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Google App EngineDeveloper platformTools124     
Google Mashup EditorMashup creation tool extensions APITools12     
COLOURloversNamed colors and color palette servicesTools10     
GitHubSource code repositoryTools10     
AlchemyAPIArtificial Intelligence as a Service Tools5     
Bing TranslatorWeb translation toolTools5     
PusherReal-time push serviceTools5     
Google Sites Access data from the Google Sites serviceTools3     
Airbrake Application errors tracking and reporting serviceTools2     
Aviary SuiteImage editing serviceTools2     
DatumBoxMachine Learning platformTools2     
Google Closure CompilerJavaScript optimization serviceTools2     
Google PredictionArtificial intelligence serviceTools2     
Google Translator Toolkit Document translation serviceTools2     
PlunkerMulti-file snippet sharing serviceTools2     
ProducteevMulti-task collaboration tool Tools2     
SemantriaText and sentiment analysis serviceTools2     
Tiny-URL OpenURL shortening toolTools2     
WhoisWhois lookup serviceTools2     
123ContactFormForm builder serviceTools1     
AcapelaVoice as a serviceTools1     
Amazon Elastic MapReduceMapReduce data processing service Tools1     
Apicultur Word LemmatizerLanguage analysis serviceTools1     
Box.net EmbeditMedia embedding serviceTools1     
Context VoiceTool to track online engagement Tools1     
DNS ToolsDNS address resolving serviceTools1     
DoodleOnline polling serviceTools1     
DronestreamU.S. drone strike dataTools1     
EarthToolsWeb services for geographical informationTools1     
ECGridOS EDIWeb Services Communications APITools1     
GeolenzReverse geocoding serviceTools1     
Google Apps ScriptAutomation service for Google productsTools1     
HackerEarthCode compiling and running serviceTools1     
HighChartsInformation Charting ServiceTools1     
HP Labs Multimedia Analytic PlatformMultimedia content analysis toolsTools1     
IP-API.com GeolocationIP address lookup serviceTools1     
iSpeech Automated Speech RecognitionSpeech Recognition ServiceTools1     
jsFiddleOnline web editorTools1     
JSON ToolsJSON formatting toolsTools1     
LocLizardMobile application positioning serviceTools1     
PaymentwallDigital monetization siteTools1     
Planning CenterMinistry Planning ToolsTools1     
qr.cxURL shortening serviceTools1     
Safe CreativeFree copyright registryTools1     
Saplo Text AnalysisText Analysis ToolTools1     
ScraperWikiScreen scraper wikiTools1     
TeamboxProject collaboration serviceTools1     
TweetSentimentsSentiment analysis for Twitter serviceTools1     
UserVoiceCustomer feedback serviceTools1     
Yahoo UpdatesSocial network aggregationTools1     
ZapierApplication integration serviceTools1     
3PlayMediaCaption and Transcription ServiceTools0     
3Scale Account ManagementAPI management servicesTools0     
3Scale AnalyticsAPI management servicesTools0     
3scale Service ManagementAPI management servicesTools0     
9kw.euCaptcha solving serviceTools0     
ABBYY Cloud OCROptical character recognition serviceTools0     
Abra Mobile WebsitesMobile website creation serviceTools0     
Abundant AtomicClockAtomic timekeeping serviceTools0     
ActiveCollabCollaboration & Project Management SystemTools0     
ActiveStandardsWebsite Quality Management ServiceTools0     
AddNagAdd message screens within appsTools0     
AddressingHistoryHistorical online mapping serviceTools0     
AddThis ClientContent sharing button serviceTools0     
Adeptol CloudConnectOnline document viewer serviceTools0     
Aiaioo Labs VakTextText Analysis ServiceTools0     
Airbrake DataApplication error reporting serviceTools0     
Airbreak NotifierApplication error aggregation serviceTools0     
Alau.meReferral tracking platformTools0     
AlertraWebsite monitoring serviceTools0     
AlteryxBusiness data processing and app development platformTools0     
Amazon Mobile AppAmazon mobile app creation toolsTools0     
American Bible Society Journeys RegistrationThemed daily bible versesTools0     
AmplitudeMobile analytics platformTools0     
Analytical PathApplication data vizualization serviceTools0     
Animetrics Face Recognition3D face recognitionTools0     
Annotate.IOSocial media text and photo annotation serviceTools0     
AntigateCAPTCHA Decoding ServiceTools0     
ANU Quantum Random Number GeneratorRandom number generatorTools0     
ApertiumTranslation ServiceTools0     
APICloud.Me ColorTagColor detection web serviceTools0     
APICloud.Me FaceRectFacial recognition web serviceTools0     
apis.isIcelandic public informationTools0     
APPELLOEpiDoc encoded document information extraction serviceTools0     
appFiguresSales Reporting and Analytics for iTunes AppsTools0     
AppFirstApplication monitoring serviceTools0     
AppLamp Wifi LEDMobile device LED lighting controlTools0     
AppNowGo!Web app building platformTools0     
AppsGeyserApp creation platformTools0     
ApptentiveIn-application feedback serviceTools0     
aprs.fiReal-time Automatic Packet Reporting System databaseTools0     
Arbitrary CounterPersistent counting APITools0     
ArchiDev ValidatorEmail and URL validation toolTools0     
ArGo Software Address VerifierAddress verification serviceTools0     
Argos Affiliate Affiliate management serviceTools0     
ArrayentHome automation and remote device monitoring/control serviceTools0     
ASPonlineAssorted Taiwanese internet tools and servicesTools0     
AT&T SpeechSpeech based servicesTools0     
atamaApp-enabled devicesTools0     
AuphonicAudio post production serviceTools0     
Avatars.ioAvatar hosting serviceTools0     
AYLIEN Text AnalysisText analysis serviceTools0     
BachbillCloud-based SaaS delivery serviceTools0     
Bacon IpsumLorem Ipsum generator toolTools0     
Bango AnalyticsMobile website analytics serviceTools0     
BankimportBank account information managerTools0     
BarCode GeneratorBarcode creation serviceTools0     
Barcode ScannerBarcode scanning serviceTools0     
Barcodes4.meBarcode and QR code generatorTools0     
Baseball IpsumBaseball themed lorem ipsum generatorTools0     
bases4youBrazilian location information servicesTools0     
