YouTube API

The Data API allows users to integrate their program with YouTube and allow it to perform many of the operations available on the website. It provides the capability to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, and see related content. A program can also authenticate as a user to upload videos, modify user playlists, and more. This integration can be used for a variety of uses such as developing a web application allowing users to upload video to YouTube, or a device or desktop application that brings the YouTube experience to a new platform. The Data API gives users programmatic access to the video and user information stored on YouTube. This can be used to personalize a web site or application with the user's existing information as well as perform actions like commenting on and rating videos. This RESTful API provides responses in XML format.
Atom, RSS, JSON, XML, GData
Atom Publishing Protocol (Atom/RSS)
Java, PHP Python, Ruby, ActionScript
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  • Online Basketball Camp (also referred to as Hoop Alert) is a website for coaches to manage and communicate with their teams by providing a custom platform for scheduling, text messaging, video...
  • Soccer Shots is a intro-to-soccer provider across the globe. Its messaging system uses the AT&T in-app messaging API.
  • FollowFly is a social media aggregator that can automatically bring up and display feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reddit AMA for anyone you search for. Different...
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pwtempuser pwtempuser musicmesh

TokyoStage World Music Charts and Videos




pwtempuser pwtempuser Lyrics and Clips

pwtempuser pwtempuser Toronto Buddhism



Fifa Soccer Videos

My Best Clip

QlikTech Films

Dog Parks USA

pwtempuser pwtempuser Vreetings

pwtempuser pwtempuser oSkope



pwtempuser pwtempuser Windsurfing Videos

Video Celebrities


Music Video Lyrics

pwtempuser pwtempuser DealZilla

pwtempuser pwtempuser

Zoogle IN



pwtempuser pwtempuser Mappeo



pwtempuser pwtempuser


Ricardo S Topstube



pwtempuser pwtempuser Music Creek

Celebrity CryoSites

pwtempuser pwtempuser Youtube Favorites RSS


pwtempuser pwtempuser The Scarface World

pwtempuser pwtempuser myVidster

pwtempuser pwtempuser Touropia






pwtempuser pwtempuser VideoTag



pwtempuser pwtempuser 10 Top US Cities Travel Guides



pwtempuser pwtempuser YouTube Top Video Data

pwtempuser pwtempuser 5th Bar Phone Reviews

Used Cars

Top 50 Travel Locations



Virender Ajmani New 7 Wonders of the World

pwtempuser pwtempuser Mudeo

Hotels in Copacabana Beach

pwtempuser pwtempuser iPhone Maniacs


Pleo HQ

pwtempuser pwtempuser Video Evolved

pwtempuser pwtempuser Chime.TV


Virender Ajmani 100 Most Powerful Celebrities

pwtempuser pwtempuser Extremeprofile Dives

Molu The Search Spider Places


Movie Info Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser utrecht Music Video Search

YouTube Car Videos

DoubleTab Video

pwtempuser pwtempuser

pwtempuser pwtempuser GO DJ profile


pwtempuser pwtempuser esFresh

Suchi Software Solutions FireUploader

LastTube, Meets Youtube

YouTube Slideshow on Google Maps

ChizMax Lyrics and Video Search Engine

Virender Ajmani One Hit Wonders on Google Maps


pwtempuser pwtempuser Turtilla RSS Mashup Tool

pwtempuser pwtempuser Music Artist Cloud

pwtempuser pwtempuser My Bikram Yoga

pwtempuser pwtempuser Cloudme Search

pwtempuser pwtempuser All Around China - Live China 360 Search - Web videos with subtitles

pwtempuser pwtempuser The Tour Map

A World of Nirvana


pwtempuser pwtempuser FoxyTunes Planet

pwtempuser pwtempuser Corozal Mapia

pwtempuser pwtempuser Arcane Pillage

pwtempuser pwtempuser Music Artist Cloud

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Simple and Workplace safe interface to YouTube via their APIs. In English too.


its using api categories,new videos,popular videos and users' videos...

