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TwilioTelephony serviceTelephony357     
SkypeInternet communicationTelephony28     
TropoCommunications API for voice, SMS and Instant MessagingTelephony20     
Hoiio Voice Global Telephony APITelephony12     
JadukaInternet and PSTN voice servicesTelephony8     
MyVoxPhone to web media voice servicesTelephony6     
RingfulCreate rich voice and SMS mashups via simple RESTful APITelephony6     
ThrutuRealtime apps for Android phonesTelephony6     
KooKooCloud based telephony application platformTelephony5     
SkydeckMobile servicesTelephony4     
BT Web21CCommunications services APIsTelephony3     
PlivoOpen telephony platformTelephony3     
QuickFuseTelephony serviceTelephony3     
Broadsoft XtendedVoIP telephony servicesTelephony2     
EvocaPhone to web media voice servicesTelephony2     
SpokenBuzzVoice services portalTelephony2     
TelAPITelephony services for applicationsTelephony2     
AIM PhonelineVoice Over IP Internet telephony servicesTelephony1     
BumpMobile device data exchange serviceTelephony1     
CloudvoxVoice application platformTelephony1     
Gecko LandmarksLocation information servicesTelephony1     
Handset DetectionMobile phone databaseTelephony1     
IfbyphoneCloud based telephony service for IVR and dialer appsTelephony1     
IntelePeerTelephony From the Cloud ServiceTelephony1     
Orange LocationInactive - Location Tracking ServicesTelephony1     
RibbitFlash based VoIP serviceTelephony1     
TringMeVoIP telephony servicesTelephony1     
VoxeoServices for IVR and Voice over IP, VoIPTelephony1     
2600hzTelephony, voice and video platformTelephony0     
3NGNetworksVoIP services providerTelephony0     
42comTelecom company's login authentication serviceTelephony0     
46elksPhone calls, SMS and MMSTelephony0     
4PSA VoipNowIntegrated communications systemTelephony0     
8x8 Click to DialContact Center Outbound Call ServiceTelephony0     
8x8 CRMContact Center Customer Management ServiceTelephony0     
8x8 External IVRContact Center IVR Server Interaction ServiceTelephony0     
8x8 Real Time Statistics ReportingContact Center Real Time Statistics Reporting ServiceTelephony0     
8x8 RecordingsContact Center Recording Interaction ServiceTelephony0     
8x8 ReportingContact Center Statistics Reporting ServiceTelephony0     
8x8 Web CallbackContact Center Web Callback ServiceTelephony0     
Across CommunicationsInternet-based, inter-device communication serviceTelephony0     
Aculab CloudCloud based telephony servicesTelephony0     
Alcatel-Lucent New ConversationTransform IMS into a platform for rapid innovationTelephony0     
AlertGridMonitoring and alert serviceTelephony0     
AlianzaCloud-based voice communication serviceTelephony0     
Angel OutBoundInteractive voice response platformTelephony0     
Anveo PhoneInteractive voice response phone serviceTelephony0     
AT&T Call ManagementVoice and SMS communications for appsTelephony0     
AT&T Device CapabilitiesMobile device identification serviceTelephony0     
AT&T LocationLocation based servicesTelephony0     
AT&T WAP PushWAP Push serviceTelephony0     
AzuralisNorwegian hosted telecommunication serviceTelephony0     
babyTEL TelephoneMobile voice message and instant message serviceTelephony0     
Bluevia LocationMobile geolocation serviceTelephony0     
Bluevia MMSTwo way MMS serviceTelephony0     
BlueVia SMSTwo-way SMS serviceTelephony0     
BlueVia User ContextLocation and mobile user information serviceTelephony0     
Byte Plant Phone Number ValidationPhone Number Validation ServiceTelephony0     
Call Tracking MetricsTelephone call tracking serviceTelephony0     
Call-Em-AllAutomated phone calling system Telephony0     
Called.in Phone VerificationPhone number verification serviceTelephony0     
CallFire CloudBusiness and campaign telephony management serviceTelephony0     
CallFire Direct ConnectTargeted call back serviceTelephony0     
Callfire Hosted Call CenterCall center agent serviceTelephony0     
CallFire List ServiceContact list management serviceTelephony0     
CallFire RecordRecord campaign management serviceTelephony0     
Callfire Voice BroadcastPhone campaign serviceTelephony0     
CallME Click-to-CallPhone and SMS messaging serviceTelephony0     
CallPixelsPay-per-call tracking for affiliate networksTelephony0     
CallRailPhone call tracking serviceTelephony0     
CallsupDiscounted international calls serviceTelephony0     
CallWithUsInternational phone callback serviceTelephony0     
CallZing Voice Broadcast Virtual call center serviceTelephony0     
