YouTube API

The Data API allows users to integrate their program with YouTube and allow it to perform many of the operations available on the website. It provides the capability to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content. A program can also authenticate as a user to upload videos, modify user playlists, and more. This integration can be used for a variety of uses such as developing a web application allowing users to upload video to YouTube, or a device or desktop application that brings the YouTube experience to a new platform. The Data API gives users programmatic access to the video and user information stored on YouTube. This can be used to personalize a web site or application with the user's existing information as well as perform actions like commenting on and rating videos. This RESTful API provides responses in XML format.
Atom, RSS, JSON, XML, GData
Atom Publishing Protocol (Atom/RSS)
Java, PHP Python, Ruby, ActionScript
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  • Online Basketball Camp (also referred to as Hoop Alert) is a website for coaches to manage and communicate with their teams by providing a custom platform for scheduling, text messaging, video...
  • Soccer Shots is a intro-to-soccer provider across the globe. Its messaging system uses the AT&T in-app messaging API.
  • FollowFly is a social media aggregator that can automatically bring up and display feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reddit AMA for anyone you search for. Different...
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Sexy Visions



Infused News


pwtempuser pwtempuser Shake Some Time

Rock Band 2 Song List

Virender Ajmani YouTube Vision

Tube Clip

A Paris Hilton video site


SpeedyiTunes Planet

'08 celebrity pictures, videos and news



MP3 Albums and Songs Downloads

pwtempuser pwtempuser Altertunes

pwtempuser pwtempuser M.O.M. Open Source Music Player

pwtempuser pwtempuser Lyrics Free Live

pwtempuser pwtempuser Music My Music

pwtempuser pwtempuser MusicDB

pwtempuser pwtempuser VideoDust


Arab Channel

Dvdz Review

YoutubeTC, izlesene


Spot a Hotel

World of Hollywood

Sriharsha Vankadara Worlds Fastest Elevators




Rakshith Krishnappa Obama Map

Truveo Video Translator

pwtempuser pwtempuser Music Videos Wizard

pwtempuser pwtempuser Muecs


pwtempuser pwtempuser



Query the Net

pwtempuser pwtempuser BeDesk

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mp3 Album


Lee tae ho Text Grinder

pwtempuser pwtempuser Dinle


pwtempuser pwtempuser ikasis YouTube Player

Alex Cybriwsky iGuide


pwtempuser pwtempuser Surf Search



Luka Muzinic Svraka

pwtempuser pwtempuser endToo Search


pwtempuser pwtempuser Golf-finder


pwtempuser pwtempuser Wrist Watch Videos

Sindicacion en mapas

Music on Tube

Mapped Big Wheel Race

pwtempuser pwtempuser Spore

pwtempuser pwtempuser Afrous Mashup Builder


Mashup Keyword

YouTube MP4


pwtempuser pwtempuser Yoga Yoga Yoga

pwtempuser pwtempuser Video Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser serendipi Twitterous

pwtempuser pwtempuser Clipegg



Blog Juice

Thumb Flash

pwtempuser pwtempuser SleekPage

Roger Peters Yimmiy

pwtempuser pwtempuser LyricsFly

Ace Badminton


pwtempuser pwtempuser SomPedia



pwtempuser pwtempuser Whatsikat


YouTube Made Simple and Visual

pwtempuser pwtempuser Visual YouTube


Coast Rack


IndoTag Music Portal

pwtempuser pwtempuser Glotter Maps

pwtempuser pwtempuser Netvibez

pwtempuser pwtempuser Find

pwtempuser pwtempuser MusicMash


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Simple and Workplace safe interface to YouTube via their APIs. In English too.


its using api categories,new videos,popular videos and users' videos...

This is a Video mashup of and Youtube. Play videos of one artist or similar artist.. once after another.. I love it!


Great sites guys. How do build a youtube mashup site? please help.


how mashups and youtube are connected.. in what ways?

PL4Y - PlayLists 4 YouTube

Create playlists with your favourite songs, or string together several segmented clips from various TV shows from YouTube. Users can also share playlists and simultaneously view playlists with friends.


youtube apis are easy and useful. But there is too much detailed scripts. We need small sized scripts :)


FXGlobalTransfer is a convenient and secure way to send money around the world with the same low rates you get with all OANDA products. Unlike other money transfer services that hide their fees in high spreads, FXGlobalTransfer shows you exactly what you're paying


[url=]Currency Converter[/url]


I can not open in my camputer, The China ip is blocked now? Pls help me how can i open it?


