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GeoNamesGeographic name and postal code lookupReference89     
WikipediaOnline collaborative encyclopediaReference81     
Google BooksBook search servicesReference13     
ForvoOnline word pronunciation guideReference11     
CrunchBaseDirectory of companies, people, and investors Reference10     
UrbanDictionarySlang dictionary lookupReference7     
Aonaware DictionaryDictionary lookup serviceReference6     
FUTEF Wikipedia APIThird party Wikipedia web serviceReference6     
GenabilityElectricity price data serviceReference6     
WhitePages.comPeople search serviceReference6     
Biblia.comOnline bible reference serviceReference4     
ZoomInfoInformation search servicesReference4     
Brewery DBYour Complete Brewery and Beer APIReference3     
Edmunds.com VehicleAutomobile informationReference3     
ESV Bible LookupBible lookup serviceReference3     
LibraryThingBooks database and communityReference3     
AvvoLawyer and doctor directory serviceReference2     
Baby NamesInternational baby naming servicesReference2     
Big Huge ThesaurusThesaurus lookup servicesReference2     
Global Biodiversity Information FacilitySpecies datasetsReference2     
Holidays ServiceHoliday dates lookup serviceReference2     
I Heart QuotesQuotes and fortunes generatorReference2     
iFixitOnline repair manual databaseReference2     
ISBN dbBooks databaseReference2     
Library of Congress SRWInformation database searchReference2     
LocalSchoolDirectorySchool information and search serviceReference2     
Microsoft MSDNTechnical reference libraryReference2     
PLoS SearchScientific literature search serviceReference2     
StrikeIron IP Address LookupInstantly Obtain IP Address of a web serverReference2     
StrikeIron Super Data PackAPIs for variety of reference data sourcesReference2     
StrikeIron US CensusInstantly Retrieve Specific Geographic Information from U.S. Census DataReference2     
WareNet CheckWareHardware product databaseReference2     
Wolfram Alpha Computational knowledge and search engineReference2     
WordnikDictionary, spelling, and other word referenceReference2     
WorldCat SearchLibrary data accessReference2     
AbbreviationsAbbreviated words servicesReference1     
AmazoncaOnline barcode databaseReference1     
arXivAcademic research repositoryReference1     
Barcelona BicingBicing station dataReference1     
City and State by Zip CodeAddress lookup serviceReference1     
D&B DirectCommercial business information serviceReference1     
DBpedia SpotlightSemantic Text Annotation and DisambiguationReference1     
DigitalNZNew Zealand metadata databaseReference1     
Dun and Bradstreet Business VerificationResearch company background dataReference1     
InfoChimps Datasets2,000+ dataset reference libraryReference1     
Martindale-HubbellLegal directoryReference1     
Moonshadow MobileUS population data serviceReference1     
NumbersNumber reference serviceReference1     
RubyGemsRuby community gem hosting serviceReference1     
Sensis Business SearchAustralian business directory search serviceReference1     
SHOUTcast RadioInternet radio database serviceReference1     
SoftonicCatalog of downloadable softwareReference1     
SpringerScientific journal and books databaseReference1     
StrikeIron Reverse Phone and Address AppendInstantly Append and Enhance Customer Contact InformationReference1     
StrikeIron Tax ServiceSales tax reference lookupReference1     
SynonymsOnline thesaurusReference1     
TixikFamous places GPS servicesReference1     
Wiki-Data Company/business entity data serviceReference1     
World BankWorldwide indicators, business, and photo databasesReference1     
World Weather Online Time ZoneTime zone data serviceReference1     
Yahoo Spelling SuggestionSpelling correction serviceReference1     
4:14 XML BibleChristian bible verse serviceReference0     
AFD Software Postcode EverywhereUK address and bank information serviceReference0     
AHDS Identifier ResolverUK electronic research data repositoryReference0     
AllAreaCodesArea code lookup serviceReference0     
American Bible Society BibleSearchBible access and search serviceReference0     
Anime News Network EncylopediaOnline Anime Encyclopedia Service Reference0     
Aqua.ioStandardized healthcare code reference serviceReference0     
Archives HubUK research archiveReference0     
ASPECT Vocabulary Bank for Education Education vocabulary controlled listsReference0     
Attempto RACEText-based logical reasoning serviceReference0     
AutoAppMartIn-car application marketplaceReference0     
BankHolidaysSwedish banking holiday lookup serviceReference0     
BankLZGerman bankcode lookup serviceReference0     
Basic Local Alignment Search ToolGenome database search toolReference0     
Bavarian Authorities SignpostLocal information service for BavariaReference0     
BBAS Personal Data RepositorySemantic data for scientific biographical informationReference0     
