YouTube API

The Data API allows users to integrate their program with YouTube and allow it to perform many of the operations available on the website. It provides the capability to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content. A program can also authenticate as a user to upload videos, modify user playlists, and more. This integration can be used for a variety of uses such as developing a web application allowing users to upload video to YouTube, or a device or desktop application that brings the YouTube experience to a new platform. The Data API gives users programmatic access to the video and user information stored on YouTube. This can be used to personalize a web site or application with the user's existing information as well as perform actions like commenting on and rating videos. This RESTful API provides responses in XML format.
Atom, RSS, JSON, XML, GData
Atom Publishing Protocol (Atom/RSS)
Java, PHP Python, Ruby, ActionScript
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  • Online Basketball Camp (also referred to as Hoop Alert) is a website for coaches to manage and communicate with their teams by providing a custom platform for scheduling, text messaging, video...
  • Soccer Shots is a intro-to-soccer provider across the globe. Its messaging system uses the AT&T in-app messaging API.
  • FollowFly is a social media aggregator that can automatically bring up and display feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reddit AMA for anyone you search for. Different...
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Ruby Interface to YouTube
Simple Ruby wrapper for the YouTube API.
The Amazing YouTube Tools Collection
Ruby YouTube Wrapper
A Ruby interface to the YouTube REST API.
YouTube API Feed Extractor
PHP Class that uses the YouTube API to pull dynamic content to a website.

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Pixurl Social Search

Yusuke Wada ListTube

La Liga Fútbol Español


izaack Music From Israel's Finest Beach

Matthis de Wit MusicWall

pwtempuser pwtempuser Dj ACC


Pulse of Bollywood

pwtempuser pwtempuser Moviegram

Jeremy Foster Reptiles Now


Bobodidit Worldwide Inc. @Bobodidit @LipMe LipMe


How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...)


Vegas Vision

Life Stream

Highest Hits Videos

Research And Compare


Best Buys



Vasileios Kerasiotis



pwtempuser pwtempuser 50 Shops

Instant Video Mashup Generator

Florian Sailer

YouTube Video Map

jQuery Lifestream

DoAt (do@)

Twitcaps: Watching the World




News from The Netherlands


Mikael Thuneberg Supermetrics Data Grabber

pwtempuser pwtempuser Sky Map

Find a Car


pwtempuser pwtempuser Suggest Me Movie

Local streamer

iTunes top 100



Tuyen Nguyen Journamatic

pwtempuser pwtempuser Yippr

Music Artists info

Virender Ajmani Mapping Latest GeogTagged YouTube videos related to Egypt Protests



pwtempuser pwtempuser Dubtune


pwtempuser pwtempuser Skeedy

YouTube Cloud



Andre Franz instaLyrics




Video Customizer


Franklin van de Meent FreeflowTV

pwtempuser pwtempuser mashmush



Jiffy Lyrics



Pick Music


YouTube Name Mashup



Jopedia - Supreme Encyclopedia

Florian Sailer

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Follow the Nookie

pwtempuser pwtempuser YouTube Instant

Igor Bikineev Music Anchor

Text To Play


pwtempuser pwtempuser Take Kerala (India)

pwtempuser pwtempuser Current Weather

CartoLogic Google Maps Demo

CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo

CartoLogic Google Earth Demo


Steven Hong




Music Favmap


Nirvana Tikku TubeLoop
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Simple and Workplace safe interface to YouTube via their APIs. In English too.


its using api categories,new videos,popular videos and users' videos...

This is a Video mashup of and Youtube. Play videos of one artist or similar artist.. once after another.. I love it!


Great sites guys. How do build a youtube mashup site? please help.


how mashups and youtube are connected.. in what ways?

PL4Y - PlayLists 4 YouTube

Create playlists with your favourite songs, or string together several segmented clips from various TV shows from YouTube. Users can also share playlists and simultaneously view playlists with friends.


youtube apis are easy and useful. But there is too much detailed scripts. We need small sized scripts :)


FXGlobalTransfer is a convenient and secure way to send money around the world with the same low rates you get with all OANDA products. Unlike other money transfer services that hide their fees in high spreads, FXGlobalTransfer shows you exactly what you're paying


[url=]Currency Converter[/url]


I can not open in my camputer, The China ip is blocked now? Pls help me how can i open it?