This is a Video mashup of and Youtube. Play videos of one artist or similar artist.. once after another.. I love it!


Great sites guys. How do build a youtube mashup site? please help.


how mashups and youtube are connected.. in what ways?

PL4Y - PlayLists 4 YouTube

Create playlists with your favourite songs, or string together several segmented clips from various TV shows from YouTube. Users can also share playlists and simultaneously view playlists with friends.


youtube apis are easy and useful. But there is too much detailed scripts. We need small sized scripts :)


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I can not open in my camputer, The China ip is blocked now? Pls help me how can i open it?


Vimasic Vimasic
Vimasic is a VIdeos, iMAges and muSIC mashup. Saves searching on different sites for variety of useful music data: lyrics, videos, photos, biographies, concert dates and other information. 5 APIs used.
musicmesh musicmesh
Web-based music exploration tool. Browse through a dynamically generated graph of albums that are similar to your seed album. Listen to tracks and watch videos as you browse.
TokyoStage World Music Charts and Videos TokyoStage World Music Charts and Videos
Combines music charts from all over the world with music videos from YouTube, info from and lyrics.
Ultrasearchula Ultrasearchula
Search Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and more, all from a single search box. Includes category defaults and quick 1-character shortcuts.
BigSity BigSity
BigSity allows you to search locally for businesses, see pictures of places, watch videos, write reviews, see events, and more.
BelizeMapia BelizeMapia
Find attractions on a map of Belize and other Central American cities. Click the tabs at the top to watch YouTube videos related to the city.
Lyrics and Clips Lyrics and Clips
Collection of songs and video clips with their lyrics.
Toronto Buddhism Toronto Buddhism
Toronto Buddhism locations. Also, view images, read news, and watch videos related to Buddhism.
PrimoCast PrimoCast
Search and find YouTube videos, watch a video, and share it with friends.
CaddieHub CaddieHub
Search for golf videos, tutorials and golf courses, with each mapped.
Fifa Soccer Videos Fifa Soccer Videos
Soccer video mashup covering both video games, like Fifa 08, and real soccer including world cups, popular players, etc.
My Best Clip My Best Clip
Selection of the most funny and interesting YouTube video clips.
QlikTech Films QlikTech Films
Integration among QlikView business intelligence software, eBay, and YouTube. Films and actors identified by QlikView are searched for on eBay and YouTube.
Dog Parks USA Dog Parks USA
Dog Park USA uses Google Maps to promote the awareness of responsibly maintained public dog play areas in regional parks.
Vreetings Vreetings
Vreetings is a video-plus-greetings service for creating video greeting cards using a drag-and-drop technique. The videos that you drag are YouTube videos.
oSkope oSkope
Visual search assistant. Rich Flash interface allows you to find products on Amazon and eBay, along with related Flickr photos and YouTube videos.
Pixoble Pixoble
Unified visual search. Type a search term and then gets results of Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Yahoo photos, Yahoo videos, and more.
TopicTrends TopicTrends
Shows interesting topics currently being searched for. Clusters content around topics of interest. A semantic analytic is applied over the content to connect related topics and provide more context.
Windsurfing Videos Windsurfing Videos
Browse the latest, most popular, and most highly-rated windsurfing videos from YouTube. Eliminates the hassle of searching through YouTube for good windsurfing videos.
Video Celebrities Video Celebrities
Find celebrity videos, especially for Latin stars. Uses the YouTube API. Note that some videos are adult content and not safe for work, NSFW.
LoreStorm LoreStorm
Geekish social site, permitting sharing of feeds, searches, and user posts. Uses the Flickr and YouTube APIs as well as search from Google and Yahoo.
Music Video Lyrics Music Video Lyrics
Video and lyrics together. Learn Spanish through songs, video and lyrics. Spanish songs lyrics, French songs, Italian songs, German songs. Add and edit your favorite songs and videos
DealZilla DealZilla