BBAW G2LGreek-Latin text transliteration serviceReference0     
BBAW ISO-DateGerman and Italian text analysis serviceReference0     
BBAW PlacesGerman text analysis and place name serviceReference0     
BBS SceneBulletin board system servicesReference0     
Bearmini Public HolidayJapanese public holiday reference serviceReference0     
becasBiomedical concept identification serviceReference0     
Bible.orgBible passage accessReference0     
BibServerBibliographic metadata consolidation and sharing serviceReference0     
BioCatalogueLife sciences web registry serviceReference0     
BioMOBYPlant genome reference serviceReference0     
Biomolecular Interaction Network DatabaseBiomolecular databaseReference0     
Biosemantics JANEJournal and author name serviceReference0     
Boliven Patents100 million Patent and Scientific documentsReference0     
Boliven PublicationsPatent and scientific document portalReference0     
BookshareAccessible Books For Readers with Print DisabilitiesReference0     
Brain MapsBrain section imagesReference0     
Bview ContentLocal business info serviceReference0     
CallookUS amateur radio callsign lookupReference0     
CalorieKingFood information serviceReference0     
Cambridge Journals OnlineCambridge University Press collectionsReference0     
Cambridge Lookup/Ibis Web ServiceOnline Contact Retrieval ServiceReference0     
Cambridge University Library Library catalog and servicesReference0     
CanLIICanadian legal database Reference0     
CarJamNew Zealand car facts history serviceReference0     
CarQueryAutomobile informationReference0     
CatalogWSAcademic libraryReference0     
CDYNE 411Directory assistance serviceReference0     
CDYNE Death IndexAccess to the Social Security Death Index Reference0     
CDYNE DemographicsNeighborhood level demographics serviceReference0     
CEERNConservation and Environment Resource DatabaseReference0     
Census ReporterU.S. Census data organization and visualization serviceReference0     
CEPALSTATStatistical database for Latin America and the CaribbeanReference0     
Cevir Turkish-English DictionaryTurkish-English Dictionary look up serviceReference0     
CGI AutoplusCanadian automobile policy and claims databaseReference0     
CHAIN-REDSOpen access information resource portalReference0     
ChemcasterCheminformatics management platformReference0     
China Historical GISChinese history and geography information serviceReference0     
Chinese PostalCodeSearchChinese postal code lookup serviceReference0     
CiteULikeCitation management serviceReference0     
CityGroupsLocal public directoryReference0     
ClodocClojure programming documentation serviceReference0     
ClojureDocsClojure programming language example repositoryReference0     
CodepointsUnicode Standard character dataReference0     
CommonDataHubUniversal data standards repositoryReference0     
Complexity Intelligence Spell CheckerSpelling correction and recommendation serviceReference0     
Comprehensive Knowledge Archive NetworkCommunity driven open knowledge databaseReference0     
ConversionsOnline calculator and measurment converterReference0     
Copac SALT recommenderLibrary resource recommendation serviceReference0     
CorteraBusiness information and research dataReference0     
Cortera Business VitalsBasic company information web serviceReference0     
Countries and Time ZonesTime zone information serviceReference0     
CraftyClicks UK Postal Address LookupUK postcode lookup serviceReference0     
CrossRef DOI ResolverPersistent identifier resolverReference0     
CSRHUBCorporate Social Responsibility ratings databaseReference0     
CycSemantic meaning serviceReference0     
Data Science ToolkitOpen Source tools for scienceReference0     
Data-PlanetStatistical data serviceReference0     
Data.beBusiness information serviceReference0     
Data8 Companies HouseUK company search serviceReference0     
Data8 Movers IdentificationAddress checking and update serviceReference0     
DatanibbleQuotes generatorReference0     
DCMI Metadata RegistryMetadata management serviceReference0     
DDBC Authority DatabaseAuthoritative Buddhist people, place, and event name serviceReference0     
Deduktiv ebaas distanceUK postcodes serviceReference0     
DeepdyveScientific and medical journalsReference0     
Dictionary DefinitionsOnline dictionaryReference0     
Dictionary.comDictionary lookup serviceReference0     
Digital Public Library of AmericaNational digital libraryReference0     
DigitalClassicist G-ToolGreek-to-Latin translation serviceReference0     
DNV Reference Data ServicesOil and gas production facility reference dataReference0     
Dun and Bradstreet WorldBase Marketing PlusBusiness research servicesReference0     
DuoShare Address VerificationUS address verification serviceReference0     
EBI CiteXploreScientific publication and metadata retrievalReference0     
eBibleiciousBible lookup serviceReference0     
