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Google MapsMapping servicesMapping2539     
Microsoft Bing MapsMapping servicesMapping174     
Yahoo MapsMapping servicesMapping136     
Yahoo GeocodingGeocoding servicesMapping100     
Google EarthMapping and 3D geo visualizationMapping50     
Google Maps DataService to store, update and view geodataMapping46     
Google Maps FlashFlash-based mapping serviceMapping46     
geocoderGeocoding services for USMapping41     
Google GeocodingGoogle Maps Geocoding ServiceMapping34     
Bing MapsMicrosoft online mapping serviceMapping29     
Google Static MapsSimple online mapping serviceMapping25     
OpenStreetMapThe free wiki world mapMapping22     
Google PlacesLocal business and point of interest serviceMapping20     
OpenLayersMapping API abstraction layerMapping16     
Google Maps ElevationGet elevation data for any locationMapping14     
MapLargeEmbed interactive maps on websitesMapping14     
ESRI ArcGIS JavaScriptMapping servicesMapping12     
MultimapGlobal online mapping serviceMapping12     
Yahoo Map ImageMap image creation serviceMapping12     
MapQuestOnline mapping serviceMapping11     
Google LatitudeLocation sharing serviceMapping10     
CloudMadeMapping and geospatial web servicesMapping8     
Google Gears GeolocationUser geographical positioning serviceMapping8     
Your Mapper Local Geodata For Your AppsMapping8     
geocoder.caGeocoding services for CanadaMapping7     
Poly9 FreeEarth3D mapping serviceMapping7     
Bing Maps GeocodeGeocoding serviceMapping6     
Google DirectionsDriving directions web serviceMapping6     
Microsoft MapPointMapping servicesMapping6     
OntokGeocode any US addressMapping6     
Cloudmade LeafletInteractive maps serviceMapping5     
Map24 AJAX Mapping servicesMapping5     
MaponicsMapping data serviceMapping5     
Yahoo Internet Location PlatformSpatial interoperability and geographic discoveryMapping5     
Yahoo PlacemakerGeo-enrichment serviceMapping5     
Bing Maps SearchMapping search serviceMapping4     
Google Distance MatrixTravel distance based on Google MapsMapping4     
LoxcelLocation based mapping serviceMapping4     
MapBoxMapping ServiceMapping4     
SimpleGeoLocation services platformMapping4     
Urban Mapping MapfluenceUrban geo-spatial data servicesMapping4     
Yahoo GeoPlanetGeo-referencing serviceMapping4     
GeoIQGeo Data, Visualization, and AnalysisMapping3     
MappyFrench mapping serviceMapping3     
NASASatellite mapping imagesMapping3     
Ordnance Survey OpenSpaceOnline mapping serviceMapping3     
Yahoo PlaceFinderGeocoding of named placesMapping3     
ZeeMapsEmbedded maps and international geocodingMapping3     
ZoomInNew Zealand mapping serviceMapping3     
Bing Maps RoutesMapping route creation serviceMapping2     
CartoDBGeospatial data and map creation serviceMapping2     
GeoloqiLocation sharing serviceMapping2     
GlobeXplorerMapping servicesMapping2     
MapfluenceMapping infrastructure and data accessMapping2     
MapQuest GeocodingForward and Reverse Geocoding ServiceMapping2     
MapstractionMapping API abstraction layerMapping2     
MetaCartaLocation and geotagging servicesMapping2     
TownMe GeoBusiness listings, POI, reverse geocoderMapping2     
US Yellow PagesUS yellow pages telephone directoryMapping2     
USGS Elevation Query ServiceDetermine elevation based on latitude and longitudeMapping2     
WHERE GPSMobile GPS widget platformMapping2     
Yahoo Geo LocationGeolocation service for words and phrasesMapping2     
1MapSouth African GIS serviceMapping1     
ArcWebMapping and GIS servicesMapping1     
Bing Maps Geocode DataflowGeocoding serviceMapping1     
Bing Static MapsBing static map creation serviceMapping1     
deCartaLocation-based servicesMapping1     
EEA DiscomapEnvironmental Mapping ServiceMapping1     
FwixGeolocation and location-based content serviceMapping1     