A website that uses the API to display products, especially focused on special deals. Besides regular browsing and searching, visitors can subscribe to be updated about price changes of specific products by e-mail and twitter. Products are being enriched by using several API's such as tmdb, (dutch movie API), youtube and Twitter.
Pixurl Social Search Pixurl Social Search
Use pixurl to search your favorite social platforms all from one web page
ListTube ListTube
ListTube is a YouTube application for iPhone. Your favorite movies on YouTube are related to a playlist on iPhone through ListTube. * Feature - YouTube video search with suggest. - Easy creating a list and adding movie. - Background audio play. - Movie cache. - Loop play.
La Liga Fútbol Español La Liga Fútbol Español
La Liga is a website about the first Spanish football league a.k.a. Primera División or La Liga. It is a mashup that combines and displays data from DBpedia, YouTube, Google News, Twitter and eBay in different languages which currently comprise of Spanish, English, German, French, and Italian.
scovry scovry
Scovry is a web discovery site that gets data from multiple popular social sources. This data is shown in an easy to follow streaming ticker format. Music From Israel's Finest Beach Music From Israel's Finest Beach
Using two TouTube players, DB, Ajax and PHP logic to create a radio experience. Includes breaks, jingles and comments via the Youtube data API.
MusicWall MusicWall
Discover new artists and music with an app based on and YouTube APIs. MusicWall creates a list after you provide an artist's name and lets you browse similar artists, discover new music, rediscover old music, or even "go classical".
Dj ACC is the new address for free online metal music. Everyday it plays great songs continuously in each genre from the best metal bands in the world. You can share tracks with your friends if you like. Select your genre, listen great music, share it and enjoy. Stay heavy, stay with metal.
Information on trending topics : images, videos, tweets, q&a and forum posts.
Pulse of Bollywood Pulse of Bollywood
Weekly Top Bollywood Songs based on Youtube view count
Moviegram Moviegram
A quick and easy way to find movies, watch trailers and share with friends!
Reptiles Now Reptiles Now
Reptiles, lizards and snakes for sale. Classified ads for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians
vizlingo vizlingo
Vizlingo is a new platform that animates each word of a text messages or social media posts with a user-generated video clip. Vizlingo messages are shared across social networks and on mobile devices, merging two prolific trends: social messaging and video sharing. Users can submit their own clips, see what clips their friends use, and select favorites from an ever-growing database of more than 30,000 clips from over 40 countries.
LipMe LipMe
Inspired by the mock interviews featured on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, LipMe allows users to cut the mouth out of any face - a newly taken picture of a friend, celebrity, animal or even an inanimate object - and create an impersonation using their device’s front-facing camera. The app allows for users to add their voice to any photo, edit it using the Aviary tool, and share it through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email. Available for iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod Touch.
allSongsBy allSongsBy
allSongsBy provides full song listings for any artist via YouTube's vast free music collection. Lists are organized by artist and album.
How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...) How to pronounce words (Pronunciación en Inglés | Pronuncia in inglese...)
A new approach to providing more dynamic usage examples than you'll find in today's typically static English dictionaries. With it, users can search for a word and not only get sentences and audio pronunciations but also tagged and time-stamped videos of real people in real situations from YouTube speaking and using the word in context. Users can learn pronunciations more effectively by seeing the facial gestures needed to produce them and experience how words are really pronounced with other words and not just in isolation. Español: Pronunciación de advertisement en Inglés con vídeo · Italiano: Pronuncia di advertisement in inglese con video Português: pronúncia de advertisement em Inglês com vídeo · Français: Prononciation de advertisement en anglais avec la vidéo
lookfm lookfm
Easy way to listen music.
Vegas Vision Vegas Vision
Vegas Vision is an interactive map of the Las Vegas Strip that combines the Google Maps API with several social media outlets to provide Las Vegas travelers up to date photos, videos, news, tips and current happenings about various points of interest in Las Vegas.
Life Stream Life Stream
Life Stream is a social network hub for Mac
Highest Hits Videos Highest Hits Videos
Highest Hits is a YouTube video search app. Users can share videos on Facebook and comment using their Facebook ID. Videos can be viewed normally or by using jQuery Lightbox.
Research And Compare Research And Compare
Users can compare products from many different stores and brands and get feedback from their friends and communities about which products to buy.
ListnPlay ListnPlay