TimeTube TimeTube
Shows YouTube videos on an interactive timeline based on keywords you enter, e.g. Barack Obama or Chocolate Rain.
Sexy Visions Sexy Visions
A collection of sexy videos from YouTube. Search for videos by country, type and other categories. NSFW, not safe for work.
SocialOyster SocialOyster
Create an Oysterpass. Your Oysterpass will show your social activities at the internet. Search on different applications. Follow your friends live at your Oysterline
TotalVideos TotalVideos
The videos from both YouTube and Veoh sites are integrated together in one site. The site also allows you to comment and rate YouTube videos which are then reflected on the YouTube site.
Infused News Infused News
The aim is to integrate user-submitted, multimedia elements into existing news stories. In order to investigate whether the use of multiple sources gives the news story a more balanced, honest and up-to-date view of the news story.
Interceder Interceder
Search the latest news, videos, and photos.
Shake Some Time Shake Some Time
A video website that aggregates video content using the YouTube web service.
Rock Band 2 Song List Rock Band 2 Song List
Listen to the complete tracks on the upcoming game Rock Band 2. Lyrics are pulled in so you will be ready for the vocal tracks. Uses APIs from Amazon, YouTube and Lyricsfly.
YouTube Vision YouTube Vision
See who is uploading what and from where on YouTube.
Tube Clip Tube Clip
Tube Clip is a service based on You Tube mixing audio and video tracks from different You Tube movies. It generates automatically video clips with the song you choose.
A Paris Hilton video site A Paris Hilton video site
Watch sexy Paris Hilton videos collected from YouTube.
Infinitube Infinitube
Youtube-powered infinitely-playing video viewer. Type in a keyword and get unlimited Youtube videos played back to you, just like regular TV. This app was built in about 8 hours.
SpeedyiTunes Planet SpeedyiTunes Planet
Custom engine for YouTube, RapidShare, MegaUpload, and more.
'08 celebrity pictures, videos and news '08 celebrity pictures, videos and news
Watch pictures from Yahoo, videos from YouTube and read the latest news about celebrity actresses, models and singers.
Flokoon Flokoon
Flokoon is a visual search engine that lets you explore websites in a Flash-based visualization. Uses APIs including for music data and YouTube for video.
Swurl Swurl
Swurl is a place to bring all the things you do online together to share in a blog-like format. Uses over 13 different APIs.
MP3 Albums and Songs Downloads MP3 Albums and Songs Downloads
Download mp3 songs and mp3 albums. Read the reviews and learn more about the music, see the YouTube videos. Also uses the Amazon e-commerce API.
Altertunes Altertunes
A community-based mp3 download and search website, providing mp3s, videos, guitar tabs, lyrics, and other resources.
M.O.M. Open Source Music Player M.O.M. Open Source Music Player
An open source music library and player that organizes your music and allows you access to it online. Set up accounts for your friends to listen, and they can create their own playlists. Uses APIs from, Lyricsfly, LyricsWiki and YouTube.
Lyrics Free Live Lyrics Free Live
Searches videos, pictures, and lyrics.
Music My Music Music My Music
Top songs with videos and lyrics. Search for music videos and display lyrics on the right side.
MusicDB MusicDB
Provides video search and related lyrics with ability for users to sign up and save their profiles.
VideoDust VideoDust
Indian entertainment site. Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu videos. TV shows, music, interviews and more. Categorized videos based on different tags.
TrendyNewz TrendyNewz
Aggregates and visualizes trends on Google, Yahoo and Amazon. It is also a customizable search engine that can be added to your toolbar. Once an account is created, users can maintain a top 20 list and add web clips to their scrapbooks.
Arab Channel Arab Channel
Arabic entertainment website. Integrates photos from Flickr and videos from YouTube.
Dvdz Review Dvdz Review
provides instant access to information on DVD's including ratings, reviews, previews, deals, and rental offers, into one mashup page along with YouTube Movie previews for the selected Movie. Integrates APIs from Amazon, eBay, YouTube and others.
YoutubeTC, izlesene YoutubeTC, izlesene
Turkish YouTube site.
youniversus youniversus
This video competition community lets your compare videos and create your own competitions.
Spot a Hotel Spot a Hotel
Search and booking of about 100,000 hotels worldwide. Hotels are retrieved and combined through 7 independent hotel providers. XML services provided by Flickr, Panoramio, YouTube, WeatherBug, Google and more. A fast and modern hotel booking application.
World of Hollywood World of Hollywood
World of Hollywood has videos of Hollywood movies, actors and actresses. Search for movie videos from multiple channels like Youtube, MySpace, AOL and others.
Worlds Fastest Elevators Worlds Fastest Elevators
The ten fastest elevators in the world from some of the tallest buildings in the world. Integrates YouTube videos of the buildings.
freshMoo freshMoo
freshmoo gets you info, plot, and trailers for any movie you want. Integrates YouTube, Yahoo Search and Flickr.
YouComment YouComment