BayWeb Cloud-EMSRemote HVAC control serviceTools0     
Beacon PushReal-time push serviceTools0     
BeanstalkHosted subversion and storage serviceTools0     
BeeTagg QRQR code creation and scanning serviceTools0     
Behavioral Media Networks Cognitive InsightsUser profiling toolsTools0     
Behind the NameFirst name etymology and history databaseTools0     
BeintooApp gamification toolTools0     
BellaDatiData analysis and management serviceTools0     
BERG Cloud Little Printer PublicationsMiniature printable publications serviceTools0     
BidvoyeBay product value tracking serviceTools0     
Bim.imURL shortener with statsTools0     
BimeBusiness data monitoring and analysis serviceTools0     
BioWeb.mePersistent web URL service for science applicationsTools0     
BitDeliData analytics toolTools0     
BlocksiURL filtering toolTools0     
BluyahData transformation serviceTools0     
BontqBug and issue tracking serviceTools0     
BookieBookmarking and web content parsing serviceTools0     
BoxmeupBox contents information management serviceTools0     
Bramus Simple REST API ExplorerREST API endpoint exploration serviceTools0     
BreezyMobile printing appTools0     
BrightContextReal time Big Data Processing PaaSTools0     
Broken Storm Short URLURL Shortening ServiceTools0     
BrowserStackBrowser testing serviceTools0     
BTBucketsPersonalization and behavior targeting toolTools0     
Btc.toBitcoin Address Shortening ServiceTools0     
Bug AnalyticsError Tracking and AnalyticsTools0     
BugBusterWeb application testing and bug detection serviceTools0     
BugDiggerBug reporting serviceTools0     
BugrocketBug tracking toolTools0     
BugsenseReal-time bug tracking serviceTools0     
BugSnagApplication error notification serviceTools0     
BugswarmData Acquisition and Control ServiceTools0     
BugzillaBug-tracking serviceTools0     
Bypass CAPTCHACAPTCHA Bypass ServiceTools0     
C6 HuzipHungarian zip code look-up serviceTools0     
CADECComposite materials analysis applicationTools0     
CalcatrazOnline calculatorTools0     
CallMyAppOnline cron serviceTools0     
CapptainMobile apps analytics serviceTools0     
Captain PassPassBook pass managerTools0     
CaptchaBotCaptcha Solving ServiceTools0     
CaptricityData digitization serviceTools0     
Carbon CalculatedEnterprise Carbon ManagementTools0     
CastingWordsAudio Transcription ServiceTools0     
CatApplusAndroid app organization serviceTools0     
CDYNE IP2GeoGeolocate by IP addressTools0     
CDYNE SpellCheckerSpellcheck serviceTools0     
CeeQFacial detection and recognition serviceTools0     
CellyURL shortener with statsTools0     
Checklist.comPersonal task list service with thousands of checklists to choose fromTools0     
CheckmarkableChecklist creation serviceTools0     
CheckMarket SurveyOnline survey solutionsTools0     
Cheeso's Zipcode Lookup ServiceZip code look-up serviceTools0     
Chinese Seal Chop Imageno longer availableTools0     
Choir.ioSound-based event notification serviceTools0     
ChurchZipGlobal church locator serviceTools0     
ChurnBeeSaaS metrics dashboard Tools0     
CIA.vcOpen Source Version Control ToolsTools0     
CilenisText Analysis ServiceTools0     
CircleCICode testing and deploying serviceTools0     
cisimpleMobile application testing and deployment serviceTools0     
CitySDK ParticipationUrban digital services toolkitTools0     
Clear ReadArticle text and metadata extraction toolTools0     
CleengPublisher Content Management & Sales ServiceTools0     
CloudantData scaling platform Tools0     
CloudBlocks CloudQuartzCron job scheduling serviceTools0     
CloudConvertFile Conversion service Tools0     
CloudFactoryVirtual work serviceTools0     
CloudoWeb OS application development platformTools0     
CloudSideURL shortenerTools0     
CocoaPodsObjective-C dependency management serviceTools0     
CoddressAddress Input SimplificationTools0     
CodeanywhereBrowser-based code editing serviceTools0     
CodeboxUbuntu-based integrated development environmentTools0     
Codebump Zip CodesZip code look-up serviceTools0     
CodePorting C#2JavaCode conversion toolTools0     
CogheadWeb based development platformTools0     
Coginov Information interpretation and analysis serviceTools0     
Collins IndicateStatistical data modelling toolTools0     
ColoRotateIntegrate 3D colors to your website or blogTools0     
CometdocsCometdocs PDF Converter APITools0     
Compassion InternationalChristian child advocacy organizationTools0     
Complexity Intelligence Markup CleanerHTML markup cleaning serviceTools0     
Complexity Intelligence Part Of Speech TaggingSemantic tagging webserviceTools0     
ComplexityIntelligence Named Entity RecognitionText analysis and extraction toolTools0     
ConduitApp publisher toolsTools0     
ConvertAPI Web2ImageWebpage to Image Conversion ServiceTools0     
ConvertAPI Web2PDFWebpage to PDF Conversion ServiceTools0     
ConvertAPI Word2PDFWord document to PDF file conversion serviceTools0     
ConvertAPI Xps2PDFXps document to PDF file conversion serviceTools0     
Coops N MoreInternal address validation serviceTools0     
Count.ioPersistent counting serviceTools0     
CreateSurveyOnline survey creation serviceTools0     
CreativeWorx TimeTrackerTime Tracking ServiceTools0     
CrittercismMobile application error monitoring serviceTools0     
Crop PDF for Amazon KindlePDF cropping toolTools0     
CrossbarNordic languages translation dictionaryTools0     
Crossbrowser Testing Website-browser compatibility testing Tools0     
CSS MinifierCSS code shortening serviceTools0     
Cubify3D design and printing serviceTools0     
CumulaWeb application building serviceTools0     
Da Button FactoryLink button generatorTools0     
DashIn-car programmable GPS navigation systemTools0     
Data8 Goneaway Identification Web ServiceCheck last known addressTools0     
Data8 Unusable/Salacious NamesIdentify unusable namesTools0     
DataboxData connection & analysis serviceTools0     
DataDogIT data managementTools0     
DatafieldMobile data form creation serviceTools0     
DataseedData visualization and analysis platformTools0     
dataTXT by SpazioDatiData and text extraction and linking serviceTools0     