ListnPlay allows users to make and share playlists of audio, video, albums or other people's playlists.
Best Buys Best Buys
Comparison Shopping, Coupons and Deals Mashup & Community will keep you updated on the things you care about. News and social media activity are analyzed, processed and presented to you based on your keywords and interests.
Briteclick Briteclick
Briteclick is a search that displays multiple sources of relevant information in a sidebar. View results without being forced to leave your current page.
A library and search engine about music. Query song titles, singers, song description or lyrics. Browse artists, music genre or albums.
InstantPlex InstantPlex
InstantPlex lets users browse the Netflix instant watch library. Discover, queue and watch trailers, movies and T.V. shows. View your favorite actor's Twitter feed and share favorites with your friends on Facebook.
Tubufy is a mashup of Spotify (the streaming music service) and Youtube. It allows you to generate dynamic music video channels based on your Spotify playlists.
50 Shops 50 Shops allows buyers to tap into the wisdom of crowds to help with their buying decisions. Site users can see which products their friends are buying or browsing and ask other users for feedback.
Instant Video Mashup Generator Instant Video Mashup Generator
Instantly create mashups between two different Youtube videos.
This mashup lets users watch YouTube videos together. Users create a session and share the URL, where other users can visit.
YouTube Video Map YouTube Video Map
Advanced search tool for YouTube videos using Google Maps. Query results by category, upload date, time, city and keyword.
jQuery Lifestream jQuery Lifestream
Show a stream of your online activity using this jQuery lifestream plugin.
DoAt (do@) DoAt (do@)
DoAt (do@) is a new mobile search engine for the iPhone. DoAt is an open platform for answering search queries and any developer can submit a web app to answer any type of query (music, movies, weather, restaurants, etc.).
Twitcaps: Watching the World Twitcaps: Watching the World
A realtime search engine of all the images being posted to Twitter.
SlideMyPics SlideMyPics
Free HTML5 slideshows from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Smugmug, Picasa, Youtube (as soundtrack music) and SlideshowBox HTML5 slideshow component.
30-06-2011 JavaScript Updated. is an HTML5 experimental player that uses the API to load songs based on selected user tags. Works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari using Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux (Ubuntu).
A fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages like English, French or Italian through music and typing-in song lyrics.
News from The Netherlands News from The Netherlands
Daily news from The Netherlands, using multiple sources such as newspapers, radio and tv. Dutch language news site aggregated by a custom built engine.
VMAP is the mecca for Travel Videos. You can explore the world by browsing videos on a map and you can share your travel videos for others to find.
Supermetrics Data Grabber Supermetrics Data Grabber
Supermetrics Data Grabber fetches your Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook & YouTube data to MS Excel on Windows and Mac. Eliminate time-consuming manual data fetching, processing and visualization work. Designed especially for people working with lots of sites / PPC campaigns / Facebook pages, to make it easier to get all the data in one place.
Sky Map Sky Map
Astronomy videos superimposed on a map of the night sky using the Google Maps and YouTube API's.
Find a Car Find a Car is a place to find new and used vehicles for sale, car dealerships, and reviews from all across the United States.
Stars and celebrity social profiles.
Suggest Me Movie Suggest Me Movie
Free film recommendation tool. Choose your mood, get movie suggestions, watch trailers, read info, director, cast and user reviews.
Local streamer Local streamer
Geolocation system that allows you to explore events, data and updates from social networks. Search information about places from various social services and share or simply read a stream of information about any city on earth. Watch videos, comment or chat.
iTunes top 100 iTunes top 100
This site combines the iTunes top chart RSS feed (currently only the iTunes stores from the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain) with search results from YouTube. You automatically get the video clip of each song in the iTunes Top 100.
upforgame upforgame
upforgame is a video game review aggregator that gathers game information from internet.
Daylogs Daylogs
Daylogs shows daily webtrends for Germany and gets some similar videos.
Journamatic Journamatic
Connect your social media sites and Journamatic creates a daily journal automatically from your check-ins, photos, tweets and status updates.
Yippr Yippr
Yippr brings you the most popular videos of the day from different sources. If you click on the image you will get a lightbox and you will be able to see the video on the fly. If you click on the link you will be taken to the details page.
Music Artists info Music Artists info
Music Artists Info is a mashup that shows information on a chosen artist. It shows photos, biography, top albums, top tracks and upcoming events. Events are marked on a map and you can watch a video of top tracks.