Ecolabel Index Ecolabel Database ToolsReference0     
Edmunds.com InventorySpecific automobile information via VINReference0     
Elsevier ArticleScientific journals and articles search serviceReference0     
Elsevier Linked Data RepositorySemantic metadata serviceReference0     
Encyclopedia of LifeBiology Encyclopedia Reference0     
EngageOpen government data resourceReference0     
EnrycherText analysis and keyword generation serviceReference0     
Exploring Surrey's pastSurrey County historical resourceReference0     
FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Fact SheetsFisheries and aquaculture data serviceReference0     
FietstasDocument and text processing serviceReference0     
FillbugQuery by example serviceReference0     
FindaportInformation on international portsReference0     
FraudLabs AreaCodeWorld NPA NXX Area CodeGeographical location serviceReference0     
FreeCiteBibliographic citations parsing serviceReference0     
Frengly TranslationText translation serviceReference0     
FreshmeatOpen source application indexReference0     
GEMETMulti-language thesaurus management serviceReference0     
GENESIS-OnlineGerman federal statistics databaseReference0     
Genetics Home ReferenceGenetics research siteReference0     
GetpincodeIndian pincode search engineReference0     
GlobalQuranQuran text and audioReference0     
Glocal Focal US Mortality DataUS government mortality dataReference0     
GMODRemote Querying of Biological DatabasesReference0     
Google DiacritizeLanguage pronunciation toolReference0     
Graydon Company Data WebserviceUK company information databaseReference0     
Gwinnett Roman Baptist Church Open BibleBible excerpt serviceReference0     
Hathi Trust Data DistributionLibrary catalog search serviceReference0     
Há GrevePortugese Strike InformationReference0     
Hosca BankFinderFind banks by zipcodeReference0     
iCyteResource and document saving serviceReference0     
Idescat RectificationsRectifications registry lookup serviceReference0     
IIAP Servicio GlosarioSpanish glossary of environmental termsReference0     
ImpactStoryPublication influence metrics serviceReference0     
Indian PincodeIndian PIN code information serviceReference0     
Indiana University Knowledge BaseTech support reference databaseReference0     
InfoChimps IP Intelligence DemographicsCensus data based on IP addressReference0     
Intelius SearchPublic records database searchReference0     
IPInfoDB Fraud DetectionOnline fraud detection serviceReference0     
ISOcatLinguistic concept definition registryReference0     
iTranslate4.euEuropean language translation serviceReference0     
KarmadataStandardized open data resourceReference0     
KasabiData marketplaceReference0     
KnowMarkets Address VerificationPostal and area code lookup servicesReference0     
Korean Bible SocietyKorean-language BibleReference0     
Language Studio Asia OnlineOnline translation serviceReference0     
Lasso 9 Reference LibraryLasso 9 reference information retrieval serviceReference0     
Lawyers.comLegal articles archiveReference0     
LeaflyMedicinal marijuana information serviceReference0     
LERDanish underground utility cable information serviceReference0     
LexisNexis AcademicAcademic research repositoryReference0     
Library of Congress Subject HeadingsAccess to the Library of Congress Subject HeadingsReference0     
LifeDesksOnline science and taxonomy communityReference0     
LinguLabText creation and editing serviceReference0     
London Prayer TimesUnified Islamic prayer timetable for LondonReference0     
MaGdev BankSearchGerman bank information serviceReference0     
Malaysia Prayer TimesMuslim prayer times for MalaysiaReference0     
MasterCard Merchant IdentifierMerchant data lookup serviceReference0     
Melissa Data Address ObjectAddress data verification toolsReference0     
MetNetBiological database access serviceReference0     
MetriDyneReal-time measurement accumulates serviceReference0     
MirlynLibrary catalog and servicesReference0     
MorpherRussian language reference serviceReference0     
MSHD.netReference information lookupReference0     
MTPS Content ServiceAccess to Microsoft documentation and related contentReference0     
myExperimentWorkflow sharing servicesReference0     
MyFontsFont storeReference0     
NADAUsed car values lookup serviceReference0     
NASA Astrophysics Data SystemAstronomy and physics data serviceReference0     
NCSU Libraries CatalogWSLibrary catalog and servicesReference0     
NCSU Scholarly Publications RepositoryAcademic publication information serviceReference0     
Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes Neil deGrasse Tyson Quotes Reference0     
NextBioScience data research platformReference0     
Ningbo Institute of Technology SOIPOpen API for Searching the NIT Information PortalReference0     
NomismaNumismatic information resourceReference0     
O'Reilly Product Metadata InterfaceBook and publishing industry metadata interfaceReference0     
