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Windows Live Contacts ControlContacts controlPIM5     
Windows Live ContactsContacts databasePIM3     
Google TasksPersonal task list servicePIM2     
CheckvistOnline collaborative outliner and task list managementPIM1     
DoItTask Management SystemPIM1     
HiveminderTo-do list managment servicePIM1     
NozbePersonal productivity service using GTDPIM1     
Remember the MilkPersonal information managementPIM1     
ToodledoTo-do list managementPIM1     
AAI@EduHr AOSICroatian online identity management systemPIM0     
AgileTaskTask tracking application for agile projectsPIM0     
Catch.comContent capturing and notes applicationPIM0     
Cheddartext-based task management platformPIM0     
ChrometaTime tracking servicePIM0     
DoneTask Management ToolPIM0     
DorisPersonal productivity and task managementPIM0     
HabitRPGOnline habit building gamePIM0     
KonaGroup task and project management servicePIM0     
LibrariousPersonal collection catalogPIM0     
Mozilla Open BadgeBadge creation and earning systemPIM0     
MyChoresChore/Task Tracking and ManagementPIM0     
Piins ContactsWeb based contact managementPIM0     
PlancakeTask Management ServicePIM0     
PryvTime-based personal data management platformPIM0     
SandglazTask management servicePIM0     
Syncode SynotesNote taking and management appsPIM0     
TaskforceService that converts emails to tasksPIM0     
TaskoTask Management ServicePIM0     
ThinkeryIdea and personal note management servicePIM0     
TiddlySpaceIdea organization and sharing servicePIM0     
TiktracTimesheet managementPIM0     
Todo.lyTo do list servicePIM0     
TodoistPersonal task list servicePIM0     
TogglTime tracking servicePIM0     
Turk Telekom Investor Relations Personal NoteWebsite-specific personal note and bookmarking servicePIM0     
UbernoteKnowledge Management ServicePIM0     
WorkonomicChat-based personal time tracking servicePIM0     
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