Mapping Latest GeogTagged YouTube videos related to Egypt Protests Mapping Latest GeogTagged YouTube videos related to Egypt Protests
This Google Maps Mashup maps out the latest GeoTagged YouTube videos which are tagged with "Egypt Protests".
The purpose of this site is to help users instantly search for Youtube videos and instantly create playlists. You can also share your custom playlists easily with your friends on Facebook or Twitter as well as embed your playlists on your own websites or blogs. Lastly, you can save your playlists for future use all without the need of registration or login. -Easily create, embed and share YouTube playlists. -No sign up needed. -Embed the playlist on your blog easily.
Takes all YouTube videos posted to any public Facebook page, group or profile and plays them as a continuous stream.
Dubtune Dubtune
Dubtune uses YouTube, Soundcloud and to create a Dubstep listening platform for fans of the genre. Soundcloud and Youtube are used as the basis for media streaming and for meta data.
Autoportalz Autoportalz
A site to get any information about automobiles such as images, video, questions and answers.
Skeedy Skeedy
Skeedy is a free news aggregator. Topics are defined by users themselves. News come from several sources such as youtube, amazon, yahoo news, digg, flickr, etc.. Users can choose between three profiles (Geek, Fan, Calm) to receive more or less news.
YouTube Cloud YouTube Cloud
YouTube Cloud is like a tag cloud. Instead of tags, this cloud is based on YouTube video popularity. The bigger the font, the more views that video has had. You can filter the cloud by category and time (today, this week, this month, all time). A video thumbnail preview is shown when hovering over a cloud link. Clicking on the links pops up a dialog to watch the video.
JockPedia JockPedia
JockPedia contains a huge database of athletes from around the from world. Includes a short bio, latest news, pictures and highlight movies.
player4you player4you
player4you is a free player that plays videos from Youtube without commercials and uses a crossfader to avoid breaks between the tracks. A live search makes it easy to find your favorite tracks. You can also login with your facebook account and save and share your playlists with your friends.
instaLyrics instaLyrics
The lyrics instant search engine
player4you player4you
player4you is a free web-based YouTube player with crossfading, fullscreen mode, instant-search and live-query. You can import playlists from YouTube or save/load your own playlists.
Search and listen to songs instantly.
Bassicly Bassicly
Bassicly is an App that utilises multiple APIs to provide a service that allows people to listen to bass orientated / electronic music in a seamless interface. Bassicly was created as a result of frustrations with listening to the vast amount of musical content available on YouTube but not having an easy to use interface to do it with. As well as being able to play music from YouTube, you can make it scrobble the tracks you are listening to in real time to
Video Customizer Video Customizer
All-in-one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send, stream and track professional video emails and more. It is an intuitive, easy to use, featured rich web-based video email marketing tool which has been developed by people who understand business.
CtyiTube CtyiTube
What do you get when you cross Craigslist and YouTube? ...CytiTube! Watch from and upload to your city's stream of YouTube videos. If you don't see your city listed in either the World cities or U.S. cities list, just go to the search tab and type it in. Filter your search by category, keywords, author, and search radius. Like Craigslist, when you return to the app after closing you will be brought back to the "Most Recent" video list from the last city/location for which you searched. Built for mobile browsers but works in all.
FreeflowTV FreeflowTV
Parkour and freerunning related videos and their metadata are pulled from video sites, spam filtered, stored in a database, tweeted and categorized on Freeflow TV. The videos appear on the website instantly via Pusher. It is also possible to search the database.
mashmush mashmush
mashmush is a free service to stream music from the internet to your computer. Google Chrome extension is available.
Keewl Keewl
Keewl 2.0 Search Engine
TwBe TwBe
TWBE plays a continuous video stream from the videos suggested by user's friends on twitter. With this application you can create a "web television" out of twitter messages containing YouTube video links. You can easily skip boring videos, see TV-format videos and have all the video functionalities provided by YouTube itself. TWBE was developed by four students (Ebrisa Mastrodicasa, Lorenzo Baracchi, Thomas Mantegazzi, Yotam Sharon) as part of the SAIII course offered by the university of Lugano.
Jiffy Lyrics Jiffy Lyrics
A Google-like instant lyrics search website using musiXmatch's API and YouTube to listen to songs.
YouLine YouLine
The newborn YouLine Internet audio broadcast FM radio. I'll play 365 days 24 hours non-stop Western charts. When you want to check the latest Western hits, with music when I want now, and when I got tired to My Playlist, Recommended to those who need nothing if you have the music to skip and repeat. youtube do not even have a FM broadcast?