Fwix LocationBusiness listing serviceMapping1     
GeoAdminGeospatial and mapping serviceMapping1     
geocubesMapping search serviceMapping1     
GeoGratisGeographic data and mapping serviceMapping1     
GeoNBNew Brunswick geographic information serviceMapping1     
GeoportailFrench geomapping overlay serviceMapping1     
GetMappingAerial photography and mapping serviceMapping1     
MapQuest Open DirectionsDriving directions serviceMapping1     
Nokia MapsOnline mapping serviceMapping1     
PeekaCityLocation-based servicesMapping1     
PushpinMapping serviceMapping1     
Pushpin Location DataLocation and statistical information about placesMapping1     
Scribble MapsMap drawing and sharing platformMapping1     
SimpleGeo PlacesLocation Search ServiceMapping1     
Smart-IP Geo-IPIP address lookup serviceMapping1     
Tiny GeoCoderGeocoding servicesMapping1     
Urban Mapping NeighborhoodsUrban geo-spatial data servicesMapping1     
Verizon NavBuilder LocationKitMobile geolocation serviceMapping1     
WhereisAustralian and New Zealand mapping serviceMapping1     
Your Mapper CrimeScoregeographic crime dataMapping1     
3DGeoStatsThree Dimensional Visualization ServiceMapping0     
Add to TomTom Route and place sharing serviceMapping0     
Address MeisterAddress verification serviceMapping0     
AddressFinderNew Zealand address information servicesMapping0     
AddyLocation URL creation and sharing serviceMapping0     
AfriGISGeographical information and location serviceMapping0     
AmenimapsLocation-based amenity mapsMapping0     
Ancient World Mapping CenterAncient mapping databaseMapping0     
AND GeoAccessRoute mapping serviceMapping0     
AnnotatedEarth LocationLocation-based information resourcesMapping0     
Argos WebServiceSatellite-based monitoring serviceMapping0     
Arkansas GeoStorArkansas geographic information serviceMapping0     
AskGeoTime zone reference serviceMapping0     
AtlasCT Geo-ServicesMaps and location-based servicesMapping0     
AtlasCT Location-Based ServicesLocation-based servicesMapping0     
AtlasCT Mobile MapsMaps and GPS navigationMapping0     
AtlasCT Places & Check-inPlaces and location check-inMapping0     
AtlasCT Static MapMaps and geo-location contentMapping0     
AtlasCT Web MapsMaps and location-based servicesMapping0     
AtomJump Javascript 3D EarthInteractive global locater mapMapping0     
Auburn City Council ExponareLocal mapping serviceMapping0     
BatchGeoOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
BikesySan Francisco bike route planning serviceMapping0     
Bing Maps Spatial Data ServicesMapping geospatial data serviceMapping0     
BODC GEBCO Web Map ServiceBathymetric map serviceMapping0     
BODC Marsden Square Translator ServiceMarsden square geolocation serviceMapping0     
BreadcrumbsGPS data sharing serviceMapping0     
Chicago Boundary ServiceIllinois geographic boundary dataMapping0     
City of Helsinki GeocoderHelsinki geocoding servicesMapping0     
CloudMade GeocodingForward and Reverse Geocoding ServiceMapping0     
CloudMade NavEngineDriving directions serviceMapping0     
Codebump GeoPlacesZIP Code and city location and information serviceMapping0     
CORDC HF RADAR MapsVector mapping serviceMapping0     
CORDC Nautical Charts Coastal Mapping and Research Mapping0     
CS50 HarvardMapsHarvard Map DataMapping0     
CSISS/GMU GeospatialGeospatial data processing and analysis servicesMapping0     
Danish Historical AtlasDanish history mapMapping0     
Daum MapsMapping servicesMapping0     
DC Master Address RegistryDistrict of Columbia GIS/mapping serviceMapping0     
deCarta MapSearch EngineLocal search servicesMapping0     
DehoodLocation based application design service Mapping0     
Denmark Web serviceDenmark address and municipality servicesMapping0     
DesertHail Geodata ServiceGeodata retrieval serviceMapping0     
Dublin City Community MapsDublin amenities location serviceMapping0     