Daum Context KeywordContextual keyword extraction serviceTools0     
Death By CAPTCHACAPTCHA Bypass ServiceTools0     
DebuggifyBug and error tracking for Javascript code Tools0     
Deepwater Oil ReporterCrowdsourcing Oil Reporting AppTools0     
DeployGateApplication deployment serviceTools0     
DesmosIn-browser graphing calculatorTools0     
Detectlanguage.comLanguage detection serviceTools0     
Devot:ee UploadExpressionEngine community websiteTools0     
Diffbot ArticleNews article text extraction toolTools0     
Diffbot FollowWeb page changes subscription toolTools0     
Diffbot FrontpageWeb page content extraction toolTools0     
Digit-EyesUPC code databaseTools0     
Directional Star TimeZone ConverterTime zone converter toolTools0     
DispatchEvent automation serviceTools0     
DistimoApplication analytics and metrics platformTools0     
Docket AlarmLitigation Tracking ServiceTools0     
DocoDocoIP geolocation serviceTools0     
DocolocPlagiarism detection serviceTools0     
DocverterDocument converting serviceTools0     
DoFormsMobile Data Collection ServiceTools0     
Doodle3DWiFi 3D PrintingTools0     
DoppelMeAvatar creation serviceTools0     
DoxumentCloud based document conversion serviceTools0     
DraftCollaborative writing toolTools0     
Driving-DistancesPostcode and ZIP code distance calculatorsTools0     
Duda MobileMulti-Screen Website Builder ServiceTools0     
EasyImgOnline image and graphics editing serviceTools0     
EBI WhatizitMolecular biology term identification and reference linkingTools0     
EbiwriteTranslation writing toolTools0     
ecobeeThermostat management solutionsTools0     
eCoComa ConvertVarious text conversion servicesTools0     
Ecometrica Our ImpactsSustainability management toolsTools0     
EcordiaContent optimization and text analysis serviceTools0     
EdoceoAssorted reference and conversion toolsTools0     
el Guille ConversorSpanish temperature conversion serviceTools0     
ElectionsOnline EvoteOnline balloting serviceTools0     
ElementoolBug tracking toolsTools0     
Elev.atText and Excel conversion to XML toolTools0     
elmah.ioCloud-based error tracking serviceTools0     
EmoomeEmotional profiling tool Tools0     
EnClout StemmerWord stemming serviceTools0     
EnClout Term AnalysisWord lemmatization serviceTools0     
EnergimolnetEnergy consumption data serviceTools0     
EpistlyOnline letter writing serviceTools0     
Ericsson Cluster ConstructorService for Finding Data Clusters in Submitted DatasetsTools0     
Ericsson Text to SpeechText to Speech Convering ServiceTools0     
Ericsson Web ConnectivityWebpage/Server Connection ToolTools0     
Ericsson Web Device ConnectivityWeb Connection for UPnP/DLNA DevicesTools0     
ESA Semantic RelatednessAmtera service to measure semantic relatedness of textTools0     
Euro42 Euro to GuldenCurrency conversion service for Euros and GuldensTools0     
European VAT Number Validation European Union value added tax number validationTools0     
EventSocketsCloud based push serviceTools0     
Everything FontsFont Conversion ServiceTools0     
Examineurl Online AnalysisWebsite analytics and Intenet tools serviceTools0     
ExceptionalWeb application bug tracking serviceTools0     
Exciting PrinterMiniature printer content previewing and printing serviceTools0     
ezeepCloud Managed Printing ServiceTools0     
Face++Facial Recognition and Detection ServiceTools0     
Fake Name GeneratorName generation serviceTools0     
Fancy HandsVirtual Assistant ServiceTools0     
FarmSenseWeb services for farmersTools0     
Fasilkom Audio/Voice ProcessingAudio enhancement and recognition servicesTools0     
Fasilkom Handwriting Image EnhancementHandwriting image enhancement serviceTools0     
Fasilkom Painting IdentifierPainting style identification serviceTools0     
Fasilkom Text ProcessingText processing and translation serviceTools0     
FeedbackRoad Customer feedback and idea management serviceTools0     
Ferret go Sentiment AnalysisText and sentiment analysis service Tools0     
FillAnyPDFInformation aggregation for PDF formsTools0     
FindAAUnnoficial directory of Alcoholics Anonymous meetingsTools0     
FindPeopleFreeFind UK residents and businesses by regionTools0     
FiveFilters.orgContent extraction serviceTools0     
FlatTurtle ReservationsDigital signage providerTools0     
FlexPaperDocument viewer for webTools0     
FlipzuBroadcasting and sharing serviceTools0     
FlixFitHuman body 3D imaging serviceTools0     
FlomioNear field communications (NFC) serviceTools0     
FloorplannerBuilding floorplan design serviceTools0     
FlowReal-time information and data platformTools0     
FluidSurveysOnline Survey ToolsTools0     
FluidVMSystem Tools and Management ServiceTools0     
FluksoElectricity metering serviceTools0     
Fog Creek FogBugz XMLBug tracking softwareTools0     
Fog Creek KilnCode review toolTools0     
Fork CMSOpen-source content management systemTools0     
Form CheckUtilsForm field validation toolTools0     
FormAssemblyForm creation and data management serviceTools0     
FormhubForm creation and data collection serviceTools0     
FormLizardForm completion serviceTools0     
FoxTranscribeOnline human transcription serviceTools0     
FraudLabs IP2LocationGeolocate by IP address serviceTools0     
FraudLabs ZIPCodeWorld United StatesUnited states postal code geolocation serviceTools0     
ftw.gdURL-shortening serviceTools0     
FullContact LocationLocation data normalization and enrichment toolsTools0     
FullContact NameName data enrichment and parsing toolsTools0     
FuncNetProtein analysis serviceTools0     
FviconFavicon retrieval serviceTools0     
GenderName-based gender identification serviceTools0     
genderize.ioGender determination web serviceTools0     
GenoProGenealogy softwareTools0     
Geo IP LookupIP geolocation serviceTools0     
Geobytes Ajax Autocomplete Cities ListAutocompleting list of cities and city informationTools0     
GeoMeLocation based IP tracking serviceTools0     
Get LocalizationCrowdsourcing Translation ServiceTools0     
Get My TweetsTwitter feed retrieval serviceTools0     
