangout place for developers, programmers and hackers. Come and watch the curated set of screencasts and explore and discover the wonderful world of repositories. Contents are curated in a way that is easy to find.
MashPlayer MashPlayer
An online music player that remembers your playlist without need to register thanks to HTML5 technology, powered by the vast catalog of MusicBrainz and videos and tracks from YouTube and
Popify Popify
Watch a relavent video playlist full of interesting info with your friends.
We-Wired Web We-Wired Web
We-Wired Web is a community-extensible integration-as-a-service web app that lets non-technical people easily share data between web services, while allowing technical people to extend the system by adding new web services, triggers, and actions via wiring diagrams.
Molu - The Search dog Molu - The Search dog
Molu is a super fast vertical meta search engine searching across various categories in a single go. What more, it does not store any of the user history unlike other search engines which track the user. It also lays direct answers on top of the search results.
wordonthewire wordonthewire
wordonthewire serves up the latest results from a range of trending platforms based on a users single search query. It is intended mainly as a tool to get a quick, latest "scoop" on a topic, and be able to easily share the results. It picks up on your browsing language of choice, and serves up the results in that language, making it really universal (without having to have a unique URL for each language).It focuses on doing all of this one page, and has a responsive layout.
TagsInAction TagsInAction
In the beginning there was the hashtag and the hashtag was all over the web and the web was a hashtag... Use more hashtags!
As a customize search site, provide user the top results for a query. - is a new convenient way to explore over 400,000 travel destinations around the globe. Get instant information, millions of photos, videos, webcams, maps, news, buzz, local current weather and time, events and more.
CampusMareNostrum CampusMareNostrum
The portal of the Inter-University Campus of Excelence of Murcia. The CMS made for this website integrate publication of videos, news, events, maps locations, audio files and images publishing directly in social sites : Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, etc.. all integrated in the same interface and included in the publishing workflow.
FindTheStream FindTheStream
A meta search engine for streaming music services. Search Spotify, Wimp, Youtube, etc for music, all at once! top tracks chart generator top tracks chart generator
Shows user's top tracks and it's correlation with this tracks total listening count. User can watch youtube video for any track on chart.
Ivy FM - Discover new music every day Ivy FM - Discover new music every day
Discover new music every day with Ivy FM. It plays great songs continuously in each genre from the best artists in the world. Select your channel, listen great music, share it and enjoy.
Ministry Ops Ministry Ops
Ministry Ops is a simple hosted platform for churches and ministries to publish & share audio and video files. Just upload your video and it's converted, and distributed
Inflooenz Inflooenz
Inflooenz is a music discovery tool based on the concept of influences. It allows the user to get introduced to unknown musicians through their favorite ones in a friendly way. Inflooenz creates a playlist with the very best of each influencer to showcase their work and populates other relevant information for a friendly first approach. Its main difference against other recommendation engines is that 'influence' is a wider concept than similarity: while still related to a starting point (the favorite artist), the user can come up with new music that it's not 'more of the same'.
Jozomello Jozomello
Jozomello TV is a web page that serves Turkish,Kurdish,Arabic,Armenian and Persian music clips and videos. It uses YouTube API and selects videos order by popularity and view count.
soundeos soundeos
Sound and video search from soundcloud, youtube, and dailymotion.
You-Twit You-Twit
You-Twit is a mashup that aggregates Youtube videos that are trending on twitter.
All of world national anthems mashup service All of world national anthems mashup service
This application allows users listen to the national anthems of countries located all around the world.
TinyTube TinyTube
TinyTube is your source for all things beneficial to your children. Ranging from movie trailers to educational videos and funny videos, TinyTube has everything your child needs on one site to be entertained for as long as you'd like.
VIDVIDOO New Releases and Classics Movie Reviews, Video Trailer, Actors Info, DVD Deals and Online Streaming. Update: domain is expired, visit for the demo.
explore travellr explore travellr
Explore travellr is a mashup that searches content from Flickr, Google Maps, and YouTube, and displays useful posts filtered by city, state, or activity. Type New York City and see what comes up, or maybe try searching for skiing in japan.
Showtime Plugin Youtube Showtime Plugin Youtube
This is a plugin supporting Youtube for Showtime. The idea of the plugin is to allow users to do anything they can do with Youtube official website.
Yukon Live Yukon Live
Yukon Live is a virtual tour to the Yukon, Canada's true north.
Symbyoz Symbyoz
A social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks.
Serach-Is_easy Serach-Is_easy
A search tool using several APIs to aggregate results.
Tumblr YouTube Mashup Tumblr YouTube Mashup
Pulls all YouTube Videos, Creates a Playlist, Plays through the list on AutoPlay.
Discovr Movies Discovr Movies
There are so many movies in the world today. How do you find a new movie to watch? Discovr Movies makes it easy to find a new movie that you'll like. The app is an interactive map of the world of movies. It makes it fun to discover new movies to watch. You can navigate through the entire interconnected ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of movies and find new movies that are similar to movies that you like. Discovr Movies is out now for iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX.
iKuExplorer iKuExplorer
iKuExplorer is a desktop FREE personal productivity tool aimed to help users deal with the amount of information sources that use, letting link information freely, regardless where have it stored or its type, creating insformation sets that can also be shared.
Time Machine Time Machine
Browse the #1 hits from the past 60 years and read the news during that time!
Kiwifruut Kiwifruut
Kiwifruut is a online video service to discover and enjoy more youtube videos through your friends. - Typography Observer - Typography Observer
Aggregator and OneStopSearch for typography. Special Interest Observer is an Aggregator and One Stop Search for the latest user generated media on a given topic. It searches most of the popular foto-, video- and document- sharing sites on the web at once! Try it! Its fast!
A website that uses the API to display products, especially focused on special deals. Besides regular browsing and searching, visitors can subscribe to be updated about price changes of specific products by e-mail and twitter. Products are being enriched by using several API's such as tmdb, (dutch movie API), youtube and Twitter.
Pixurl Social Search Pixurl Social Search
Use pixurl to search your favorite social platforms all from one web page
ListTube ListTube
ListTube is a YouTube application for iPhone. Your favorite movies on YouTube are related to a playlist on iPhone through ListTube. * Feature - YouTube video search with suggest. - Easy creating a list and adding movie. - Background audio play. - Movie cache. - Loop play.
La Liga Fútbol Español La Liga Fútbol Español
La Liga is a website about the first Spanish football league a.k.a. Primera División or La Liga. It is a mashup that combines and displays data from DBpedia, YouTube, Google News, Twitter and eBay in different languages which currently comprise of Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.