Dutch PostcodeDutch postcode & address serviceMapping0     
Dynamic GeometryMapping data serviceMapping0     
earthmine Direct DataProgrammatic access to street-level imageryMapping0     
earthmine Flash ViewerStreet-level imagery servicesMapping0     
eco:SpeedFuel-conserving mapping serviceMapping0     
eCoComa GeoAddress-based geolocation servicesMapping0     
eContent.MapsGermany and Austria travel information mapMapping0     
EDINA Digimap OpenStreamU.K. web map serviceMapping0     
EdisonAve GeocoderForward and Reverse Geocoding ServiceMapping0     
Environment Canterbury GISNew Zealand regional geographic information serviceMapping0     
Ericsson 3D Landscape3D Landscape ToolMapping0     
Ericsson Mobile Maps Mobile mapping serviceMapping0     
Ericsson Web MapsOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
Esri Business AnalystMapping & demographic informationMapping0     
Esri Community AnalystApplication Building ServiceMapping0     
EveryScapeVisual, digital tour serviceMapping0     
Everything LocationAddress verification and geocoding serviceMapping0     
Factual Geopulse ContextDemographic and Commercial Contextualization ServiceMapping0     
Factual PlacesOpen Data for sharing and reference toolsMapping0     
FlyagogoAviation sectional chart serviceMapping0     
FraudLabs Mexico Postal CodeMexican postal code geolocation serviceMapping0     
FreeGeoIPIP and host name geolocating serviceMapping0     
Fresh Logic Studios Atlas GPSGPS device location mapping serviceMapping0     
FruitmapUser generated international map of fruit tree locationsMapping0     
FSO NACMiddle Eastern geocoding, mapping, and routing serviceMapping0     
FulcrumLocation based data collection application supportMapping0     
GaiaSupSpatial engine for location-based servicesMapping0     
GeOAPJapanese GIS mapping serviceMapping0     
GeocodaGeolocation serviceMapping0     
Geocoding Service for KoreaKorean geocoding serviceMapping0     
GeocodioBulk geocoding and reverse lookup servicesMapping0     
GeoCommunicatorBLM public lands mapping and data serviceMapping0     
GeoData DemographicsLocation-specific demographics data serviceMapping0     
Geognos World CountriesWorldwide geocoding information serviceMapping0     
GeoIPsIP location and information serviceMapping0     
GeoLoqalDevelopment platform to build location based solutionsMapping0     
GeoMakerGeo enrichment platformMapping0     
GeoNB Coordinate Transformation ServiceLocal coordinate transformation serviceMapping0     
GeoSmartNew Zealand geospatial and mapping servicesMapping0     
GEOSPANGeographic information and visualization serviceMapping0     
getpos.deGerman geolocation servicesMapping0     
GinkGPS tracking device communications serviceMapping0     
GIS CloudGeospatial data cloud hosting & map creation serviceMapping0     
GloeGeo-tagging serviceMapping0     
GlympseReal-time location sharing application Mapping0     
Gothere MapsSingapore commuter map serviceMapping0     
GPS ExplorerGPS data and modeling serviceMapping0     
GPSiesGPS enabled hiking, running, and cycling routesMapping0     
HeatMapHeat map generator serviceMapping0     
Helsinki City Service MapCity services mapsMapping0     
HERE Batch GeocoderBatch geocode uploaderMapping0     
HERE Custom LocationLocation and POI data for mapping applicationsMapping0     
HERE Enterprise RoutingEnterprise level vehicle routingMapping0     
HERE GeocoderGeocoding and reverse geocoding RESTful APIMapping0     
Here Map ImageMap image dataMapping0     
Here Map TileGlobal map tile imageryMapping0     
HERE Matrix RoutingMatrix routing for mapping applicationsMapping0     
HERE PlacesPlace and point of interest dataMapping0     
HERE RoutingPedestrian, public transit, and vehicle routingMapping0     
HERE TrafficReal-time and historical traffic dataMapping0     
HeyWhatsThatGeographic feature and viewshed serviceMapping0     
