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27 Seconds Knowledge BaseProgramming article search, retrieval, and rating serviceNews2013-02-20
AmphetaRateNews aggregatorNews2005-09-18
API EvangelistAPI resource website & serviceNews2013-05-01
Associated PressNews databaseNews2010-05-28
Associated Press MetadataNews content metadata serviceNews2012-05-24
Bulawayo24 NewsOnline news for ZimbabweNews2013-07-25
Chronicling AmericaArchive of US newspapersNews2009-10-22
CivicboomNews crowdsourcing platformNews2011-10-26
ClearForest Semantic Web Services1Natural language processing toolsNews2006-10-10
ClippedDocument and URL summarization serviceNews2013-01-18
CompuServe Newsgroups PublicNews article retrieval serviceNews2012-10-03
DaylifeOnline News ServiceNews2007-08-08
DestakesPortuguese news aggregatorNews2012-12-20
Digest ReportIndependent journalism websiteNews2011-01-05
DiggCommunity driven news links and ratingsNews2007-04-20
DocumentCloudUpload and Share DocumentsNews2011-02-28
dotnetpro.de NewsGerman-language news serviceNews2012-10-11
El Nuevo Dia APEXOnline newspaperNews2011-02-22
EveryBlockHyperlocal data and news aggregatorNews2010-11-01
FindoryPersonalized news aggregationNews2006-01-22
Foxcentral News ServiceProgramming language news serviceNews2011-12-09
FullerData NewsMulti-source news serviceNews2012-10-11
Fwix Local NewsLocal news serviceNews2010-06-15
Fwix WireLocal news gathering serviceNews2010-02-02
GlobediaNews aggregation serviceNews2010-04-14
Golem.deNews article discovery serviceNews2010-10-08
GuardianUK newspaper News2009-03-10
Hacker News MobileHacker News mobile post retrieval serviceNews2013-02-04
Hampton Roads CrimeCrime data for Virginia BeachNews2012-12-31
HearstMagazine article content searchNews2013-12-19
High Gear MediaAutomotive reviews and newsNews2011-01-13
HNSearchHacker News search engineNews2011-06-16
Huffington Post PollsterPolitical opinion poll resultsNews2012-07-02
iMenteNews search and aggregation serviceNews2010-03-26
LayerVault Designer NewsDesign Based News FeedNews2014-02-20
Macromedia News AggregatorData access serviceNews2006-03-02
Montel OnlineWholesale power news and data serviceNews2012-09-26
MoreoverNews deliveryNews2005-09-12
MyNewsdeskMyNewsdesk - The News Exchange SiteNews2010-05-28
n0ticePublic notice boardNews2011-05-17
Nevistas NewsHotel and Travel News Search ServiceNews2011-04-01
New York Times Article SearchNew York Times article archivesNews2009-02-04
New York Times Best SellersNew York Times best-seller lists dataNews2009-01-27
New York Times Community Access user-generated NYTimes.com contentNews2008-10-30
New York Times Most PopularNews popularity serviceNews2010-09-09
New York Times NewswireAll recent New York Times articles in summaryNews2009-03-31
New York Times TimesPeopleNew York Times service for TimesPeople data News2009-02-18
New York Times TimesTagsNews tagging serviceNews2010-09-17
NewsCloudSocial news serviceNews2006-10-16
NewsCred PlatformNews syndication serviceNews2011-04-26
NewsinappNews add-in for applications and blogsNews2012-09-18
NewsIsFreeOnline news aggregationNews2005-12-28
NewsKnowledgeNews and business information serviceNews2011-12-09
Newslookup.comNews search engine & news providerNews2014-01-17
NPRUS National Public Radio News2008-07-15
Octopus-NewsNewsroom Integration Service News2013-12-11
ODP SearchArticle and journal search and aggregatorNews2010-03-31
OpenBlockNeighborhood and local news serviceNews2012-06-13
OPIS Oil pricing and news servivceNews2012-03-29
Outside.inHyperlocal news and information aggregatorNews2008-11-15
PatchCommunity-specific news and information serviceNews2011-10-24
Pirate TimesPirate Parties International party information serviceNews2014-03-20
Press Association SportUK sports data serviceNews2011-06-24
PressbankingBelgian online newspaper and magazine serviceNews2012-11-20
PTT InfoThai petroleum news and information serviceNews2012-10-17
Public Insight NetworkNetworking service for newsrooms and public sourcesNews2013-06-25
Recorded Future News AnalyticsQuery News Analytics DatabaseNews2011-03-09
RedditSocial news serviceNews2008-11-24
Reuters SpotlightReuters.com content serviceNews2008-05-15
SemanticWireSemantic news reader serviceNews2011-06-14
Silo BreakerNews and information serviceNews2011-07-19
StrikeIron Midnight Trader Financial NewsFinancial news serviceNews2012-08-03
The Web BlendTechnology, design, and development news online communityNews2012-04-27
Topics.ioOnline content aggregation serviceNews2012-01-19
TrendrrGraphing trends serviceNews2008-04-12
TwitscoopTwitter trend visualisation toolNews2012-08-21
Unofficial Hacker NewsNews and comment serviceNews2010-09-22
USA TodayNews serviceNews2010-09-09
USA Today Book ReviewsBook review serviceNews2011-03-22
USA Today Movie ReviewsMovie review serviceNews2011-03-22
USA Today SnapshotsStatistics News2011-03-22
Washington Post Issues Political Speaker Transcript and Statement DatabaseNews2012-08-29
Washington Post TrovePersonalization and content engineNews2013-07-25
WellynewsWellington New Zealand news searchNews2009-08-27
XML ME Get Custom NewsNews article retrieval by topic News2012-05-16
YourStreetGeocoding news article serviceNews2009-01-24
ZEIT ONLINE German newspaper searchNews2012-11-30
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