CellidCellular phone signal location serviceTelephony0     
China TelecomTelecom Information ApplicationsTelephony0     
Cisco Jabber Voice & Video Browser-based telephony serviceTelephony0     
ClarityPhone conversation management appTelephony0     
Clearwire Location Platform Location based tracking serviceTelephony0     
ClickMeeting Virtual conferencing platformTelephony0     
CloudTalkVoice communications platform for applicationsTelephony0     
Cloudvox DigitsTelephone number look up serviceTelephony0     
Connection Software RingtoneRingtone upload serviceTelephony0     
Custom Toll Free SearchToll free number search serviceTelephony0     
Data8 Live Number TestingTelephone validation serviceTelephony0     
Data8 Mobile ValidationCell phone number validation serviceTelephony0     
Data8 Preference ServicesSearch marketing preference servicesTelephony0     
Data8 Telephone ServicesIntegrate telephone servicesTelephony0     
detectmyPhoneSmartphone setting dection serviceTelephony0     
Deutsche Telekom Conference CallConference call serviceTelephony0     
Deutsche Telekom IP LocationMobile geolocation serviceTelephony0     
Deutsche Telekom TropoAPI for making, receiving and processing phone calls.Telephony0     
Deutsche Telekom Voice CallTelephone network connection serviceTelephony0     
developergarden.comTelephony web services for voice and SMSTelephony0     
DeviceIdentifierMobile device detection serviceTelephony0     
DeviceMagicElectronic form creation serviceTelephony0     
Dial2VerifyMissed call verificationTelephony0     
DialMyCallsAutomatic calling and texting serviceTelephony0     
DIDWWPhone and call forwarding serviceTelephony0     
DIDxGlobal DID exchangeTelephony0     
Digium SwithchvoxUnified Communications ServiceTelephony0     
Direct Leap TechnologiesCampaign (phone, telemessaging) serviceTelephony0     
DNCIndia Telemarketer Regulatory Compliance ServiceTelephony0     
Enterprise Communications DialerVoiP Auto-Dialing ServiceTelephony0     
Ericsson Mobile IdentificationMobile identification serviceTelephony0     
Ericsson Mobile LocationMobile location tracking serviceTelephony0     
Ericsson Mobile Network LookupNetwork lookup serviceTelephony0     
Ericsson Web LocationWeb-based Positioning ServiceTelephony0     
Esendex Spain SMSText messaging serviceTelephony0     
EuroIAXVoIP services providerTelephony0     
ExotelIVR and SMS servicesTelephony0     
ezetopMobile phone top up serviceTelephony0     
Fake CallTelephone call serviceTelephony0     
fastDoveSMS Management ServiceTelephony0     
FeedbooksMobile book and RSS servicesTelephony0     
FlurryMobile analytics platformTelephony0     
foneAPIVoIP and internet telephony serviceTelephony0     
FonoloCall center menu bypass servicesTelephony0     
FreebieSMS Auto DialerSend audio messages to phonesTelephony0     
Freedom800Toll-free number serviceTelephony0     
FreespeeMobile display advertising serviceTelephony0     
FullCourt VoiceTelelphony development serviceTelephony0     
Genband A2Cloud based telecommunications servicesTelephony0     
Global IP SoundVoice Processor for VoIP ServicesTelephony0     
Globalstar OSATSatellite ommunications availability serviceTelephony0     
Globe LabsTelecommunications servicesTelephony0     
Gradwell CallCall requesting buttonTelephony0     
grnVoIPVoIP ServiceTelephony0     
GroupFlierGroup messaging serviceTelephony0     
GSMA OneAPI LocationMobile location servicesTelephony0     
GSMA OneAPI Zonal PresenceMobile location servicesTelephony0     
Humbug AnalyticsTelephony reporting serviceTelephony0     
HummingBytes Q&ACommunication serviceTelephony0     
iCallCalling, VoIP, and messaging serviceTelephony0     
iLimeMobile push notification service for Apple iPhoneTelephony0     
InfobipMobile messaging and solution serviceTelephony0     
innovaphone PBXHosted VoIP telephony serviceTelephony0     
InVoxSmall and medium-sized business phone serviceTelephony0     
iPingInternet and telephony serviceTelephony0     
IsmuserVideoconferencing serviceTelephony0     
iVisionMobileSMS gateway serviceTelephony0     
IW LocationMobile geolocation serviceTelephony0     
JajahInternational Web Telephony ServiceTelephony0     
JetSetMeMobile roaming applicationTelephony0     
JOLO RechargeIndian mobile, DTH, and data card recharge serviceTelephony0     
Junction Networks Web ServicesBusiness VoIP ServicesTelephony0     
KazooTelecommunications solutionTelephony0     
KnowlarityCloud based telephony servicesTelephony0     
ktailab Mobile Country CodeFind locations based on mobile informationTelephony0     
LignUpCommunications web servicesTelephony0     