Hitchwiki MapsHitchhiking location reviewsMapping0     
HyperpublicGeographic data collection serviceMapping0     
Ideal PostcodesUK Postcode Lookup ServiceMapping0     
ikiMapCreate Maps From Public and Personal Georeference InformationMapping0     
India PINCodeIndia PIN Code Information ServiceMapping0     
Infochimps GeoGeographic data and mapping serviceMapping0     
Inside IdahoState geospatial information serviceMapping0     
Insiteo SuiteIndoor Location Mapping ServiceMapping0     
Intel Developer Services BetaGeographic mapping featuresMapping0     
IP Address LocationIP address lookup serviceMapping0     
ipinfo.ioIP geolocation and information servicesMapping0     
IPInfoDB GeolocationWeb based IP geolocation lookup serviceMapping0     
iShareMaps On DemandUK Postcode GeocoderMapping0     
JokahakuFinnish location- and route-finding serviceMapping0     
KoordinatesMapping layers data serviceMapping0     
LAITS GMU CoverageGeospatial coverage retrieval serviceMapping0     
Landcare Research Information ServiceNew Zealand environmental data mapping serviceMapping0     
Leaflet Vector Layers PostGISMapping vector layer serviceMapping0     
Loc8Geolocation for mobile apps Mapping0     
Locaid ComplianceLocation Verification ServiceMapping0     
Local Search Maps GeocoderGeocoding integration serviceMapping0     
Locating London's PastGeographically located British historical data Mapping0     
Longdo MapThailand Map ServiceMapping0     
LongLatToLocationShip Location Information serviceMapping0     
Maa-AmetEstonian property address and mapping serviceMapping0     
Malaika Consultants ZipCode LookupU.S. Zip Code search serviceMapping0     
Map Data ServicesMap rendering and route planning serviceMapping0     
Map Data Services QuickMapData mapping serviceMapping0     
Map.Search.chInteractive map of SwitzerlandMapping0     
map4appMap integration serviceMapping0     
MapData ServicesMapping and location-aware data serviceMapping0     
MapillaryCrowdsourced mobile photo mapping serviceMapping0     
MapIt GlobalGlobal jurisdiction mapping serviceMapping0     
MapIt UKU.K. postcode and location mapping serviceMapping0     
Maporama Geocentric Web ServicesDigital mapping servicesMapping0     
Mapping L.A.Geographic boundary serviceMapping0     
MapprPhoto mappingMapping0     
MapQuest DirectionsDriving directions serviceMapping0     
MapQuest Nominatim SearchGeographic search serviceMapping0     
MapQuest OpenOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
MapQuest Open ElevationElevation data serviceMapping0     
MapQuest Open GuidanceMobile navigation serviceMapping0     
MapQuest Open Static MapSimple online mapping serviceMapping0     
MapQuest SearchGeographic search serviceMapping0     
MapQuest Static MapSimple online mapping serviceMapping0     
MapQuest TrafficTraffic report serviceMapping0     
MapRendererServiceMap rendering serviceMapping0     
MaptimizeGoogle maps optimization serviceMapping0     
MapumentalUK travel time map serviceMapping0     
MapyCzech mapping servicesMapping0     
MasterCard ATM LocationsATM information serviceMapping0     
Melissa Data GeoCoder ObjectAddress geolocation toolMapping0     
MetaLocatorLocation mapping and display serviceMapping0     
Metro MapperLouisville, Kentucky data mapsMapping0     
MicelloIndoor mapping serviceMapping0     
Microsoft SensorMap DataHubLocation-specific realtime data sharing serviceMapping0     
Minnesota CTU datasetMinnesota mapping databaseMapping0     
MLBS.net NAC GeoservicesNatural Area Code geocoding serviceMapping0     
MnGeo Geospatial ImageMinnesota aerial photography and topographic map serviceMapping0     
Mosaik Solutions CellmapsInteractive global coverage map solutionsMapping0     
My TrailsTrail mapping serviceMapping0     
MyAvoxDataBusiness entity dataMapping0     
MyGeoPosition GeoPickerGeocoding and location serviceMapping0     