Provides a more user-friendly way to view the comments left on a YouTube video.
Dating site that also incorporates YouTube videos.
Obama Map Obama Map
Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign Map, showing his campaign speeches and endorsements across USA.
Truveo Video Translator Truveo Video Translator
Search for videos from popular channels like several popular channels that include YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, Google Video and others with the results translated into your local language.
Music Videos Wizard Music Videos Wizard
Watch music videos of songs you listen to on Also, watch what your friends are listening to. Main feature is the music wizard.
Muecs Muecs
Aggregates favorites or uploaded items from popular web sites including digg, Flickr,, Twitter and Youtube.
TopicTastic TopicTastic
Deprecated is a platform for serving topic-focused websites. Integrates APIs including Flickr and YouTube.
Search major video sharing sites and watch videos. Uses APIs from, LiveVideo, Vimeo, YouTube and others.
ApiTickr ApiTickr
Collection of widgets for different APIs that can be embedded.
SpyTickr SpyTickr
SpyTickr spys on Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket,, LinkedIn, Jaiku and YouTube in realtime.
Query the Net Query the Net
Search engine that provides a variety of results from Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Ask, Digg, and others.
BeDesk BeDesk
A application desktop to let you visualize data. Integrates the YouTube API.
Mp3 Album Mp3 Album is a music mashup site that has artists Mp3s, albums, videos, and images. Listen to Mp3s online. Also has popular artists by country.
Totlol Totlol
A community-moderated video site for kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years. Has a big selection of videos. Parents can scout, submit, and screen videos via a special interface. Uses the YouTube API.
Text Grinder Text Grinder
Analysis and sampling important keyword in a phrases while analysing contents of new text or exist text file also are able to quick approach to searching files using related with multi-media contents. Users can save the time to understanding their text.
Dinle Dinle is a music mashup site, containing information about music artists, including albums, mp3s, videos and pictures. is in the Turkish language. Dinle means listen.
SmartTickr SmartTickr is a realtime Ajax Reader for RSS-Feeds, Twitter, Flicker, MySpace, Facebook,, LinkedIn, Ebay, YouTube, Jaiku and
ikasis YouTube Player ikasis YouTube Player
ikasis is a YouTube video player. You can search for videos without reloading and breaking the actual video. The search result is played like a playlist. This is non-stop YouTube, like watching TV.
iGuide iGuide
Interactive Travel Guide featuring 16,000+ destination guides, a full-screen interactive map, traveler reviews, videos, and 10,000+ photos. Combines Google Maps, WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Placeopedia, YouTube, and Google Video.
Ociotube Ociotube
Search video and music files on Youtube, MySpace, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Veoh, or Goear.
Browse videos and convert them into a more friendly format. For example, download a video as MP3.
Surf Search Surf Search
General purpose search mashup that searches video, news, and photos.
Tamtami Tamtami
Software and goods reviews. Bookmarking and search engine.
A music information aggregator that displays music news, album information, music videos, artists photos, music genres and tags for each artist.
Svraka Svraka
Paragliding pictures and videos from Croatia, archived by date.
endToo Search endToo Search
endToo is a full-featured file search engine that combines APIs from Google, Scribd, SlideShare, Yahoo and YouTube.
FOAFster FOAFster
A prototype visualizer for Friend Of A Friend relationship objects. It mashes up MyBlogLog FOAF objects, and adds favorites from, Digg,, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Upcoming, Tumbler, Twitter, and YouTube if it can find them.
Golf-finder Golf-finder
A golf interactive search engine. Find golf courses, golf videos, golf pictures, golf clubs and golf buddies. The only golf resource you need.
TuneMaze TuneMaze
Music portal specifically designed for mobile and iPhone users. TuneMaze allows users to search and download mp3 tracks and view associated lyrics, youtube videos, amazon downloads and related tracks.
Wrist Watch Videos Wrist Watch Videos
Site that aggregates videos of watches by brand.
Sindicacion en mapas Sindicacion en mapas
A University project that intends to provide multiple information about places around the world making use of content retrieved from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Youtube, Google, news, and classified ads.
Music on Tube Music on Tube
Combines Flickr, and YouTube. Create your own folders, drag your videos, and view videos in a player.
Mapped Big Wheel Race Mapped Big Wheel Race
A mashup of the YouTube embedded player Javascript API and Google Maps. It plots the location of the race driver as the video plays.
Spore Spore
This Electronic Arts game uses the YouTube API to let you upload your in-game videos directly to YouTube from Spore.
Afrous Mashup Builder Afrous Mashup Builder