Lime CellularMobile marketing and cell phone communication serviceTelephony0     
Liquid11 ConferencingB2B telecom service - conferencingTelephony0     
Lleida ENUMTelephone number mapping and information serviceTelephony0     
Location-API.comMobile location tracking serviceTelephony0     
LyppVoIP Callback & Teleconferencing APITelephony0     
M5 ConnectWeb-based application integration serviceTelephony0     
Maluuba Natural LanguageNatural language personal assistant applicationTelephony0     
MassphoningMass Calling ServiceTelephony0     
Matrix SMS GatewaySMS messaging serviceTelephony0     
MegaPhone LabsInteractive Video ServiceTelephony0     
MindgramVoice telegram serviceTelephony0     
MobikwikMobile phone top up serviceTelephony0     
Mobile CommonsMobile marketing campaign management serviceTelephony0     
Mobile Vikings APIBelgian mobile network operatorTelephony0     
MobykoMobile phone syncing serviceTelephony0     
MorrisComGroup VOIP Communication ServiceTelephony0     
Motime Mobile device content serviceTelephony0     
MovistarSMS and MMS Messaging and Status APITelephony0     
Mozilla TelephonyWeb Telephony ToolTelephony0     
MumbleBoxesVoice over IP for gamingTelephony0     
Murrion Software Send SMS Text MessageText messaging serviceTelephony0     
MyDivertInternational VoIP and call forwarding serviceTelephony0     
NALENND Basic NPA NXX ValidationNorth American phone number validation and informationTelephony0     
NeuStar Port PSTelephone number information automation serviceTelephony0     
NewAerProximity platform and applicationTelephony0     
Next CallerCall center efficiency platformTelephony0     
NimbuzzMobile chat, text, and voice applicationTelephony0     
NovelASPectApplication hosting servicesTelephony0     
NuBotIVR testing platformTelephony0     
NuGram RuntimeSpeech recognition serviceTelephony0     
NumberLaundryPhone Number Information ServiceTelephony0     
ObexCodeMobile sync and configuration serviceTelephony0     
Offline GeolocationCellphone Location ServiceTelephony0     
OnSIP VoIPTelephony serviceTelephony0     
OnSIP XMPPReal-time notification serviceTelephony0     
OnTime Outbound CallingTelephony campaigning serviceTelephony0     
Open VoiceVoIP telephony servicesTelephony0     
OpenCellIDCellular phone location serviceTelephony0     
OpenCNAMCaller ID data providerTelephony0     
OpenSignalMobile, cell phone, and wi-fi coverage applicationTelephony0     
Orange Click-to-CallInactive - Click to call Internet voice servicesTelephony0     
Orange Contact EveryoneInactive - Mobile contacts serviceTelephony0     
Orange Device Capability EnablerInactive - Mobile device checking servicesTelephony0     
Orange Multimedia ConferenceInactive - Teleconferencing servicesTelephony0     
Orange Personal ContactsInactive - Mobile phone contacts serviceTelephony0     
Orange Personal ProfileInactive - Mobile customer profile serviceTelephony0     
Orange VoicemailInactive - Voicemail messaging serviceTelephony0     
Orange VoiceMashupInactive - IVR, Interactive Voice Response systemTelephony0     
Parlay XSuite of telephony servicesTelephony0     
PATLiveHosted communications center integration serviceTelephony0     
PennyTel OpenVoIP provider in AustraliaTelephony0     
PhoneDogCell phone information, service data, and news.Telephony0     
PhoneGnomeVOIP Phone serviceTelephony0     
PhoneifyPhone Number Verification ServiceTelephony0     
PhonoWeb based phone calling and messagingTelephony0     
PhweetTwitter talk serviceTelephony0     
Plivo FrameworkTelephony framework platform Telephony0     
Plum Voice Telephony serviceTelephony0     
PokeTalkWeb Telephony ServiceTelephony0     
PushBugWindows Phone 7 notification serviceTelephony0     
Radish Systems ChoiceViewReal time phone appsTelephony0     
RealPhoneValidationPhone number validation serviceTelephony0     
RebtelApp communications on the cloudTelephony0     
Rebtel Voice PlatformInternational calling platformTelephony0     
Recharge MyMobile recharge & payment applicationTelephony0     
Ribbit MessagesSMS and Voicemail Management ServiceTelephony0     
Ribbit Transcription on DemandVoice-to-text Transcription ServiceTelephony0     
RingCentral RingOutCloud based telephony serviceTelephony0     
Ringio CRMPhone call routing serviceTelephony0     
RobotalkerRobocalling and telemarketing serviceTelephony0     
Rogers LocationMobile location servicesTelephony0     
Rogers User ProfileMobile user subscription informationTelephony0     
RTCkitIn-browser telephone serviceTelephony0     
SAINTloginLog-in via phone callTelephony0     