MySociety GazeU.K. population information serviceMapping0     
NAC Real-time MappingRealtime mapping serviceMapping0     
NAC Real-time RoutingRealtime driving directions serviceMapping0     
National Map Elevation QueryTerrain and elevation mapping serviceMapping0     
National Map ViewerUSGS ArcGIS mapping serviceMapping0     
National Park Service NPMapNational Park MappingMapping0     
Naver MapsKorean mapping serviceMapping0     
NavionicsLocation and mapping serviceMapping0     
NAVTEQ Map ReporterMap feedback submission serviceMapping0     
Nearby.org.ukGeocoding service for UKMapping0     
NearMapCity-focused photo map serviceMapping0     
NeighborhoodFind U.S. neighborhood by geographic coordinatesMapping0     
Nokia Map ImageOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
Nokia PlacesOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
nowCOAST LayerInfoCoastal mapping information retrieval toolMapping0     
NREL Alternative Fuel StationsFueling station location serviceMapping0     
NREL National Solar Radiation DatabaseLocation-based solar energy information serviceMapping0     
NuMapsMap based informationMapping0     
OCLC MapFASTGeographic location descriptor serviceMapping0     
olpcMAPEducation technology mapping serviceMapping0     
ondi.ro GeocodingRomanian geocoding serviceMapping0     
Onuma WFSBuilding-related geospatial data serviceMapping0     
OpenAddresses GeoLocated Address SearchWorldwide address search serviceMapping0     
OpenGeocodingWorldwide crowdsourced geocoded address serviceMapping0     
OpenPathsPersonal location information management applicationMapping0     
OpenRouteServiceOpen GeoData route-finding serviceMapping0     
OpenStreetMap Name FinderLocation based information serviceMapping0     
OpenStreetMap TaginfoDatabase of OpenStreetMap location tagsMapping0     
Oregon Metro RLISPortland metropolitan area GIS dataMapping0     
OremGeocoderUtah geocoding serviceMapping0     
Overpass OpenStreetMapCollaborative Mapping ServiceMapping0     
ParcelStreamParcel boundary data for mapping appsMapping0     
PelagiosAncient world geodataMapping0     
Philly HoodsPhiladelphia neighborhood information serviceMapping0     
PHLPhiladelphia geodataMapping0     
Pin 'n' TagGeolocation information serviceMapping0     
Pin DropLocation applicationMapping0     
Placecast Location mapping toolMapping0     
PlaceEngineJapanese wifi-based device location serviceMapping0     
PlaceIQLocation data and mapping serviceMapping0     
PlatialCollaborative geographic serviceMapping0     
PleiadesMapping reference for ancient placesMapping0     
Point-In-Polygon Census IntersectionU.S. Census data mapping serviceMapping0     
Postcode AnywhereUK and international address management software, postcode finder web services and moreMapping0     
Postcode Anywhere Address ServicesAddress capture, lookup and searchMapping0     
Postcode Anywhere GeocodingGeolocation serviceMapping0     
Postcode Anywhere MapsOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
Postcode Anywhere Route OptimisationFind best route between locationsMapping0     
Postcode Anywhere Store FinderUK business listings serviceMapping0     
PostCoderU.K. physical address lookup and validation serviceMapping0     
Postcodes.ioPostcode & geolocation serviceMapping0     
RaveGeo WebMapJavaScript Mapping ServiceMapping0     
Resighting Favorite places applicationMapping0     
rFocus GISGeolocation and location-based information servicesMapping0     
Scout for AppsTelenav voice guided navigation for mobile phonesMapping0     
SeaZone HydroViewBathymetric ocean and seabed mapping serviceMapping0     
SeismiEarthquake data visualization serviceMapping0     
ServiceObjects DOTS AddressAddress validation and geocoding servicesMapping0     
Shoothill PostcodeU.K. postal code location serviceMapping0     
SightwalkGerman streetview serviceMapping0     