Amazon shopping meets YouTube to bring product trailers and videos mashed up with Amazon product content.
Connect your YouTube video to the placeg where you recorded it. Show the world where you have been.
Zoogle IN Zoogle IN search has lots of categories like content sharing, knowledge, blogs, search engines, and jobs. Zoogle categorizes the search results based on the search sources.
Videeoz Videeoz
Search for a celebrity or other keyword and then view videos and images that match your search.
Mappington Mappington
A social community for travelers. Create travel blogs, post your photos & videos, review destinations, befriend other travelers, share with your friends.
Mappeo Mappeo
With mappeo, you can geo search YouTube videos and filter specific keywords.
VThumbs VThumbs
View images and videos of celebrities. A mashup of Flickr and YouTube.
eventsPad eventsPad
An events discovery service that blends event descriptions with interactive multimedia and community enhancements. Like a wiki, you can add text, images, and video to any event.
Small community that uses the Youtube API to show off and comment on videos in users profiles.
Videomap Videomap
Youtube and Revver video on Google Maps.
Topstube Topstube
Advanced music videos search.
GoMojo GoMojo
GoMojo is a music community and search tool. Web site artist search: SNOCAP stores, eBay auctions, YouTube videos, syndicated news. Links to shops, blogs, Flickr, Live365 radio. Desktop app: photo tagger/uploader for Flickr, compact Amazon browser.
LostDocs LostDocs
News, videos, and more about the ABC network show, Lost.
Music Creek Music Creek
Play music videos of artists continuously, sync them between YouTube and local iTunes, and sync them with your iPod or iPhone. Also provides video playlists based on top ranking of iTMS and other sources.
Celebrity CryoSites Celebrity CryoSites
Images, videos, and news about your favorite celebrities from Yahoo, YouTube and Technorati.
Youtube Favorites RSS Youtube Favorites RSS
Enter your Youtube username and press the button to create an RSS feed with embedded movies of your Youtube Favorites.
Tubarati Tubarati
Tubarati allows you to get the latest YouTube videos based on the most popular posts by bloggers around the world, using Technorati tags.
The Scarface World The Scarface World
Scarface fan site that has YouTube videos, audio quotes, pictures, wallpaper, articles, products, and interviews.
myVidster myVidster
myVidster is a social video bookmarking and gallery service. Collect all your videos in one place, share your collections with friends or a large audience, and explore what other people are collecting.
Touropia Touropia
Provides an overview of travel highlights around the world using interactive maps with destinations such as cities, beaches, national parks and cultural sites.
FindJira FindJira
Multi-search engine, searches within many engines and web services and returns information grouped by relevance and media. Uses FindJira framework, open source middleware that simplifies search from different sources.
BuzzVideo BuzzVideo
The latest videos and related details from YouTube, Technorati and Yahoo Search.
Musicr Musicr is a music portal with images, videos, lyrics, top artists, a tag cloud, and more.
Search tool for music fans where you can find MP3s, YouTube videos, Flickr images, news, songs, events, blog posts, podcasts, websites, and articles about artists.
Enrich Enrich
A content enrichment system that allows users to integrate data from two dozen sources.
VideoTag VideoTag
VideoTag is a one-player tagging game. Tag some of the funniest YouTube videos, avoid the pitfalls and progress to the next level. See if you can make the top of the leaderboard and become the ultimate video tagger.
ongmap ongmap
Mashup of Google Maps, Virtual Earth with many other APIs. Ext.js is used to make user interface intuitive. It lets you search for hotels, photos, restaurants, wifi spots, local news/blogs, events, weather, and many other spatial data.
smsTunes smsTunes
Play video-karaokes for the hot 20 songs of the moment. Create your own with our Online Karaoke Creator.
10 Top US Cities Travel Guides 10 Top US Cities Travel Guides
Travel guides for 10 top U.S. cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Seattle. Each subdomain includes select video guides pulled via the YouTube API.