GigabarkVoice and text broadcasting solutionsTools0     
Given.to Digital gift wishlist serviceTools0     
gnTEAM Full TextText editing and bioinformatics data retrieval servicesTools0     
Google Issue Tracker DataView and update issues on Google Project Hosting Tools0     
Google ModeratorTool for collection and ideas, questions and recommendationsTools0     
Google PowerMeterPower consumption monitoring toolTools0     
Google Time ZoneTime zone by location serviceTools0     
GoVivaceSpeech recognition servicesTools0     
gPodderPodcast retrieval serviceTools0     
GrabzItWebsite screenshot serviceTools0     
GreencheckWebsite sustainability checkerTools0     
GTmetrixWebsite Performance Testing ToolTools0     
HackPadCollaborative Workspace ServiceTools0     
Health of IcelandIcelandic societal metricsTools0     
HighStockStock Charting ServiceTools0     
HindenbugBug and log tracking serviceTools0     
HinKhoj Hindi TextPadHindi-language text input boxTools0     
HipsterJesusLorem Ipsum generator toolTools0     
HojokiCloud application integration serviceTools0     
Home Energy Scoring ToolUS DOE home energy usage measurement toolTools0     
HoptoadApplication error notification serviceTools0     
HoudiniCrowdsourced moderation servicesTools0     
Href.huHungarian URL shortenerTools0     
HTC Common ControlsCustomized control extensions for HTCTools0     
HTC Scribe PenPen Control for HTC Scribe PenTools0     
HTC Sound EnhancerApplication Sound EnhancerTools0     
HTC Stereoscopic 3DStereoscopic 3D for EVO 3DTools0     
Human.ioMicro-Apps for Android and iOSTools0     
HumanoidData analysis serviceTools0     
I'mPDFHTML to PDF Conversion ServiceTools0     
i>clicker GOClassroom participation clicker serviceTools0     
iBuildAppMobile application building platformTools0     
ICanLocalizeTranslation serviceTools0     
IdeoneOnline code compiler and debuggerTools0     
Idilia Sense AnalyticsAssigns precise word senses to textTools0     
IHMC CmapConcept mapping serviceTools0     
Illocution UpzillaLanguage analysis serviceTools0     
ImageVision FaceDetectionFace detection web serviceTools0     
ImageVision NuditySearchNudity detection web serviceTools0     
IMG to CSSImage files to CSS converterTools0     
IMG4MeText to Image ServiceTools0     
Impact RadiusAdvertising management toolTools0     
InstaBugMobile application bug tracking toolTools0     
Intel ConnectionDevice connection state monitoring toolTools0     
Intel Power WebPower and battery state monitoringTools0     
ioBridgeRetrieve module feed URLsTools0     
IP AddressIP address lookup serviceTools0     
IPGP IP Address GeolocationIP address lookup serviceTools0     
IPTranslatorMachine Translation ServiceTools0     
IPv4Free IP Lookup APITools0     
iridizeWebapp guidance serviceTools0     
iSpeech Text-To-SpeechText to Speech ServiceTools0     
IssueTrakIssue tracking and support platformTools0     
itty bitty URLURL shortening serviceTools0     
IvonaText to speech serviceTools0     
JavaScript MinifierJavaScript code shortening serviceTools0     
Jawbone UPSleep, movement, and eating tracking toolTools0     
JoomagDigital magazine publishing and hosting servicesTools0     
JPG OptimiserLossless JPG file size reducerTools0     
jsDelivrContent delivery network for JavaScript librariesTools0     
JSLoggerJavaScript error logging serviceTools0     
JSON BlobParallel client/server development serviceTools0     
KAYWA QR-CodeQR-Code access serviceTools0     
KDE PastebinPastebin serviceTools0     
KeepconNatural language processing for content managementTools0     
Key SurveySurvey operation enhancement serviceTools0     
KiuwanApplication quality management serviceTools0     
KuakesInternational earthquake dataTools0     
KwoutWebsite quote with images toolTools0     
LabJack CloudDotMeasurement hardware and softwareTools0     
LagoaCAD and 3D creation platform Tools0     
LanguageToolText proofreading toolTools0     
LawToolBox DeadlineRule-Based Court Litigation Deadline CalculatorTools0     
LeftronicData and analytics visualization serviceTools0     
LegalesignOnline legal contract and form completion serviceTools0     
LessAnnoyingCRMCustomer Relationship Management ServiceTools0     
LetsMTLanguage translation serviceTools0     
LibStation Numbers in Words.NET Application Numbers-to-Words conversionTools0     
License DirectLicense & registration verification serviceTools0     
LingoTip TranslationDocument translation serviceTools0     
LinkPeekWeb site image preview creation serviceTools0     
LitehostingVPS Hosting ServiceTools0     
Little BirdTopic and community engagement applicationTools0     
LittleShoot Labs MIMEFile type reference serviceTools0     
Loader.ioSimple cloud-based load testing for your appsTools0     
lobidBibliographic information searching and retrieval serviceTools0     
LOC-AIDMobile Location ServiceTools0     
LocaidLocation based servicesTools0     
Location GenomeMobile location based servicesTools0     
Location Labs GeofenceLocation Alert ServiceTools0     
Loco Language Pack ConverterLanguage pack file format conversion serviceTools0     
LocuMenu management and venue location serviceTools0     
LodgeIt!Code pastebin serviceTools0     
LogglyCloud Based Logging ServiceTools0     
LoggrWeb application analytics serviceTools0     
LoginRadiusSocial networking login serviceTools0     
LogMyTimeTime Tracking ServiceTools0     
LokiWebsite location serviceTools0     
LonelydropsMulti-Language Drop Down ServiceTools0     
Lorem Ipsum MePlaceholder text generatorTools0     
Loripsum.netPlaceholder text generatorTools0     
LucidChartCloud-based chart creation platform Tools0     
Lucky Sort TopicWatchMobile data visualization platformTools0     
LuminosoText analytics serviceTools0     
LuxCloudChannel-Centric MarketplaceTools0     
Lymbix Sentiment AnalysisSentiment analysis serviceTools0     
Lymbix Sentiment AnalyticsSentiment Analysis ServiceTools0     
Machine LinkingSemantic analysis serviceTools0     
MagPlusMobile and tablet publishing and content serviceTools0     
makexyzDirectory of 3D printersTools0     
MapDustOpenStreetMap bug trackerTools0     
Marky MarkdownifierHtml to plain text conversion toolTools0     