SignalFire PostcodeU.K. geocoded location informationMapping0     
Simple Reverse GeocodingJapanese reverse geocoding serviceMapping0     
SimpleGeo ContextLocation Context SearchMapping0     
SimpleMapprPoint map creation serviceMapping0     
Singapore GeocoderSingapore postal code geocoderMapping0     
SircWeb for LogisticsChinese mapping, location, and route-finding servicesMapping0     
SISSVocInteroperable spatial information serviceMapping0     
SIX Address ImageLocation imaging service for New South WalesMapping0     
SIX Address SearchAddress search service for New South WalesMapping0     
Skobbler TilesMapping tile serviceMapping0     
SmartyStreetsAddress validation serviceMapping0     
SolarPermit.orgSolar power permitting regulation databaseMapping0     
Sound of the CitySound map of Luebeck, GermanyMapping0     
South African YellowPages MapsMapping serviceMapping0     
SpatialStreamSaaS geospatial application serviceMapping0     
SPOTCatalogSatellite earth imaging serviceMapping0     
SpotCrimeCrime mapping serviceMapping0     
Street Directory MapsAustralian street map serviceMapping0     
TagwhatHyperlocal data applicationMapping0     
TeleNav AJAX MapsIntegration service for TeleNav mapsMapping0     
TeleNav GeoCloudLocation based service integrationMapping0     
TeliaSonera Landmark APILocation tracking serviceMapping0     
TerraServer Landmark ServiceSalable satellite imagery landmark searchMapping0     
Texas A&M University Geoservices GeocoderGeocoding serviceMapping0     
TomTom GeocodingGeocoding and gelocation serviceMapping0     
TomTom Map ToolkitDigital mapping serviceMapping0     
TopocodingAltitude and topographic information serviceMapping0     
TrackMatchingMatching GPS data to OSM road networkMapping0     
Trillium Global LocatorGlobal address validation and location serviceMapping0     
Trogsoft UK PostcodeUnited Kingdown postal code directoryMapping0     
UMapFlash-Based Mapping APIMapping0     
UMapper Emeddable flash mapsMapping0     
UMapperMap authoring applicationMapping0     
UNAVCO Synthetic Aperture RadarSatellite earth imaging serviceMapping0     
USC Map DataCampus map dataMapping0     
USC WebGIS GeocoderGeolocation serviceMapping0     
USFWS Geospatial ServiceGeospatial wildlife data serviceMapping0     
USgeocoderAddress information lookup serviceMapping0     
USGS Contour ServiceContour mapping serviceMapping0     
USGS Gazetteer QueryGeological data serviceMapping0     
USGS Seamless DatasetsUSGS mapping data serviceMapping0     
UshahidiData visualization and interactive mapping serviceMapping0     
Utah GISUtah geographic information serviceMapping0     
VehiclepathVehicle fleet tracking serviceMapping0     
Verizon NavBuilder MapKitMobile location based servicesMapping0     
Verizon NavigationMobile navigation serviceMapping0     
VicmapState of Victoria, Australia, map serviceMapping0     
ViewRanger BuddyBeaconLive tracking map toolMapping0     
Vs30 map serverSeismic hazard estimating serviceMapping0     
WayfaringMap creation and sharing serviceMapping0     
WaytagGeolocation and place serviceMapping0     
WebGL EarthCustom interactive map serviceMapping0     
WeoGeoGeo-data marketplace and sharing serviceMapping0     
what3wordsGPS location identification using wordsMapping0     
WheelmapOnline map of wheelchair-accessible placesMapping0     
Where Is Tim Web ServiceLocation trackingMapping0     
WiFiSlamIndoor positioning solutionsMapping0     
WikimapiaEditable interactive mapsMapping0     
Woocation DistanceDistance between cities serviceMapping0     
XaddressIP address geolocation serviceMapping0     
XtrackedMobile location serviceMapping0     
Yandex MapsOnline mapping serviceMapping0     
ZIPFOURceU.S. address validation and standarization serviceMapping0     
ZippopotamusZip and postal code serviceMapping0     
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