ThinkBigBeBig ThinkBigBeBig
Digg for must-have products and services.
Finderface Finderface
Consolidation of information about notable people, including celebrities, musicians, writers, historical figures and sports people. Auto-ranking of people based on density of current news and automatic analysis of connections between people.
YouTube Top Video Data YouTube Top Video Data
Stats and summaries of the top videos on YouTube, by day, week, and month. Also, read a mashup tutorial on the How I Built It page.
5th Bar Phone Reviews 5th Bar Phone Reviews
5th Bar is a new way to avoid getting the wrong phone again. Find and share reviews and information about mobile phones, cell phone carriers, and accessories. Mashup content from YouTube, eBay, Amazon, and CNET.
Used Cars Used Cars
Used cars and new car shopping site with extensive use of APIs. Yahoo Map Image is used to get around the https issue with Google Maps. YouTube drives the video search. Users can leave a car review, an article, or a dealer review.
Top 50 Travel Locations Top 50 Travel Locations
Provides a list of videos, pictures, maps, and wikipedia information for Forbes traveler's list of top 50 locations.
VirtualTraveller VirtualTraveller
Virtualtraveller aims to supply the user relevant information about some location on earth of his/her choosing. To accomplish this, this site makes heavy use of various web services and data including Wikipedia, Google, Flickr and Youtube.
dewspot dewspot
The allows you to mix with video, map, photo, weather forecasts and twitter messages. It has impressive interface. Developers periodicaly add new features. Wishes are welcome.
New 7 Wonders of the World New 7 Wonders of the World
New 7 Wonders of the world mapped on Google Maps along with YouTube video for each of the 7 wonder.
Mudeo Mudeo
Explore musical artists with this mashup of LastFm, MySpace, YouTube, and Google Videos.
Hotels in Copacabana Beach Hotels in Copacabana Beach
With this GoogleMaps mashup, you can see exactly where your hotel at Copacabana Beach, Brazil would be, with photos, videos, and online reservation directly from the map, ranked from the hotels on the beach to the hostels elsewere in Copacabana.
iPhone Maniacs iPhone Maniacs
Visit the News, Photos, and Videos pages on this website to see mashups of the keyword 'iPhone' with flickr photos, revver videos, and Google news. The mashups deliver the latest updates about the iPhone. is an online shopping mashup. It mixes and mashes Amazon Web Services, Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and YouTube for video product reviews.
Pleo HQ Pleo HQ
Pleo HQ features content about Pleo, the robotic dinosaur, including links from, news, blog posts from a custom feed, images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, and auctions from eBay.
Video Evolved Video Evolved
Generate video playlists of YouTube videos related to your search term and watch the videos back to back. Embed a playlist in your blog.
Chime.TV Chime.TV
Rich video aggregration site. Videos from,, DailyMotion, Google Videos, Kewego, MetaCafe, MySpace,, YouTube all in one place.
ytwebservice ytwebservice
YouTube search engine with results in RSS or JSON.
100 Most Powerful Celebrities 100 Most Powerful Celebrities
Map of Forbes list of the top 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities. Pop-up windows for each includes related YouTube videos.
Extremeprofile Dives Extremeprofile Dives
Upload your Dive profiles from any Suunto dive computer or bottom timer. Reports generated automatically with depth-time profile chart, vertical speed chart etc. Attach GPX track logs from your GPS. Attach photos from Flickr or videos from Youtube.
Molu The Search Spider Places Molu The Search Spider Places
Developed as an add-on to the search engine, Molu, enter a city and then view it mapped, along with Flickr photos, Wikipedia entries, weather, YouTube videos, and more about the location. Print the image on a custom goodie.
Autopendium Autopendium
Stuff about old cars. Keep a record of the restoration, customization and day-to-day life of your old car, and share resources and information with other old car owners.
Movie Info Search Movie Info Search
Search millions of local and international movie titles and video trailers from YouTube. Also has links to Google for more information about your search term.