SendegaNorwegian SMS text messaging serviceTelephony0     
Sent.lyText messaging service for Android phonesTelephony0     
ServiceObjects DOTS Phone ServicesPhone lookup and validation serviceTelephony0     
Setu InfocomVoIP callback and click-to-call serviceTelephony0     
ShotCodeAllows phones to act as barcode scannersTelephony0     
SimpleVoxCloud-based VoIP solutionTelephony0     
Simwood eSMSSMS Service and Management ToolsTelephony0     
SingTel MessagingMobile network serviceTelephony0     
SingTel Phone TypeMobile network serviceTelephony0     
SingTel Single Sign OnMobile network serviceTelephony0     
SingTel WAP PushWAP Push serviceTelephony0     
SipgateInternet telephone service providerTelephony0     
SIPmlyVoice over IP serviceTelephony0     
Sippy SoftSwitchVoIP network management platformTelephony0     
SiterDomain dialing serviceTelephony0     
SMS GupShupSMS Group Message ServiceTelephony0     
SMSConCubaSMS messaging to CubaTelephony0     
SoundBiteUnified messaging service for voice, text, and emailTelephony0     
SpeapInternational phone serviceTelephony0     
SpeekWeb based voice conferencing serviceTelephony0     
Sprint SMS and MMS messaging serviceTelephony0     
Sprint GeofencingGeolocation support serviceTelephony0     
Sprint LocationMobile geolocation serviceTelephony0     
Sprint PresenceMobile network serviceTelephony0     
Spy DialerMissed call identifier serviceTelephony0     
StreamWIDE Call ScreeningCall screening serviceTelephony0     
SureVoIPVoIP service providerTelephony0     
Sweden PTSSwedish telecom agencyTelephony0     
SylantroHosted VoIP servicesTelephony0     
Synergy-IPVVoice over IP serviceTelephony0     
Synety CloudCallOn demand business phone systemTelephony0     
TalkrayPhone call and text message applicationTelephony0     
Tall UmbrellaVoIP notifications serviceTelephony0     
TelekuPhone and SMS application serviceTelephony0     
Telenor Click to CallWeb-based Click to Call ServiceTelephony0     
Telenor LocationMobile Phone Positioning ServiceTelephony0     
Telenor SMSSMS messaging serviceTelephony0     
Telenor SMS AlertBulk SMS Alert Delivery ServiceTelephony0     
Telenor Status PushMobile Phone Status ServiceTelephony0     
Telephony Intelligence Data ServicesTelephony customer data serviceTelephony0     
TeleSignTelephone based verification servicesTelephony0     
TeliaSonera Developer LocationCell based location serviceTelephony0     
TelsolutionsMulti-channel communications servicesTelephony0     
TextlocalMobile messaging serviceTelephony0     
THECALLRTelephony servicesTelephony0     
Tossable DigitsDisposable phone numbers serviceTelephony0     
TradeHarbor VoiceSig ExpressVoice recognition serviceTelephony0     
TruecallerCollaboratively generated global phone directoryTelephony0     
TurboBridgeConference call serviceTelephony0     
TweakkerOTA and mobile device configuration serviceTelephony0     
txtNation HLR Number LookupMobile number lookup serviceTelephony0     
txtNation PayforitMobile phone billing serviceTelephony0     
Upside WirelessText messaging service providerTelephony0     
Utribo ConnectClick to call and video serviceTelephony0     
VemringdeTelephone spammer databaseTelephony0     
Veriplace DeveloperReal time mobile location serviceTelephony0     
Verizon LocationMobile geolocation serviceTelephony0     
Verizon MessagingMobile messaging serviceTelephony0     
Verizon Terminal StatusMobile device status detection serviceTelephony0     
Vodafone AudioMobile audio playerTelephony0     
Vodafone GeolocationMobile geolocation widgetTelephony0     
Voice-JumpVOIP Communication ServiceTelephony0     
Voicebuy VoIPVoIP serviceTelephony0     
VoiceForgeOnline speech serviceTelephony0     
VoiceMeUpVoIP service providerTelephony0     
VoiceShotVoice-related telephony servicesTelephony0     
VontooVoice marketing serviceTelephony0     
VoodooVox Caller AnalyticsPhone call demographic data serviceTelephony0     
VoxboneVoIP provisioning serviceTelephony0     
VoxofonInternational calling and SMS serviceTelephony0     
WiLocate Indoor LocationIndoor location applicationTelephony0     
Wireless Applications ServicesRF engineering consulting servicesTelephony0     
wooplaAutomatic alert callsTelephony0     
WURFLPhone capability query serviceTelephony0     
XtifyAndroid push notification serviceTelephony0     
youcantcall.usReject unwanted phone callsTelephony0     
YouMailVisual voicemail servicesTelephony0     
ZNISMS DND CheckerIndia Do Not Disturb registry checkerTelephony0     
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