MediaCastManagement and content software extension service Tools0     
Melissa Data Email ObjectEmail parsing and domain validation serviceTools0     
Melissa Data IP Locator ObjectIP geolocation data providerTools0     
Melissa Data MatchUp ObjectData analyses toolsTools0     
Melissa Data Name ObjectName data parsing and screening toolTools0     
Melissa Data Phone ObjectPhone number data toolsTools0     
Melissa Data RightField ObjectContact data parsing and structuring toolTools0     
Meme Generator Meme generation engine Tools0     
Message RadiusWifi proximity-based actions delivery Tools0     
Metafor SoftwareAnomaly detection and predictive analytics serviceTools0     
MetaGlanceMetadata Generation ToolTools0     
MetricFireApp metrics and analytics toolTools0     
MicroPollWeb poll serviceTools0     
Mimer SQL ValidatorSQL statement validation serviceTools0     
Mind42Brainstorming Display ServiceTools0     
Miri Device DescriptionMobile device description serviceTools0     
Mirkolofio UnshortenerURL unshortener toolTools0     
Mnemotechniques AbbreviatorAbbreviation servicesTools0     
mobiAPI Mobile data reporting and analysis serviceTools0     
Mock ResponseMock HTTP responsesTools0     
MockyREST API testing serviceTools0     
ModiflyAPI augmentation webserviceTools0     
Mojo HelpdeskHelpdesk ServiceTools0     
MokiMobility +MDMMobile device management platformTools0     
MomentSchedule delayed HTTP requestsTools0     
MontasticWebsite and server monitoring serviceTools0     
Moodzle EmotionEmotional Analysis ServiceTools0     
MouseflowWebsite heatmapping and UX tool Tools0     
MozendaData extraction serviceTools0     
Mozilla DOMDocument Object Model ToolTools0     
Mozilla VibrationVibration Alert ToolTools0     
mtny.mobiURL shortener serviceTools0     
Munin ExchangeMunin Plugin Information ToolsTools0     
Murrion Software Blacknight services statusServer monitoring serviceTools0     
MuslimSalat.comMuslim prayer timesTools0     
Mutationevent QR code generatorQR code generatorTools0     
My Tape LabelsBarcode tape label generatorTools0     
MyCaption Speech to TextText to speech serviceTools0     
Mydrmspace.comDigital Watermarking ServiceTools0     
MyFitnessPalFood and exercise trackerTools0     
MyMemoryLanguage translation serviceTools0     
MyMemory HTSOn demand human translation servicesTools0     
NAC Geocoding Address FilesGeocoding and address matchingTools0     
NAC Real-time ConversionWorldwide geocoding information serviceTools0     
NaCTeM TermineText mining serviceTools0     
NakdRealityAugmented reality and location-based serviceTools0     
NaNoWriMo Word CountNovel writing event word count serviceTools0     
NBIC PeregrineTerm recognition and tagging serviceTools0     
NCBO BioPortalNCBO Ontology ToolsTools0     
NEOSProgram optimization serviceTools0     
NeoSpeech Text to speech serviceTools0     
NetmeraMobile app engagement platformTools0     
NeutrinoA powerful and general purpose Cloud APITools0     
New Hope OahuWeb tools for churchesTools0     
NewsCo Article SummaryText extraction and article summarization serviceTools0     
Nike Materials SustainabilityCorporate sustainability initiativeTools0     
NimbixCloud-based supercomputing platformTools0     
NimbulaCloud Computing ManagementTools0     
Ninja BlocksPlatform allowing apps to communicate with hardwareTools0     
NISSFile attribute swapping serviceTools0     
NIST CDA Guideline ValidationCDA guideline validation serviceTools0     
NL.AE iptocIP geolocation serviceTools0     
NN.NFURL shortening serviceTools0     
NoiseTubeNoise pollution monitoring serviceTools0     
NoteHubMarkdown page pastebinTools0     
Nuance NinaMobile Customer Service AppTools0     
NWQMC Water Quality PortalWater quality data serviceTools0     
OCLC CrosswalkMetadata translation servicesTools0     
OCR TerminalOnline optical character recognition serviceTools0     
OfforteOnline quotation and proposal serviceTools0     
OneHourTranslationTranslation serviceTools0     
OneNoteMicrosoft note-taking and organizational toolTools0     
OneSkyAppWeb and mobile app translation management serviceTools0     
OneTokVoice recognition serviceTools0     
Online Cron JobCron job scheduling serviceTools0     
Online-Convert.comOnline file conversion toolTools0     
OnlineNICInternet Domain ServicesTools0     
Onuma Planning SystemArchitectural planning and modeling serviceTools0     
Open GifGIF retrieval serviceTools0     
Open NotifyDigital notifications to control physical objectsTools0     
OpenFaceFacial feature detection web serviceTools0     
OpenGraph HybridOpen Graph Protocol Data ProviderTools0     
Openwave Network Address BookAddress book contacts synchronization serviceTools0     
OpTierBig data processing for businessTools0     
OrionHigh-performance computing servicesTools0     
OsmosisDesign brief and client questionnaire applicationTools0     
OstextOpen source translation repositoryTools0     
packit4me2D/3D bin packing algorithmTools0     
PageGlimpseThumbnail generatorTools0     
PagePeekerWebsite thumbnail generation serviceTools0     
PagifyDocument generation serviceTools0     
PanoptaServer monitoring serviceTools0     
PanoptixBuilding and energy monitoring serviceTools0     
Park SharkOpen parking data for select citiesTools0     
ParsifyDocument parsing and conversion serviceTools0     
PassDockPass and ticket creation service for PassBookTools0     
PassKitPass and ticket creation service for PassBookTools0     
PassSourcePass and ticket creation service for PassBookTools0     
Pastebin.comText sharing and storage serviceTools0     
PayPal Segmentation ServiceUser data and analytics serviceTools0     
PDF ConverterPDF file conversion serviceTools0     
PDFizePDF creation toolTools0     
PDFremixPDF document editing serviceTools0     
Pearson Correlation CoefficientCalculator for the Pearson Correlation Coefficient ρTools0     
Performant JuxtaTextual criticism toolTools0     
Philips hueWireless LED lighting system Tools0     
PhoneTagVoice-to-text serviceTools0     
PhotoLiveSocial network photo dowload toolTools0     
PHP Object GeneratorPHP object generation serviceTools0     