Obituarydata.comObituary data archiveReference0     
Ockham SpellSpelling suggestion serviceReference0     
OCLC Article Exchange Library document sharing serviceReference0     
OCLC ClassifyLibrary catalog classification serviceReference0     
OCLC WMSLibrary collection management servicesReference0     
OECD Open DataEconomic development information serviceReference0     
OMA BrowserProteins search engineReference0     
OMGComputer industry standards databaseReference0     
ONKI Ontology and ThesaurusFinnish library thesaurus and ontology serviceReference0     
Open Charge MapElectric vehicle charging point database.Reference0     
Open LibraryLibrary data accessReference0     
OpenCorporatesCorporate information databaseReference0     
OReilly SafariBook searchReference0     
Our Manna Daily VersesDaily bible versesReference0     
Peachpit Visual QuickStart GuidesVisual QuickStart GuideReference0     
PhoneValPhone number validation serviceReference0     
PicketReport LifestyleNeighborhood lifestyle data serviceReference0     
PilotOutlookInternational airport dataReference0     
PincodrIndian pincode search serviceReference0     
Postcode Anywhere Customer ProfilingUK population segmentation data serviceReference0     
Postcode Anywhere Worldwide Business DataBusiness record databaseReference0     
Postcode ITGet addresses from postcodesReference0     
PostcodePalGeographic datasets for the United Kingdom and Crown DependenciesReference0     
Pro6PPDutch postcode database servicesReference0     
Project BambooHumanities research support serviceReference0     
PRONOMElectronic records management technical information databaseReference0     
PubChem PUGMolecular library databaseReference0     
PubMLSTBiological databaseReference0     
Pulsepoint Real-Time ClassifierContext definition and classification serviceReference0     
Python Package IndexPython code databaseReference0     
Qualified AddressUS address verification serviceReference0     
Quotations BookQuotations databaseReference0     
RadioReference Radio station databaseReference0     
Random HouseBook search and viewing serviceReference0     
RealEDA Reverse Phone LookupLookup address and name via phoneReference0     
RealSearch Liberty CriminalCriminal records search serviceReference0     
RealSearch Wireless & CellphoneWireless carrier databaseReference0     
Record Setter URDBWorld record reference siteReference0     
refbase OpenSearchBibliographic search serviceReference0     
ReferralCandyCustomer referral serviceReference0     
RegCheck.org.ukUK and Irish vehicle registration number lookupReference0     
RegExLibDatabase of regular expressionsReference0     
REST CountriesCountry information reference serviceReference0     
RestFul Web Services BibleBible verse look-up serviceReference0     
RestFul Web Services Postal CodeInternational postal code look-up serviceReference0     
Reverse AustraliaAustralian reverse phone lookup serviceReference0     
RIPE DatabaseInternet Registry DatabaseReference0     
Ripe DevelopmentLocal time and zip code information servicesReference0     
Sapo POILocation data serviceReference0     
Sapo Semantic ListsSemantic word lists serviceReference0     
Sapo VerbetesWhoIs query service for public figuresReference0     
Scholarly iQScholarly publication tracking serviceReference0     
ScholarometerScholar impact rating serviceReference0     
SciVerse Framework and Content Science Reference Research Platform OpenSocial Reference0     
ScopusAcademic citation databaseReference0     
SeedFinderCannabis strain information serviceReference0     
Sem4TagsSemantic tagging interpretation serviceReference0     
Semantics3 Product DatabaseReference0     
SermonAudioAudio sermon library serviceReference0     
SERP-PPhilippines demographic data serviceReference0     
ServiceObjects DOTS DemographicsZip code level demographic serviceReference0     
ServiceObjects DOTS NCOA LiveU.S. change-of-address (COA) update serviceReference0     
ShakespeareShakespearian play quote origin identification serviceReference0     
Sherpa RomeoJournal publishing serviceReference0     
SigQuotesRandom Alistair Young quote generatorReference0     
SimpleUPCProduct information databaseReference0     
Simply PostcodePostcode and address lookup serviceReference0     
Simunix T2ADirectory services providing UK people, address, telephone and company informationReference0     
SKGA Golf HadicapGolf handicap in SlovakiaReference0     
SKOS ThesaurusThesaurus of related conceptsReference0     
SolarGISSolar resources information and calculation servicesReference0     
SolarPlotsSun position tracking serviceReference0     
Spellchecker.netSpelling correction serviceReference0     
SRC DemographicsDemographic reference dataReference0     
St. Gregorios Church BibleBible verse retrieval serviceReference0     
State Library of New South WalesInternal library website maintenance and fundraising serviceReference0     