A JavaScript-based mashup engine that runs entirely on your web browser. No software installation, no server hosting. Numerous web services are now available and mashable under this JavaScript engine.
TubeSpy TubeSpy
TubeSpy is an application that shows the videos being watched on YouTube as they are being watched.
Mashup Keyword Mashup Keyword
A Mashup that takes a keyword and then fetches photos, videos, blog, news and events. Developed using the Zend Framework.
YouTube MP4 YouTube MP4
YouTubeMP4 creates a link to the mpeg4 file on YouTube from the YouTube URL. You can download the file quickly by directly downloading it from YouTube.
eFanMusic eFanMusic
Get lots of information about your favorite artists. View album information, find mp3 songs, lyrics, biographies, podcasts, or find a good deal in eBay. You can also rate artists and add comments.
Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga
A mashup of eBay yoga clothing and gear listings plus a Google map of yoga-friendly venues, such as local classes, retreats and vacations.
Video Search Video Search
Tag-based search. Watch funny videos and listen to the music player.
serendipi Twitterous serendipi Twitterous
Annotates a Twitter feed with related content from Yahoo search, YouTube, Slideshare, and the OER Recommender. Content of each tweet is analyzed and then used to pull in links related to it.
Clipegg Clipegg
Clipegg aggregates links to popular media published on social media sites. You can quickly read the most popular news, watch the latest videos and top images.
Moviestarlover Moviestarlover
A simple website for reviewing and buying movies, music, and mp3s from Amazon.
YouTubede YouTubede
Website with YouTube videos.
Blog Juice Blog Juice
Blog Juice is a bookmarklet that looks for a MyBlogLog identifier on the current page and uses the API and 9 other services to find information about its recent readers roll. Bookmark users for later and visit their sites, all without leaving the page.
Thumb Flash Thumb Flash
Japanese image search application that tiles results in a Flash visualization. Mashes data from Flickr, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and YouTube,
SleekPage SleekPage
SleekPage is a search engine that shows search results from various popular sites, such as, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Google Blog Search and, in a single page.
Yimmiy Yimmiy
Yimmiy searches the web simultaneously for various kinds of content (web, video, photos, new and blogs) from various providers (Yahoo, Live, LiveVideo, YouTube, Picasa, Google, Flickr etc), showing all in one list and using colors for the contenttypes.
LyricsFly LyricsFly
Large wiki-style database of song lyrics with real time suggestions, related music videos, and download links to DRM-free mp3s.
Ace Badminton Ace Badminton
Buy brand name badminton equipment at discount prices.
wantMyMedia wantMyMedia
Search, watch and download any YouTube video.
SomPedia SomPedia
Something more about music bands, lyrics, and songs. Portuguese version online. English version in progress.
Eletrohitz Eletrohitz
Brazilian site that shows music suggestions along with music videos.
Lennot Lennot
A Finnish flights and aviation site that uses Google Maps to show all official airports in Finland. On the detailed airport page, also view YouTube videos.
Whatsikat Whatsikat
Read Filipino Internet buzz, what's new on the Internet for Filipinos. News, celebrity blogs, and more.
musicplace musicplace
Enjoy music with this mashup of Last.FM, Flickr, Ebay, Boo-box, Youtube, and YahooVideos.
YouTube Made Simple and Visual YouTube Made Simple and Visual
View YouTube in an un-cluttered more visual way, your search terms will display 50 video images, a description is shown by hovering over each image. Google searches are shown for News, Web, Images, Books and Blogs related to search terms.
Visual YouTube Visual YouTube
Enter your search terms and then see 50 thumbnails of videos. Hover over one for a description and click it to play the video. Also lists web, news, blog, image, and book search results.
MyTube MyTube
Add video search to your website and display them. Search Youtube, Google video, Metacafe, Revver, Mefeedia, and
Coast Rack Coast Rack
Coast Rack searches for artists tracks and their videos from sources including, MusicBrainz, and YouTube.
Cinefreaks Cinefreaks
German movie portal. Uses APIs from YouTube, Google Maps and Amazon.
IndoTag Music Portal IndoTag Music Portal
Music Portal a.k.a is a portal of music blog posts and provides a concise snapshot of the latest in music blogging.
Glotter Maps Glotter Maps
App that lets you create and share individual world maps, KML-files and Google Mapplets.
Netvibez Netvibez
Watch videos from YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, Metacafe; view Flickr images, search for music from Pandora, and play games. Use the Hide Me feature to quickly hide the site if you are at work.
Find Find
Meta search engine. Find web sites, photos, news and videos. Uses Flickr, Yahoo Image Search, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Video Search and YouTube.
MusicMash MusicMash
Search for an artist and view videos, photos, and a discography for the artist.
iMusix iMusix
Mashup that aggregates music videos from YouTube with a search interface.