PHPGraphlib RemotePHP graph generator serviceTools0     
PhraseAppTranslation management serviceTools0     
Pic ResizeImage editing platformTools0     
PictaculousColor palette generatorTools0     
PidocoWireframe and prototyping softwareTools0     
PieceableiOS app testing platformTools0     
PinchMobile analytics serviceTools0     
Ping-uinPing IP or URL toolTools0     
PingBrigadeWebsite Monitoring ServiceTools0     
PinnionCustomer and audience engagement serviceTools0     
PlagScanPlagiarism detection service Tools0     
Play Truly RandomPhysical entropy for and from gamesTools0     
Playnice.lyBug tracking serviceTools0     
Plotly Data Analysis and Graphing ServiceTools0     
PNG CrushLossless PNG file size reducerTools0     
POEditorLanguage localization serviceTools0     
PokelogMultipurpose personal analytics serviceTools0     
Pongr Image RecognitionImage Recognition ServiceTools0     
PositionMonitorKeyword and rank monitor Tools0     
PostcardContent management, publishing, & sharing serviceTools0     
Postcode.nlDutch address completion serviceTools0     
Predictive EdgeBig data analytics for retailTools0     
PredictiveIntent IntentPredictionServerBehavior profiling and filtering serviceTools0     
PredictivezData Prediction ServiceTools0     
Preona ReadabilityHTML text scraping toolTools0     
PresstacularMarketing content management for IT companiesTools0     
Pro Writing AidText analysis and writing aid serviceTools0     
ProcessWireCMS Design Template ServiceTools0     
Project TroiaQuality control service for crowd-sourcing websitesTools0     
PromptCloudData as a Service platformTools0     
Proof of ExistenceDocument proof of existence serviceTools0     
ProofHQOnline collaborative design review toolTools0     
Proofread BotProofreading serviceTools0     
ProworkReal-time project collaboration serviceTools0     
ProxAPIProximity and location search serviceTools0     
Psydex AGData Mining and Predictive Analysis ServiceTools0     
PublishflowLive Competitor Monitoring for News PublishersTools0     
PulseFlowWeb and mobile app analytics serviceTools0     
PVOutput ServicePhotovoltaic solar panel output data sharing toolTools0     
pvSensePhotovoltaic installation management serviceTools0     
QminderMobile queue management systemTools0     
QordobaOnline translation serviceTools0     
qrd.byQR code generatorTools0     
QrimpDeveloper platform with database capabilitiesTools0     
QRtagQR code creation and distribution serviceTools0     
QueekyPaintOnline Drawing PlatformTools0     
QuestionProOnline survey serviceTools0     
QuicktateAudio transcription service Tools0     
QuomageText-based image creation serviceTools0     
RACAI LinguisticLanguage identification, translation, and processing servicesTools0     
RAMP ContentContent Optimization ServiceTools0     
RandomText.meDummy text generatorTools0     
RandomUserRandom user generator for developersTools0     
RatchetReal time app error reporting serviceTools0     
Raven Slingshotprecision agriculture business toolTools0     
RaygunSoftware error tracking serviceTools0     
RBL WatcherIP address blacklist status monitoring serviceTools0     
RChilliResume parsing serviceTools0     
ReadSpeaker speechCloudText to Speech ServiceTools0     
RealFaviconGeneratorCross-platform favicon generatorTools0     
Recognize.ByImage recognition serviceTools0     
RED ALERTEmergency notification servicesTools0     
Red Condor ProvisioningMessage Assurance Gateway Administration and Configuration ToolTools0     
RedCritter Microsoft Silverlight hosted application serviceTools0     
Redis To GoRedis instance hosting and managing serviceTools0     
RedistatsWeb Stats Tracking ServiceTools0     
RedLine13 Zip Code DistanceZip code distance calculatorTools0     
Reflection IT CalculatorSimple calculator serviceTools0     
Reflection IT Html2XmlHTML to XML conversion serviceTools0     
Remy Sharp's TinyURLURL compression and sharing serviceTools0     
Renderfarm.fiOnline rendering serviceTools0     
RestFul Web Services Email ValidationE-mail address validation serviceTools0     
RestFul Web Services USA Zip CodeZip code location serviceTools0     
RethumbThumbnail creation serviceTools0     
RevTranslation and transcription servicesTools0     
Review TrackersReview monitoring service for businessesTools0     
RewardMeBusiness intelligence and loyalty serviceTools0     
Rewd.coURL shortening tool Tools0     
RigorPerformance monitoring serviceTools0     
RitcCloud and SaaS integration serviceTools0     
Robust LinksIndexed web data toolsTools0     
RoistrSemantic Relevance EngineTools0     
Roll the DiceDice rolling toolTools0     
rules.ioAutomation platformTools0     
SaasGridWeb OS application development platformTools0     
Sapo ChartChart creation serviceTools0     
Sapo DevelopmentWeb application development toolsTools0     
Sapo PunyURLURL shortening toolTools0     
SatisfactionHubSite survey and metrics serviceTools0     
SavvrDaily deals business intelligence serviceTools0     
SazneoGroup communication platformTools0     
SBA Business Licenses and PermitsBusiness licenses and permits search serviceTools0     
ScaffoldIdentity and reputation platformTools0     
Scalyr LogsServer log monitoring serviceTools0     
Scanbuy ScanLifeBarcode reader applicationTools0     
SCAPSyncSCAP Aggregation and Search ServiceTools0     
ScienceSoft LaTeXFile conversion from LaTeX to PNGTools0     
Scrape.itScreen Scraping ServiceTools0     
Scrape.lyScreen Scraping ServiceTools0     
ScrapeLogoCompany logo scraping serviceTools0     
ScrapinghubWeb crawling and data processing servicesTools0     
ScreenheroCollaborative screen sharing serviceTools0     
ScreenleapComputer screen sharing serviceTools0     
Screenshot SharkScreenshot ServiceTools0     
ScreenSteps LiveTools for creating visual knowledge basesTools0     
ScringoMobile and tablet application feature providerTools0     
SDL BeGlobalMachine and human translation serviceTools0     
SDL Language Cloud TranslationHuman language translation serviceTools0     
Semantic Research SemanticaSemantic data analysis serviceTools0     