TVFoodMaps TVFoodMaps
A central hub for discovering, keeping track of and discussing the restaurants seen on shows like Diners, DriveIns and Dives, Man v. Food and more.
Pick Music Pick Music
Free music video playlists. Enjoy MTV, YouTube and Vimeo music videos in single playlist.
Whad'da'do Whad'da'do
Whaddado is a Social bookmarking site for events and things to do Whaddado, add your fav websites, create lists and share them with friends. Discover new things to do and follow our experts to find out the coolest things around the world.
YouTube Name Mashup YouTube Name Mashup
Enter your First and Last name and see two random videos based on those keywords.
EmbedPlus EmbedPlus
EmbedPlus allows you to seamlessly and freely upgrade video embeds with attractive features that popular video players do not currently offer. Given a YouTube link and a few seconds, our first release applies APIs to generate enhanced embed code that adds features like: familiar DVD-like controls, section cutting/chopping, real-time Internet reactions, third-party annotations, and more. We think that EmbedPlus could be useful to bloggers, commenters, and anyone wanting to offer viewers more without having to actually alter original video content.
Musikki is a music search engine that gives you all the information in a single page with a single search. Music videos, biography, photos, agendas and more just 1 click away.
Jopedia - Supreme Encyclopedia Jopedia - Supreme Encyclopedia
Jopedia Supreme Encyclopedia serves you web pages, tweets, videos, images and encyclopedia articles about your query.
Deprecated lets you experience the web together. Invite your friends and use synchronized apps with them. * Watch Youtube videos. * Listen to Grooveshark music. * Upload and view documents together. (powered by More apps coming soon...
Spidi The Fox Spidi The Fox
Instant search for YouTube, Digg and Flickr. Once YouTube video is playing you can still view photos and news from Digg.
MoodFM MoodFM
Random generator of music-video playlists based on the specified mood: (happy, sad, angry, relaxed) and genre. Great for finding new bands.
Follow the Nookie Follow the Nookie
A mashup for the band Limp Bizkit. See their concert history on a Google Map and watch recommended videos.
YouTube Instant YouTube Instant
Instant videos, instant classic. This mashup landed its creator a job offer over Twitter from YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.
Music Anchor Music Anchor
Music discovery on your PC using, MusicBrainz, Amazon, eBay. Create your own playlists and stream them directly from YouTube.
Text To Play Text To Play
Text2Play is an example in how to use Comet to build a real time web application. With Text2Play you can controll the Youtube player by Searching, Playing, or Pausing a video via SMS.
Enter 1 song, get 150 similar songs back, create your own MTV. Combines Last.FM & Youtube. There's also a Facebook integration that let you discover music your friends like. Uses in order to share playlist urls.
Take Kerala (India) Take Kerala (India)
A website about holidays and ayurveda treatments in Kerala. With maps, flickr images and easy booking of your vacation.
Current Weather Current Weather
A geolocation-aware mashup that shows current weather forecast along with recent social media feeds from Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.
CartoLogic Google Maps Demo CartoLogic Google Maps Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Maps API.
CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo CartoLogic OpenLayers Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with an OpenLayers map.
CartoLogic Google Earth Demo CartoLogic Google Earth Demo
This map from Cartologic is using cartoview to show Twitter, Gowalla, Foursquare, Youtube, Yelp, Flickr, Weather, Events, Wikipedia with the Google Earth browser plug-in.
Psykotube Psykotube
Psykotube is a great way to browse lots of videos really quickly. With Really simple and neat interface. This is great to get an overall vibe of a search and is at times faster than youtube's own search tool!
Improve your listening skills and hear about the news. is free listening practice. This is a tool for practicing listening and writing through dictation. Practice listening and dictation skills using the news and youtube video.
GeiKnows GeiKnows
To view a map exists in traditional arts of Japan Web site. 日本に存在する伝統芸能を地図で表示するWebサイトです。
Dragontape Dragontape
Create online video mixtapes to share with friends. Search for artists or songs on YouTube. Drag results into your list to create your own mixtape.
Kickdash Kickdash
Search for anything instantly. Find tweets, news, videos and products, with results updated instantly.
Music Favmap Music Favmap
A map of the favorite music of listeners. Circles to the right of the map have more plays per listener. The Y axis shows chronology, with the oldest tracks at the top of the chart. The larger the circle, the more plays the artist has received.
Vidbrief Vidbrief
Searches videos & images from popular stites like YouTube, Megavideo, Dailymotion, Google video, Google images, Bing images & Flickr