StrikeIron Address DistanceInstantly Calculate the Distance Between Two Addresses for both the U.S and CanadaReference0     
StrikeIron Canada Geocode InformationInstantly PinPoint the Exact Location of Any Address in CanadaReference0     
StrikeIron Contact Record Verification SuiteCustomer contact information validation serviceReference0     
StrikeIron Do Not Call List VerificationInstantly Retrieve 'Do Not Call' Information with Ease & EfficiencyReference0     
StrikeIron Geo IP LocationObtain Geolocation Information from Website VisitorsReference0     
StrikeIron Global Address VerificationInstantly validate International AddressesReference0     
StrikeIron Insider TradingInsider trading transaction informationReference0     
StrikeIron Lite Web ServicesFinancial, census data, phone numbers, and other dataReference0     
StrikeIron Mobile IDIdentify Mobile Phone Numbers to remain compliant Reference0     
StrikeIron North America Address VerificationInstantly Verify Addresses with Optimal AccuracyReference0     
StrikeIron Phone Number EnhancementAdds address and statistical data based on phone numberReference0     
StrikeIron Phone Number ValidationValidate Phone Numbers with Optimal AccuracyReference0     
StrikeIron Real Time Telephone VerificationPhone Numbers verification serviceReference0     
StrikeIron Residential LookupResidential directory lookup and validation serviceReference0     
StrikeIron Sales Tax CalculationInstantly Automate Sales and Use Tax RatesReference0     
StrikeIron US Geocode InformationInstantly PinPoint the Exact Location of Any Address in the U.S.Reference0     
StrikeIron Zacks Company ProfileCorporate profiles web serviceReference0     
StyfeeInternalization and localization servicesReference0     
TextRazorText analysis serviceReference0     
The Business Model ProjectBusiness model taxonomyReference0     
The Freedom RegistryAnti-human trafficking organization collaboration platformReference0     
The Society of Authors Member SearchSearch for a writer or translatorReference0     
ThesaurusMulti-languages thesaurus search serviceReference0     
ThirukkuralThirukkural reference serviceReference0     
Thomas Beyer First Names and GenderEuropean names lookup serviceReference0     
Thomson Reuters Knowledge DirectBusiness information and analyticsReference0     
Thomson Reuters PharmaInvestigational drugs dataReference0     
Thomson Reuters Web of ScienceCitation reference indexReference0     
TimetricStatistical analysis tools and dataReference0     
TimeZoneDbTime zone databaseReference0     
Translated.netProfessional translation workflow serviceReference0     
Trends TopCompany information serviceReference0     
TuxxInternational business information resourceReference0     
U.S. National Library of Medicine ChemSpellChemical name spell checker and thesaurusReference0     
UK PostcodesUK postcode lookup serviceReference0     
UMBELSemantic structure serviceReference0     
Unified TaxSales tax lookup serviceReference0     
University of Toronto LibrariesUniversity of Toronto's library management systemReference0     
UNLV LibraryLibrary catalogReference0     
Unofficial IMDbUnofficial search interface for Internet Movie Database (IMDb)Reference0     
UrbanesiaIndonesian city lifestyle directoryReference0     
USA Today Best-Selling BooksBest-Selling Books Information ServiceReference0     
USA Today CensusU.S. census search service Reference0     
USGS Greenness QueryGeological data serviceReference0     
USGS United States National Grid ConversionGeological data serviceReference0     
Visual DataFlex Country InformationCountry information serviceReference0     
Visual DataFlex Date FunctionsMulti-language ID code and date name retrievalReference0     
WattzOnOnline Power Usage TrackingReference0     
WebLawsLegal glossaryReference0     
WebServiceMart Phone3TPhone number validation serviceReference0     
WebServiceMart USZipZipcode validation serviceReference0     
WikimetaSemantic tagging and content annotation serviceReference0     
WikirandomGenerate Random Wikipedia PagesReference0     
World AddressesAddress lookup and verification serviceReference0     
World Bank ClimateClimate change information portalReference0     
World Weather Online City SearchCity lookup serviceReference0     
World Wide Web of Humanities Wayback Archived internet research serviceReference0     
WorldCat IdentitiesLibrary data accessReference0     
WorldCat xISBNISBN and book edition linking serviceReference0     
Worldwide LexiconOpen source, collaborative language translation serviceReference0     
WSIndexIndex of informational links on web servicesReference0     
Xhanch Islamic Get Prayer TimeIslamic prayer time calculating serviceReference0     
York University LibraryUniversity library data serviceReference0     
ZIP CodesZip code lookup serviceReference0     
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