SemantiNet Knowledge GraphWeb Data Query ServiceTools0     
SemiocastLinguistic feed analysis serviceTools0     
Sen.sePrototype creation and development platformTools0     
SensorCloudData storage, management, and visualization platformTools0     
Sentence RecognitionMeaning-based phrase matching serviceTools0     
Sentiment Analysis OnlineSentiment analysis for English textTools0     
Sentinel MonitoringServer and website monitoring serviceTools0     
SentiRateSentiment analysis serviceTools0     
SEOBudgetSearch engine promotion valuation serviceTools0     
Service-XUK mapping, location, and SMS servicesTools0     
ServiceObjects DOTS Fast TaxSales tax calculation serviceTools0     
ServiceObjects DOTS GeoCashATM location serviceTools0     
ServiceObjects DOTS Name ValidationName validation and parsing serviceTools0     
SetCronJobCronjob scheduling serviceTools0     
SetGetGo GUIDGlobal unique identifier generatorTools0     
SetGetGo IP GeolocationIP geolocation by countryTools0     
SetGetGo Random ImageRandom image generatorTools0     
SetGetGo Random WordRandom word generatorTools0     
SetGetGo Simple CryptoEncryption and decryption toolTools0     
Shared WorkforceOn-demand human intelligenceTools0     
SharpDevelop Code ConverterCode conversion serviceTools0     
ShifDContent shifting between mobile and computer serviceTools0     
ShribOnline notepadTools0     
ShrinkTheWeb PagePixWebsite Screenshot ServiceTools0     
SifterBug and issue tracking serviceTools0     
SilentaleConsolidate contacts and messages in a personal archiveTools0     
Simperium Data transportation layerTools0     
Simple Semantic Web Architecture and ProtocolBotanical semantic web conversion serviceTools0     
SimpleWorkerCloud based background job schedulerTools0     
Skate IpsumSkateboarding themed text generatorTools0     
SlackTeam communication management platformTools0     
Slatemind Mind-mapping toolTools0     
SmartwaiverCustom digital waiver solutionsTools0     
SMMRYText summarizing toolTools0     
SniptService for sharing code snippetsTools0     
Snipt.netCode Snippet Sharing ServiceTools0     
Snowy EveningBug and issue tracking serviceTools0     
SocialbelCommunity translation serviceTools0     
Socializando LlevameMexico City directions serviceTools0     
SoluteciaArtificial Intelligence based toolsTools0     
Some Murrays Website SummariesWeb site parsing toolTools0     
SpaceHackerspace data retrieval serviceTools0     
Spark DevicesLight and lighting control serviceTools0     
SparkwiseData visualization and metrics serviceTools0     
SpeakerTextOnline transcription serviceTools0     
SpeakLike TranslationTranslation serviceTools0     
Spearman Correlation CoefficientMathematics toolTools0     
speechapiSpeech recognition and text to speech service Tools0     
Spell OutVoice procedural alphabet translatorTools0     
SpinnerChiefArticle spinning serviceTools0     
SpinVoxVoice to text serviceTools0     
SplitwiseBill splitting and IOU tracking applicationTools0     
Splunk IT data searching and archiving serviceTools0     
SPP CROWElectrical service outage reporting serviceTools0     
SpringSense Meaning DetectionMeaning Recognition (Word Sense Disambiguation/Detection) APITools0     
SSW Australian PostcodeAustralian address checking serviceTools0     
StageBlocWebsite creation platformTools0     
StamplinText extraction APITools0     
stamprLetter mailing web serviceTools0     
StatwingData analysis toolTools0     
Straker TranslationTranslation servicesTools0     
Stremor Liquid HeliumLanguage heuristics toolsTools0     
StrikeIron ZIP and Postal Code InfoInstantly Retrieve Key Elements Off any U.S. or Canadian AddressTools0     
StrongsteamArtificial intelligence toolsTools0     
Su.prStumbleUpon URL utilityTools0     
SubHubWebsite creation and content management serviceTools0     
SumibiConvert between kanji and romajiTools0     
SumnotesPDF Highlight ExtractorTools0     
Sumo LogicCloud-based big data management and analyticsTools0     
SunglassCAD and 3D design collaboration toolTools0     
Survey ConsoleOnline survey serviceTools0     
SurveyMethodsSurvey Application IntegrationTools0     
SurveyMonkeySurvey serviceTools0     
SUSE StudioLinux building serviceTools0     
SwiftKeyKeyboard application for phones and devicesTools0     
SyllabsSymantic text analysis serviceTools0     
SyncfriendContact syncing serviceTools0     
T Dispatch PassengersFleet Management and Taxi Booking ServiceTools0     
TaDawebPlatform for data source combination and manipulationTools0     
TapCrowdMobile cloud marketing platformTools0     
TappingStoneApplication behavior toolTools0     
TapstreamApplication tracking serviceTools0     
Tariff Analysis ProjectOfficial utility tariff data serviceTools0     
TaskbarnProject management and collaboration toolsTools0     
TAUS TranslationTranslation serviceTools0     
TauYou T-ImageTranslation technology serviceTools0     
Tello PassToolsPass and ticket creation service for PassBookTools0     
Tender SupportCustomer service and helpdesk serviceTools0     
TendrilEnergy usage metrics serviceTools0     
Text-Processing.comText Processing ServiceTools0     
TextalyticsText analysis serviceTools0     
TextbrokerArticle writing serviceTools0     
TextibilityInformation extraction and rendering APITools0     
TEXTKINGLanguage translation serviceTools0     
TextMasterTranslation, copywriting and proofreading servicesTools0     
The Easy APIAccess multiple API's with one easy to use POSTTools0     
The Giving LabCharity and fundraising platform Tools0     
The Miso ProjectData management and visualization serviceTools0     
TheySay AffectR Sentiment analysis serviceTools0     
TidyStockInventory management serviceTools0     
Time 2.0 Online time tracking and reporting serviceTools0     
Timeanddate.comTime and date information serviceTools0     
Timeneye Time TrackingOnline time-tracking serviceTools0     
Tinkercad3D printing object design toolTools0     
Tiny.ccURL shortening toolTools0     
TinyArro.wsURL shortener with statsTools0     
TinyPNGPNG File Compression ServiceTools0     
tinyThom.asPermanent URL generator for Library of Congress linksTools0     