utrecht Music Video Search utrecht Music Video Search
Music videos search from YouTube.
YouTube Car Videos YouTube Car Videos
Search and view automotive YouTube videos by car make and model. Search used cars using the new Photo Lot.
DoubleTab Video DoubleTab Video is a mashup of the YouTube and LiveVideo APIs.
Japanese mashup to unify search results and display it when Yahoo and Flickr and YouTube and amazon.
GO DJ profile GO DJ profile
A DJ or producer profile bio is completed by youtube videos, myspace content, blog posts, gigs from their own website and articles scraped from other websites. Link provided shows this for dj Tiesto.
Seegest Seegest
A site that aims to make it easier to decide what movies you can watch with your friends.
esFresh esFresh
Music videos on demand. Includes data from and YouTube.
FireUploader FireUploader
This is a Firefox extension which allows you to upload, and download photos,files and videos using a user friendly FTP like interface to most of your favorite websites.
LastTube, Meets Youtube LastTube, Meets Youtube
LastTube uses content from and YouTube. You can watch Youtube content based on your Recently Listened Tracks scrobbled to
YouTube Slideshow on Google Maps YouTube Slideshow on Google Maps
This slideshow uses Google Maps tile layers. Map images are replaced with YouTube thumbnail images, so you can scroll images by clicking and dragging. When you want to play the video, just click the image and push the play button.
ChizMax Lyrics and Video Search Engine ChizMax Lyrics and Video Search Engine
This is combination of Lyrics search and video. When song is found on the lyrics database, it fetches the video from YouTube.
One Hit Wonders on Google Maps One Hit Wonders on Google Maps
One Hit Wonders from Forbes, Wikipedia and American Idol are mapped. Also includes videos from YouTube for many entries.
Add map points to a variety of auction, business and venue-type categories. Points contain descriptions with YouTube videos.
ImmoPlaza ImmoPlaza
ImmoPlaza is a new French real estate website, providing a nice geolocalized interface based on Google Maps API. ImmoPlaza is the French equivalent of Trulia or Zillow.
Turtilla RSS Mashup Tool Turtilla RSS Mashup Tool
Turtilla is an online service which allows you to search and filter content related to your interests. This content is captured from a large variety of sources. The generated results can be converted to an RSS feed.
Music Artist Cloud Music Artist Cloud
Just enter your favorite musical artist and discover all related artists. It has never been easier to find good bands. Youtube videos and amazon links included.
My Bikram Yoga My Bikram Yoga is dedicated in bringing you the latest in the Bikram yoga community, news, blogs, images and videos.
Cloudme Search Cloudme Search
Enter one search and see Web sites, images and videos related to your search term.
All Around China - Live China 360 Search All Around China - Live China 360 Search
Searchable news about the Chinese economy, government and culture. - Web videos with subtitles - Web videos with subtitles
Allows users to add subtitles to web videos and search for related products.
The Tour Map The Tour Map
Interactive Google Map of Live Concert Tours, Music Videos and Biographies for popular performers on tour.
A World of Nirvana A World of Nirvana
Dynamic tribute to Kurt Cobain, showing Nirvana live concerts on a Google map by year. Search for videos directly by keywords.
musotik musotik
Enter an artist name and get videos, discography, bio, torrents and related artists
FoxyTunes Planet FoxyTunes Planet
Universal personalized music mashup integrating many music resources into one convenient place, then making them available through the FoxyTunes browser extension, which supports more than 30 media players and music services.
Corozal Mapia Corozal Mapia
Map-based tourism and business guide to Central American town in Belize, near the southern border of Mexico.
Arcane Pillage Arcane Pillage
Searches music videos on YouTube and audio tracks on In Japanese and English.
Music Artist Cloud Music Artist Cloud
Generate a tag cloud from music artists similar to the one you submit. Use it find find new bands you like. Including YouTube music videos.