TipTap LabConsumer behavior profiling toolsTools0     
tldr.itContent Extraction & SummarizationTools0     
TorpioCloud Application Extension ServiceTools0     
TotangoUser analytics for web apps Tools0     
TrackMyPeopleTime Tracking ServiceTools0     
Tradu24 TranslationTranslation and Localization ServiceTools0     
TrajectorySoftware project management serviceTools0     
TrakQRQR Code management serviceTools0     
Tran.slHuman translation serviceTools0     
TranscribeMeAudio transcription serviceTools0     
Transfluent Language translation service Tools0     
TransifexCollaborative Translation ServiceTools0     
Translation CloudLanguage translation serviceTools0     
TranslutionAutomated translation serviceTools0     
Transporeon Currency ConversionCurrency conversion serviceTools0     
TreatyReal-time document collaboration serviceTools0     
Treparel KMX for OEMText analytics, Clustering, Classification & VisualizationTools0     
TrustlinkerText formatting and linking serviceTools0     
TrustYou MatchingWebsite content matching toolTools0     
TrustYou SemanticSemantic Analysis ToolTools0     
TryPaperDocument printing and mailing serviceTools0     
TTS-API.COMText to speech serviceTools0     
TTSEngineText-to-speech serviceTools0     
TweetReachTweet Exposure Tracking ServiceTools0     
Twinword Language ScoringText difficulty evaluation web serviceTools0     
Twinword Visual Context GraphWord context visualization toolTools0     
Twinword Word Association QuizWord association quiz generatorTools0     
Twinword Word Graph DictionaryWord information web serviceTools0     
TwitDocTwitter document sharing serviceTools0     
TwTubeYouTube URL shortenerTools0     
TxtBearDocument Publishing ServiceTools0     
TypeformSurvey creation service for any deviceTools0     
TYPOGRAFFITText to Image ConverterTools0     
Ubuntu One Account AdminUbuntu One account administration serviceTools0     
uHuntComputer programming problem finderTools0     
Unified Software AddressValMatching service for incomplete UK addressesTools0     
University of Oxford Systems StatusUniversity of Oxford IT services statusTools0     
Unofficial Google Currency ConverterCurrency conversion serviceTools0     
Uptime RobotWebsite monitoring serviceTools0     
Uptime.lyApplication status management serviceTools0     
Ur.lyURL shortening serviceTools0     
URL ClassifierSemantic web page categorization serviceTools0     
URL2PictureWebsite screenshot and thumbnail generating serviceTools0     
URL2PNGAutomated screenshot serviceTools0     
UsersnapBrowser screenshot toolTools0     
ValoboxeReader web application for PCs, tablets, and smartphonesTools0     
Vector MagicImage vectorization servicesTools0     
VersionEyeSoftware version update monitoring serviceTools0     
ViewTextOnline text scraping serviceTools0     
VirusTotal Malware scanning serviceTools0     
VisiStatData Extraction ServiceTools0     
Visual DataFlex ISBN ValidationISBN validation serviceTools0     
Visual DataFlex Temperature ConversionTemperature conversion serviceTools0     
VISup DataCollabDocument conversion toolTools0     
VocalwareText-to-speech serviceTools0     
VocarooVoice recording serviceTools0     
VognitionVoice recognition and device control serviceTools0     
Voice Actions JeannieVoice control service for applicationsTools0     
Voice RSSFree text-to-speech serviceTools0     
VoiceCloudCloud based voice servicesTools0     
VoicesphereVoice control and activation platformTools0     
W3 TempConvertTemperature conversion serviceTools0     
Wait Time CalculatorPolling location data serviceTools0     
WalkMeCustom step-by-step instructions for websites & applicationsTools0     
WAMISpeech recognition serviceTools0     
Web Converter of Film GeneratorWeb and Text to Cartoon or Animation ConvertorTools0     
Web Form FactoryWeb form generation serviceTools0     
Web Scrape MasterWebsite content and data scraperTools0     
WebEngageCustom pop-up questionnaire serviceTools0     
WebKnox JokesJoke delivery web serviceTools0     
WebKnox Text-ProcessingText analysis toolTools0     
WebKnox WordsWord information retrieval toolTools0     
WebLib PolySpellSpelling correction serviceTools0     
WebnodeWebsite editing toolTools0     
WebSequenceDiagramsSequence diagram creation serviceTools0     
WebshellAPI integration platformTools0     
Webthumbnail.orgAutomated webpage screenshotsTools0     
WebTranslateItTranslation management and software translation platformTools0     
WhateverWebMobile Development ServiceTools0     
WhatLanguageLanguage detection serviceTools0     
Where2GetIt GeospatialNon-mapping geospatial servicesTools0     
WibiyaSocial toolbar serviceTools0     
WickedAPIAPI-accessible developer toolsTools0     
WitNatural language interface for applicationsTools0     
WixWebsite Development Enhancement ToolTools0     
WklejText sharing and storage serviceTools0     
WondergraphsData and analytics serviceTools0     
Word Cloud MakerWord cloud creation toolTools0     
WordChuckTranslation and Localization ServiceTools0     
WorldIPIP geolocation serviceTools0     
WorldLingo TranslationLanguage translation serviceTools0     
Worldtime.ioLocalized Time ServiceTools0     
WortschatzGerman linguistics servicesTools0     
WrttnOnline text editorTools0     
Xhaunch IP Get DetailIP information retrieval serviceTools0     
XtifyLocation mapping serviceTools0     
XWeb Content ManagementContent management servicesTools0     
Yahoo Content AnalysisSemantic relevance serviceTools0     
Yahoo Network TimeYahoo server time serviceTools0     
Yandex SpellerFind and fix spelling mistakesTools0     
Yandex TranslateFree text translation serviceTools0     
Yi.tlURL shortener with statsTools0     
YottaShareMulti-service URL un-shortenerTools0     
YouTrackIssue and bug trackerTools0     
YouTracker QR GeneratorQR code generatorTools0     
Yumpu DocumentPDF to e-Paper conversion servicesTools0     
ZetaPrintsWeb-to-print and imaging serviceTools0     
ZipFeederZip code information serviceTools0     
ZipPleaseZip file creation serviceTools0     
ZiptasticAddress field population toolTools0     
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